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Small-Group Tour of Austin and Texas Hill Country
"Meet at the Austin Visitor Center 20 minutes before your chosen departure time and hop in an air-conditioned Mercedes-Benz van equipped with large windows for sightseeing. On a fully narrated 1.5-hour tour travel through historic downtown Austin and pass more than 40 top sites including Lady Bird Lake the Texas Capitol the haunted Driskill Hotel the University of Texas Moonlight Tower
From $25.00
Austin Capitol Segway Tour
"This capitol tour is led by an enthusiastic Austin guide that will be prepared to make your experience memorable. Your trip begins with an orientation of the tour and the segway human transporter you will ride to explore the city. After training you will be off riding single file or two-by-two around Austin. Your first stop will be the Driskill Hotel where you will get to walk around the interior investigating ghost stories relayed to you by the front desk staff. Your adventure will continue up to the Capitol where you will be delighted with interesting and historical information about Austin. Your s and your guide aims to make it the best tour you have taken in your life!""""This Segway adventure will include historical information about Austin with a focus on the State Capitol of Texas 6th Street
From $79.00
Ride The Segway Austin Tour
"Welcome to Austin! The “Ride The Segway” tour is a fun way to experience the Segway while getting an overview of the town. The tour lasts 60 minutes after training where you will glide alongside Austin's popular landmarks The State Capital of Texas The Driskill Hotel The Paramount Theater The Governor’s Mansion and more. After cruising around town on your Segway the tour will stop at the Driskill Hotel for a quick break and a chance to see inside the first hotel that opened in 1886 on Christmas Day. We have been rated #3 activity to do when visiting Austin; our tour is affordable and educational. This is a fun w
From $49.00

6th Street Tips (42)

6th Street: Loud Music and a Lively Crowd; Voodoo Room

The Voodoo Room opened in 2003 and caters to the college crowd, young professionals and out of town visitors. The music tends to be loud and trendy, the patrons young, attractive, and dressed for a night on the town (not meaning dressy), and the drinks are strong. Better for younger VTers than ones my age unless you are there to remember when you were that age. Hours are 8 PM to 2 AM Wednesday through Saturday.

Dress Code Casual with some skin/tats/piercings showing.

Basaic's Profile Photo
Apr 23, 2016

6th Street: Cheers Shot Bar

Cheers is the place to go if you prefer shots (like tequila or a good rum and coke) over a beer. Some games to play, a patio upstairs, good music and a lively crowd that was much younger than me. Friendly bartender although he was not nearly as cute as the ones at Bikini's. ;-) Hours are 8 PM to 2 AM Sunday through Wednesday and 7 PM to 2 AM Thursday through Saturday.

Dress Code Casual; but please remain dressed.

Basaic's Profile Photo
Apr 19, 2016

6th Street: Famous Coyote Ugly

Coyote Ugly is of course best known for the movie with the rather fetching Piper Perabo and for women in torn clothing dancing on the bars. Lots of loud music, alcohol, and flirting going on. Usually. It was a bit quieter when I was there on a Sunday afternoon. On the plus side, I had the one waitress all to myself. She was a pleasant young woman named Katie Jo a real Texan. A must stop when wandering down 6th Street in Austin. Hours are 5 PM to 2 AM Monday through Thursday and 12 PM to 2 AM Friday through Sunday.

Dress Code Casual clothing with rips optional.

Basaic's Profile Photo
Feb 22, 2016

6th Street: Sports and a Nice View

Bikinis is a sports bar with attractive young women wearing shorts and a bikini top. The bar has a good choice of beers and drinks and the young women there when I visited were cute and friendly (hoping for bigger tips). There were several large screen TVs tuned to sports events. Not a bad place to hang out, watch a game, and flirt with a pretty girl or two. They serve typical bar food too like burgers and pizza. Hours are 11 AM to 12 AM Sunday through Thursday and 11 AM to 1 AM on Friday and Saturday.

Dress Code Jeans and T shirts were the norm. I was overdressed, my shirt had a collar.

Basaic's Profile Photo
Feb 22, 2016
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6th Street: Coyote Ugly

Of course, these bars have popped up in all the major cities. I've been to others in Vegas and Atlanta....

Basically, it's a bar with hot women working behind the counter. Every couple of minutes, a few will get up and dance a bit.

You can buy a 'body shot" for $20, you pay for the drink, and one of the girls will peresent your shot glass in their cleavage, or something like that. Seems a bit silly to me, but I watched a bit while having my beer.

Did I enjoy watching? um, yes.

frankcanfly's Profile Photo
Oct 24, 2005

6th Street/Downtown: Alright, alright...6th Street...

Although swamped with tourists, 6th Street is the mecca that makes Austin the "Live Music Capital of the World." With tons of bands playing on any given night, this is a definite must if you want to catch some local talent. Spend some time weeding out the local establishments from the corporate (there is a BW3, Hard Rock Cafe, etc) and see some raw, live music. Just don't scare the frat brats.

Dress Code Any way you want it.

richnewman's Profile Photo
Jun 02, 2005

6th Street: Visit 6th Street

If you tire of one genre of music, just walk next door or one block over to be in a totally different scene.

Country music, top 20, blues, jazz, alternative, live, dance, goth, 80's, hip hop,'s all right there, you just have to find it. I would list some of the clubs, but many change names/owners so frequently it's hard to keep up.

After you leave for the night...there's even pizza by the slice 'til 4am on the street.

Dress Code Most clubs have No Jeans and No T-shirt policies. They want shirts with collars. Not as upscale as requiring a tie or jacket....but don't try going to any of these with holey jeans and dirty sneakers. They won't let you in.

amberz's Profile Photo
Jan 23, 2003

Joe’s Generic Bar: Still got the blues....

If you’re out for a good time, love to have the odd drink or two and listen to some live music 6th Street (as well as the more mature 4th Street area) is the place to be. Every night you’ll be able to listen to your favourite music. No matter whether it is country, rock, hip hop, Latin, jazz or reggae that your heart desires: You WILL find a place that plays it.

There are so many live music bars around, it’s impossible to even try and attempt to name’em all. Just stroll around and let your ears guide you. Alternatively: Get a copy of the “Austin Chronicle” for a complete guide to what’s on.

My personal favourite is Joe’s Generic Bar. Joe is a burly, cheerful Italian with a passion for the blues. His place only holds about 100 people max, but is the only place in town where you will be able to listen to the blues at any given night of the week. Entrance is free, but please tip the bands who don’t get any other fee.

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Oct 07, 2002
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"Austin through the eyes of a local"
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"Austin-Off the Beaten Path"
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"Austin: Capital City of Texas"
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"The capital of the Lone Star State"
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"Keep Austin Weird!"
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6th Street: Halloween on 6th

What fun this is, parading around the street with your craziest costume and watching others with even crazier ones. Tons of people turned out for Halloween '04, even though the night ended with a downpour. There were so many people, if you love people-watching this is the place to be. The street is closed off to accomodate the people, who circle in a counter-clockwise motion in the middle. The bars and little restaurants are open, because of course you'll be hungry after all that craziness!

Also! If someone tries to give you a rose, don't take it! It's a rip off, and you (if you are a man with a woman) might end up getting charged $9 for it.

Dress Code The most creative thing you can think of - ALMOST no holds barred ;)

yelli's Profile Photo
Mar 01, 2005

Well I think I've expained...

Well I think I've expained most of it under the 'must see'. Go to 6th Street. for the's makes the world go 'round!!! If you like rock, my fave is The Red
Eyed Fly & Emo's.
They rock!!!

Dress Code Anything you F**king want!

bottleofdoom's Profile Photo
Sep 07, 2002

Joe's Generic Bar: Dive Bar Blues

This is a dive bar in the truest sense of the term. They only sell beer in bottles. The door to the women's bathroom is marked with black magic marker. You have to go out the back door to get to the men's bathroom. And there is dust on the wall and ceiling that has probably been there for 15 years.

All of this is in the midst of the 6th Street experience - which is sometimes a combination of trendiness and frat party.

So, at Joe's you get a break from that scene, plues GREAT live blues 7 days a week with no cover.

Dress Code While there is no dress code, you would be out of place at Joe's in any kind of conservative attire.

Sunshine64's Profile Photo
Jun 05, 2004

6th St. Downtown Austin: 6th St. Downtown Austin

This place is crazy!! What it consists of is about 5 blocks of 6th St. lined w/ bars and clubs on each side. The police block off the traffic around 10PM Thursday - Saturdays and the street became everyone's playground.

Dress Code Depends on where you go. You can be comfortable in flip flops and shorts or feel right at home dressed to the nine.

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Aug 26, 2002

Things to Do Near Austin

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Austin Visitor Center

A good place to stop first is the Austin/State Capitol Visitors Center located in the state capitol complex. I parked my car and decided to walk around downtown Austin and the parking area was right...
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The Driskill

The Driskill Hotel is Austin's most famous and classiest hotel. If you're like me you probably can't afford to stay there but that shouldn't stop you from going in to have a look at the beautiful...
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The Paramount Theatre

This theater was completed in 1915 using a design by Chicago architects, Eberson, Fugard and Knapp and was originally called the "Majestic". It was remodeled and renamed the "Paramount" in the 1930s....
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Things to Do

O. Henry Museum

William Sydney Porter was born in Greensboro, N.C. in 1862. He moved to a ranch near Cotulla, Texas in 1882 and to Austin, Texas in 1884. Porter was a pharmacist, a draftsman, a bank teller, and a...
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Texas Capitol & Capitol Building

There were a number of units from Texas that fought in the Civil War. Two of the most famous were The Texas Brigade (also known as "Hood's Brigade" or "General Hood's Texas Cavalry Boys") and the 8th...
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French Legation Museum

I was a little surprised to hear about a French connection in Austin so I decided to stop by the French Legation Museum. Turns out that French connection wasn't such a great one since it was the home...
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