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    by KW38104

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    by Atlgurl Written May 16, 2012

    Surprised Memphis is always in the top for crime....
    As a native Atlantan, I figured it would be much worse than what I was "used to."
    Some parts are questionable & hubby carries a gun anywhere he goes but we had a blast while we were there. Wasn't scared the first time (other than when we got lost and couldn't find a non-questionable gas station to stop at)

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  • Surviving memphis

    by fyancey Written Apr 6, 2010

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    Thieves tactics..
    Bumming money. they might ask for money. If you give them some don't pull out a wallet. They are scoping you to see if you have cash in it, They'll pull a weapon if it looks like a nice grab. carry change or a bill in your pocket if your cornered. Hand them some change and keep walking.. they'll most likely leave you alone.

    Hide GPS's, detachable stereo faceplates etc.. They look inside your car through the window to see is somethings worth going after.. if they don't see it.. they wont break the glass. Even hide cigarettes.

    Don't wander off alone. don't enter any area where you'd be alone.

    Don't let your hands off of luggage or turn your eyes away from it for even a minute. People will grab it and run.

    Don't get drunk. Stay sober and with friends. a drunk loner is an easy target.

    Don't go anywhere downtown south of beale. Unless your damn sure you know the area.

    Don't wear purses with long straps. People can run up with a box cutter grab it and cut the strap while your trying to hang on.

    If someone tries to stop you and "Ask a question" or stop you for any reason.. keep walking. Walk even if you answer them. Head for the nearest other person.

    98% of the people mentioned are cowardly. They won't confront you around other people.. they will back away.

    They won't go after something unless they are sure it's worth it. They have to see the goods.

    They will avoid a physical conflict.. snatch and grab.. run away. Every second they are held back is another huge chance someone's going to jump in and drag them down.

    They have a fear YOU have a gun. Everyone has carry permits here.

    If they see you with a big camera.. you are the biggest target. Use the tiny kind you can pocket.
    They expect you NOT to have a gun. You're an idiot tourist,

    Don't let people scam drinks in bars. They try to bump into you and drop an empty glass. And accuse you of making them spill it. Just tell them go find another sucker. Report them to management.

    Don't take directions from ANY panhandler. They don't give a damn about you.

    Don't feel sorry for these guys.. they run an organized ring around here and even map out panhandling territory. it's a business to them.. ever wonder why you don't see them all together in a group?

    Make sure you have insurance on any car you rent. Don't rent anything fancy.

    Get receipts for anything you use a credit card for in a bar/restauraunt. Check the tips. Some waitresses have tipped themselves a thousand bucks. Make sure YOU write the tip clearly. And check the results before you leave,

    Make sure nobody follows you when you drive out of a parking lot.

    The areas south of downtown and north are the worst.. it gets better the further east you go.

    Your safest during the day. Late at night is the most dangerous.

    Avoid the panhandler "In trouble" offering you their photo ID and promising to pay it back.

    That's a big dollar swindle to try to earn confidence. They will ask you for 50+ bucks for a bus ticket to get home or something.. the ID costs $7 And they expect you to let them keep it. You will never see any money back given to them.

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  • One little taste of cherry pie....

    by krystal007 Written Jan 10, 2010

    That sketchy neighborhood behind Beale st. is called South Parkway, Folks!!!! And yes, if you venture to far off from Beale St. do be prepared to be scared and potentially robbed. I love Memphis and mid-town, but that goes with out saying don't get drunk on Beale and venture off into a dark ally. There's always that ally monster who's been watching and waiting for you to slip up. No doubt every time i visit downtown or midtown I'm always encountered by people asking for change. Yea, and not to mention Quincy, if your a local you know him ; if not your soon to meet him. He's that guy in wheelchair and sometimes during Memphis in May, sets up his own parking lot. Oh, yea never take directions from him, because he's just sending you off to his folks to get robbed. Please don't be afraid of Memphis, do go downtown and eat some BBQ and listen to the some blues and last but least don't be a tight wade drop some spare change for the homeless and musicians. I like to think of Memphis as our little Northern New Orleans.
    Gotta love it, because i sure do.....

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  • Antolin1's Profile Photo

    Watch the rural areas!

    by Antolin1 Written Oct 15, 2008

    I’m surprised (albeit pleasantly) no one has warned against some of the more rural areas of Memphis and the “R” word…Yeah, we all know it exists and therefore common sense should tell us all the farther away you get from metropolitan areas the greater the chance of wrangling with it and the more “traditional” types but… I just didn’t expect it for some reason.

    In Nashville (where we were staying for a convention) we never had problems, just the opposite; every single person we met said hi, engaged us in fun conversation, etc. One day I and another convention goer (black, male) decided to go explore a bit more off the beaten path. While I can’t remember where we exactly we were, it was at the river, extremely rural and the houses were more like shacks and very far apart from one another. Before heading back, we stopped at a local liquor store so he could pick up some things. I made a purchase with absolutely no problem but then all of a sudden, It was just like out of a bad movie- my friend asked for specific items and the counter guy angrily insisted he didn’t carry them. Finally he asked for a certain pack of cigarettes that were within our plain view and the guy just goes “nope, uh-uh”. And then all of a sudden two huge guys come out from the back out of nowhere inching closer to us and we bolted outta there quick!

    Being from California, I can’t even begin to explain how strange this was to me. Unfortunately the guy I was with shrugged nonchalantly telling me “yeah, well, I’m from the South so..” and I suppose that explains it all.

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  • Crime

    by mtaboy Written Oct 17, 2007

    Watch out walking alone in Memphis. Right now it is the #1 crime city in the US. When you walk in Memphis please take a friend with you or alot of friends with you. Everyday on tv I see that someone got shot. I'm not saying don't visit, just watch out! :)

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