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Philadelphia Hop-On Hop-Off City Tour
"Hop on the open-top modern double-decker bus at any of the 27 stops around Philadelphia to begin your hop-on hop-off sightseeing tour. With your ticket and provided map you’ll ride a 1.5-hour loop that stops at top Philadelphia attractions as well as restaurants and shopping and entertainment centers.Visit the Liberty Bell Elfreth's Alley Independence Hall City Hall and the Betsy Ross House. Explore Chinatown
From $32.00
Private Philadelphia and Amish Country Day Trip from New York
"You will be met in the morning by your own private driver-guide and vehicle at the New York City location of your choice.  Together you will travel to Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  There you will explore the historic Independence Mall with Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.  You will stroll through America’s oldest neighborhood Elfreth Ally with its cobbled street and Georgian and Federal-style houses.  You will pass by Betsy Ross’s House-birthplace of the American flag; the original President’s House; Christ Church’s Burial Ground with the graves of some of America’s earliest prominent leaders; the First Bank of the United State and more.  Lunch will be had at the bustling Reading Terminal Market
From $899.00
City Sightseeing Philadelphia Hop-On Hop-Off Tour
"Immerse yourself in one of the most historic cities in the US on this City Sightseeing hop-on hop-off bus tour of Philadelphia. From the open-top double-decker bus you can enjoy 360-degree views of Philly and hop off when you want to visit any attractions.Listen to informative onboard commentary about the culture architecture and history of Philadelphia when you're on the loop which takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. Buses run every 30 minutes. See below for a full list of the 27 stops.Perhaps visit the landmark house where Betsy Ross lived when she made the first American flag during the American Revolution. Becom or learn about early American law at the Eastern State Penitentiary a prison established in 1829. Kids will enjoy the Please Touch Museum and Philadelphia Zoo
From $32.00

Christ Church Tips (24)

Ben Franklin's Grave

Ben Franklin's Grave is located in the Christ Church cemetery, one of Philadelphia's earliest cemeteries dating from 1719. In addition to Franklin, four other signers of the declaration of Independence are buried here.

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Aug 18, 2016

Christ Church - The Nation's First Church

Christ Church was founded in 1695 as an extension of the Church of England. The church building opened in 1727 as a small brick structure. The structure here today was built in 1744. The steeple came later, in 1754, and was funded by a lottery that Benjamin Franklin initiated. After the Revolutionary War, Christ Church became the birthplace of the American Episcopal Church. Those who worshiped regularly at Christ Church include George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Betsy Ross, Robert Morris, Absalom Jones, Benjamin Rush, John Penn (William Penn's grandson), Francis Hopkinson and many others.

The church today is still active, holding regular services. Because of these on going services for the past 318 years, Christ Church is not considered a museum nor historic house. However, Christ Church is a privately managed historic site that is an official component of Independence National Historical Park.

The church is open for tours Monday - Saturday from 9 AM-5 PM and on Sunday from
1 PM-5 PM. The church is closed for tours on Wednesday from 11:30-12:30 for a service. Occasionally, the church may need to close for a short period of time due to a funeral service or wedding. The church is closed on Monday and Tuesday in January and February. All are welcome to visit or worship.

There is not an admission fee to the church but we do accept donations. Suggested donation is $3 for adults and $2 for children. All donations support the preservation of Christ Church.

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Dec 03, 2015

Christ church

Christ church (pic 1) is a protestant Episcopal church that was built in 1754 in Georgian style (replacing the old wood and brick church) and it is one of the historic churches in US. Many famous figures, from B.Franklin, G,Washinghton to Betsy Ross worshipped here of course. I didn’t really feel impressed by the simple interior (pic 2) so we stayed only for some minutes and then got outside and checked also the 60m high steeple of the church.

The man that runs the gift shop was always behind us trying to give us info about the church
There’s no entrance fee but donations are welcome.

Benjamin Franklin is buried at the cemetery of the church (it’s a couple of blocks to the north and there’s a small entrance fee) but many others too like singers of the Declaration of Independence and signers of the Constitution.

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Oct 18, 2010

Christ Church & Burial Grounds

Christ Church was founded in 1695 (as an Anglican Church). It still survives today and just about every famous person who lived or passed through Philadelphia seems to have worshipped here. The church is also where the American Episcopal denomination was started after shrugging off the British Monarchy.

As morbid as it sounds, I enjoyed visiting the Burial Grounds at Christ Church more than the church itself. They are located a couple of blocks west of the church. The Burial Grounds Serves as the final resting place for a literal who's who of Founders of the United States. There are seven signers of the Declaration of Independence buried here as well as 5 signers of the Constitution of the United States.

Benjamin Franklin is the most popular Grave site (covered with pennies left by visitors). Bainbridge, a proponent of a strong Navy and one of the founders is buried here also. Benjamin Rush, an important figure in American History and the Founder of American Psychology is also here. There is a small entrance fee to get in. I think it was $2.00 when I went in 2007. You'll get that back and then some when reading the different graves.

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Feb 13, 2008
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Christ Church

Many American cities were founded on religious ideas. For example, Boston was founded by Puritans and Salt Lake City was founded by Mormons. Philadelphia was founded by a Quaker on the idea of religious freedom. As a result, new religions florished. One of these new religions was Episcopalian, the religion to which the founding fathers predominantly belongs. Philadelphia's main Episcopalian church was Christ Church and its attendees is a veritable "who's who" in the founding of America. The church itself is not particularly fancy but I would certainly recommend going to a service to experience a glimpse of what some of the founding fathers might have seen every Sunday as they were changing the world. Not to far from Christ Church is the burial grounds where Franklin and some other important Americans are buried, also worth seeing although only from the outside as they charge you to go inside.

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Jan 31, 2007

Where The Revolutionary Leaders Worshiped

Christ Church has had a rich history from its original founding in the late 1600's to the present day. The original building was a wood and brick structure. The current structure, begun in 1727 and is said to be one of the finest examples of Georgian architecture in America. Leaders of the American Revolution and other prominent people attended worship services within its walls.

People like General George Washington, Robert Morris, Absalom Jones, Betsy Ross and Benjamin Rush worshiped here. Benjamin Franklin conceived a way of providing a steeple by the use of a lottery. Christ Church is known as "The Nation's Church" because so many of the Revolutionary leaders attended the services.

Christ Church was the first parish of the Church of England in Pennsylvania. It is also where the American Episcopal church was born. Costumed characters add a touch of realism to your visit!

There is a burial ground open to the public at another location. Hours are Mon.-Sat. 9am-5 pm; Sun. 12:30 pm-5 pm.

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Jan 07, 2007

Christ Church - A Special Landmark of Philadelphia

Christ Church is where colonial patriots, loyalists, and heroes worshipped including Betsy Ross, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin. Our own long-ago ancestor, Patrick Gordon, who was the second governor of Pennsylvania worshipped here as well. This was the founding church of the Episcopal Church in America and is celebrated for its historic, architectural and religious importance.

Also visit the Christ Church burial ground located at 5th and Arch Streets ( two blocks from the Independence Visitor Center) where five signers of the Declaration of Independence (Revoluationary War) are buried, early Americans (including the founders of the US Navy and America's early medical pioneers), and Benjamin Franklin.

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Oct 08, 2006

Christ Church and Burial Ground

A beautiful old cemetary that is home to the graves of 5 signers of the Declaration of Independence, including Benjamen Franklin (one of my son's heros). Everywhere, I read that entry fees were by donation. Not that I minded paying $6 for the four of us, but be prepared, you don't get in unless you pay. That day, there was a scavenger hunt of sorts sponsored by Christ Church where children were to find the graves of the 7 signers of the Declaration of Independence buried there and at Christ Church itself and answer questions about each of them. At the end, the children received a small gift bag for the completion of the hunt. That was pretty neat.

Mon-Sat 10-4
Sun 12-4
Closed Thanksgiving, Dec 25 and Dec 31

Jul 11, 2006

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Philly's A-List Worshipped Here

Imagine going to church and sitting next to Benjamin Franklin. A few pews from George Washington. Hey, there's Betsy Ross. If you went to Christ Church in the late 18th century, you may very well have worshipped with those luminaries, and more.

The creme de la creme of Philadelphia society worshipped at Christ Church. It's not ornate in the least; in fact, it's very simplicity is quite striking. It was founded in 1696 (though it's not the oldest church in Philadelphia).

Walking in and around Christ Church, you feel the history in all who have come here. Two signers of the Declaration of Independence are buried on its grounds. Christ Church was indeed an important place to be in 18th century Philadelphia.

Christ Church is, in fact, a working church first & a tourist destination second. Services are held on Wednesday and Sunday mornings, and are open to the public. They also hold weddings and baptisms. The church itself is open to the public daily. Volunteers are available to answer your questions - in fact, they're quite helpful and friendly.

It was an honor indeed to have been on these famous, sacred grounds.

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Mar 07, 2006

Christ Church on the outside

The beautiful simplicity of Christ Church is evident on the outside too. What struck me the most, though, was the spire. It was, for 75 years, the tallest structure in Philadelphia, if not the whole country. One of the helpful volunteers referred to it as "America's First Skyscraper".

Our most beautiful one too, in one man's opinion.

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Mar 04, 2006

Celebrated Christ Church

Unlike the City Tavern, Christ Church is an authentic structure from the Colonial period, standing here since 1744, and for a long time the tallest structure in the Colonies. George Washington and his wife Martha among others worshipped in this building. The baptismal font in which William Penn was baptized adorns the building outside. Philadelphia "Colonials" often man this oft-visited building, sometimes asking for a $2 donation for your visit. Outside you'll find the architecture a wonderful gem of Georgian style, and the interior (though not as ornate as others) a fine noble nave well-illumined by a host of tall windows. Photographs are permitted inside, but finding a suitable angle outside from which to capture the entire steeple is a difficult chore.

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Jan 07, 2006

Ben Franklin's Grave

Along with a handful of other signers of the Declaration of Independence, Ben Franklin is buried in Philadelphia at the Christ Church Burial Ground, a corner plot cemetery actually a few blocks from famed Christ Church. Franklin's grave stands in the corner of the cemetery, easily noticed by passersby from the engraved name and the host of pennies and coins tossed nobly thereon. The cemetery itself has long been full; its gates are often locked. One can easily stoop at Franklin's feet from outside the gate, but you'll have to call the church for the burial ground hours. Suggested donation for touring this necropolis is $2.

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Dec 28, 2005

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