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Austin Things to Do

  • Statesman Bat Observation Center

    There are approximately 1.5 million Mexican Free-Tail Bats (not my count someone else's) that call the underside of the Governor Ann B. Richards Bridge their home. This is one of the largest urban concentrations of bats in the country. Join the throngs of people to watch the bats take to the air for feeding at sunset daily between March and...

  • Texas Capitol & Capitol Building

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    There were a number of units from Texas that fought in the Civil War. Two of the most famous were The Texas Brigade (also known as "Hood's Brigade" or "General Hood's Texas Cavalry Boys") and the 8th Texas Cavalry (also known as "Terry's Texas Rangers). The Texas Brigade fought in every battle in Northern Virginia except Chancellorsville and of...

  • Mount Bonnell

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Breath taking view of Mount Bonnell, Austin, Texas. It can be a short hiking. Be aware of wet area. Stones can be so slippery. I thought there was a cave where George W. Bonnell hid himself back then. Remember to bring your camera :)


Austin Hotels

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Austin Restaurants

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  • Oasis on Lake Travis

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Definitely come here for the view, but not for the food. This restaurant is huge, 3+ levels on a mountain side overlooking Lake Travis. Because this place is so big, there's hardly ever a wait for a table. It's great to sit outside with a margarita and enjoy the view. My fish tacos weren't bad and the guacamole was pretty good. Steak and Chicken...

  • Hula Hut

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    You can hear murmuring sounds from the street. Gets crowded by 6pm and expect a long line of people waiting to be seated at the door by 7pm. I had Shrimp Quesadillas and this mind blowing dessert. Great hang out place. Loved the food. Service was satisfactory even with a large crowd. Updated: 4th visit on July 2008 Was there at about 9pm on a...

  • Chuy's

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    After nearly a year of living in Austin, I finally went to Chuy's, which is a wildly popular restaurant (at least the Barton Springs location is wildly popular; I'm not sure about the other locations). It wasn't my first attempt to eat at this particular Chuy's. The first time I tried to go to Chuy's, it was a Saturday night and there was an hour...


Austin Nightlife

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  • 6th Street

    The Voodoo Room opened in 2003 and caters to the college crowd, young professionals and out of town visitors. The music tends to be loud and trendy, the patrons young, attractive, and dressed for a night on the town (not meaning dressy), and the drinks are strong. Better for younger VTers than ones my age unless you are there to remember when you...

  • 4th Street

    This is one of my bestfriends and my favorite spot to go one the weekends. The crowds are a bit older and it's not so crowded. It's a great place to end the night. And if you're lucky you can sit in one of the huge swinging balls. I'd order a dirty martini.. they make em right. No tennis shoes

  • Broken Spoke

    We were there because we wanted to see a real Texas Honky Tonk. We were impressed! This place was one of the best Honky Tonks I have been in and I have been in many in my life time. We started with dinner in a corner booth. We had the Chicken Fried Steak with ice cold beer. It was wonderful. Before we finished dinner the house band started playing....


Austin Transportation

  • Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours

    Another way to beat the traffic in crowded downtown Austin is to sit back and let someone else drive. You can take a tour on the double-decker bus for $25 adults and $19 for a kid or unlimited, all-day hop on hop off for $35 adults and $25 for kids. Military, police, firefighters, students, and seniors get $3 off.

  • Go Ride a Bike

    Traffic in and around Austin is a horrible nightmare. A viable alternative, like in many metropolitan areas these days, is to ride a bike. There are around 40 stations around the downtown area where you can rent a bike and leave them at another station. You can beat the traffic and get some exercise at the same time.

  • Downtown Austin Traffic

    Austin traffic is the WORST! And I've lived my whole life in Dallas and Houston which has horrible traffic. Austin's worst traffic is on I-35 and 183. I-35 is the worst where 290 meets it and near downtown. Plan to be in slow traffic at ANY TIME...ANY DAY!So if you're staying downtown, going to see the bats on Congress Ave, or going to 6th street...


Austin Shopping

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  • James Bond? Magnum, P.I.?

    If you always wanted to be James Bond with all those cool gadgets, or become a private eye like Magnum (minus the red Ferrari) then this shop is for you. They have all kinds of spy and security gear for sale for all your spy and security needs. Cool to look around even if you are not in the market for GPS trackers, spy cameras, and other cool...

  • Music and Clothing

    Austin has a very active music scene where you can find most any type of music you want. Austin Rocks is where the music scene and the clothing scene meet up. Clothing, music, instruments and more are available. You can even find someone to teach you to play. Hours are 10 AM to 8 PM Monday through Thursday, 10 AM to 9 PM Friday and Saturday and 10...

  • Whole Foods Flagship Store

    This is flagship store of Whole Foods; it's the first and biggest Whole Foods store and it is totally awesome! Walking around this huge store is like walking around Disneyland! Not really, but it's a really cool grocery store. They even have a walk-in beer cooler room! This store has a big pre-made food section. They have upstairs seating/eating...


Austin Local Customs

  • Spamarama... yes it is dedicated to SPAM

    There is no better explanation of what Spamarama is rather than the originators own words:It was the early spring of 1976. Dick Terry and I were fraternizing one afternoon and Dick was bellyaching about how chili cook-offs had become so common-place." I mean, anybody can cook chili." Dick observed, "All you need is some kinda meat, some water,...

  • Everyone Welcomed

    Austin is probably the most eclectic and accepting city in Texas. Yes, I've heard all about what people think of us Texans: from racist to hick, from bigger to hotter, the list goes on. However, it doesn't matter when in Austin. It really is neat and I love that everyone can be themselves without being seen in a negative light. If you look like a...

  • Pronunciation

    I've been here 12 years now and I still can't figure out why the locals insist on pronouncing just about every street and town WRONG??!!!Examples: Guadalupe St = Gwad-uh-loop, Manchaca = Man-chak, Manor = May-ner...It goes on and on, I wish somebody would tell me how this got started, really, I'm curious.


Austin Warnings and Dangers

  • Beware! Move to Austin / Lose all sense...

    As a friend of mine aptly put it before leaving Austin in disgust, "Austin is a great retirement community for young people."This picture, for example, shows a 23 year old man after living in Austin for only six months.Seriously, if you adore playing playing hacky-sack, smoking bowls of Herb, and talking endlessly about how unique your dog is, you...


    In February of 2010 a man intentionally flew a small airplane into this building, killing a man inside and doing tremendous destruction to the building itself.

  • Texas Tragedy

    This headline from the Austin paper is a rminder that tragedies can strike in any state, including Texas.


Austin Tourist Traps

  • Mount Bonnell - so not worth it

    Aside from the view (which wasn't even what you'd call spectacular) there's nothing to recommend about this so-called tourist attraction. The path to the top is not lighted up, the top isn't even lit well and the area stinks! In its favor there's no entrance fee and there's ample parking. Be sure though to bring a bottle of water and prepare your...

  • 6th street is GREAT

    Just wanted to be more specific on 6th street to counteract what the other people have said....There is east and west 6th street. The east side is a little more...trashy--where you will find the younger crowd...the west side is nicer and you will find older people--who havent just turned 21 years old. 6th street is NOT overrated and is NOT a waste...

  • The Oasis - Austin Texas

    Somone will try to drag you here to watch the Sunset. drinks, bad food, and long drive. Enjoy the sunset. Go to Mt Bonnell instead. Then have a beer at dry creek saloon.


Austin What to Pack

  • Hot and dry

    Even in the "winter months" Austin is typically drier or hotter than other parts of the USA. It is very typical to see people in shorts in October, some of November and Feburary. Bring lots of water Hiking and camping are popular in the area. There is even hiking inside the city limits.

  • The Unpredictable Texas Weather

    Weather is most of Texas is volatile and unpredictable. The temperature in the winter can go from 80 one day to 40 the next. It's important to pack warm things if traveling between about October and March, regardless of what the forecast says.Also it should be noted that, despite what movies lead you to believe, Texas is not all desert and Austin...

  • it's HOT. 100+!

    you may not need that many bags... you'll want to wear as little clothing as possible. shorts, sleeveless shirts, sandals... and keep a large water bottle on you at all times. if you forget it, you'll regret it. you may want to take along hand sanitizer if you're riding the bus. definitely bring your camera. how else are you going to prove to...


Austin Off The Beaten Path

  • Lakes & Water

    Just about 10 miles south of Austin you'll find the beautiful crystal clear river in San Marcos "Rio Vista Falls" Because it is spring fed it has a constant year round water temperature of about 76 degrees. Recently redeveloped by a kayaker enthusiast. There are now three falls and a nice grassy area for sunbathing. You can also rent tubes for a...

  • Parks & Hiking

    Located 32 miles west of Austin in the Blanco country, this is a perfect park to go hiking through its 20miles of trails. Take the US290 west and then North on FM3232. Entrance is about 5$ a day. More details and a map are available from their website.

  • Weird Austin

    In Austin across from the UT campus, there is a road named Guadalupe, also known as 'the drag.' On the side of the Baja Fresh building, there is a frog which could be dismissed as graffitti but actually has a story behind it. An Austin musician named Daniel Johnston drew it on the side of the building. According to a Baja press release, "This art...


Austin Sports & Outdoors

  • Jog, Run, Walk, or Bike

    There is a very nice trail in Austin that follows the water near Ann Richards Bridge. Good for biking, walking or running. The trail is paved, pretty level, and depending on how far you want to go, easy. If I remember correctly there are also stations along the trail where you can stop and do various exercises to maximize your workout. Pretty too.

  • Biking

    The Colorado river downtown is ringed with bike trails making a very scenic, however crowded on weekends, bike ride. If you park in Barton Springs Park, 10 mile loop will take you through downtown and back.

  • Kayaking the Colorado

    There are many outfits that rent kayaks and paddle boards along the Colorado river. You can kayak to Barton Springs or to the downtown area.


Austin General

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  • Capitol

    Like all Southern States, Texas is justly proud of the men from the Lone Star State who paid the ultimate sacrifice in defending their homeland against the invading Federal armies during the War for Southern Independence. The inscription on the Confederate Monument in front of the State Capitol reads: . . . . . DIED FOR STATES RIGHTS GUARANTEED...

  • Music

    He is considered as the best world guitar player. In France, at the same date, the world best guitar player was Sacha Distel. He contributed to make Austin the World capital of the livemusic. He died young in an aircrash. We bought some records of his music because he is not known in France. His statue is in the South Side of Town Lake, adjacent to...

  • Bats Colony

    The bats.....i almost forgot about the bats!!! the Congress street bridge is so cool... at sunset, the bats come out... so put on your best goth outfit & hang out by the bridge man....I personally like mixing bubbles with bats, but you have to acquire a taste for that!!!!


Top 5 Cycling Cities: Austin

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Austin is famous for its music scene and breakfast tacos, though not so well-known for its bike scene. Since one of cycling's greatest celebrities, seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, calls Austin home, it's understandable that more people are exploring the area by bike. One scenic route to try includes the paths along Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin, after which sightseers can ride up to the Barton Creek Greenbelt. For a little more of the flavor that makes Austin famous, start your ride in the SoCo (South of Congress) neighborhood, biking up Congress Avenue and over the Congress Street Bridge (with its bats), towards 6th Street, where many of the country's most legendary music venues line the avenue.

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