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Nasher Sculpture Center Admission
"Welcome to the Nasher Sculpture Center – a museum oasis in the heart of downtown Dallas and home to one of the finest collections of modern and contemporary sculptures in the world. Explore the luminous indoor and outdoor galleries to discover works by t including those by Matisse Picasso and Giacometti as well as to view special exhibitions featuring modern masters and contemporary artists. Complete your visit with lunch on the terrace at Nasher Cafe by Wolfgang Puck and be sure to stop by the award-winning Nasher Store for one-of-a-kind gifts jewelry and décor.The Nasher Sculpture Center presents rotating exhibitions of works from the Nasher family collection as well as special exhibitions drawn from other museums and private collections. In addition to indoor gallery space the Center contains an auditorium education and research facilities
From $10.00
Dallas Arts District Scavenger Hunt Adventure
"The adventure begins at the Meyersen Symphony Center and takes you on a well-designed course among historic and cultural sights past great artwork and through the city’s most active park. The tour requires approximately 1.75 miles of walking with numerous stops along the route to complete challenges and decipher clues. The game software tracks team points and posts the final score to a city leaderboard for those with a competitive edge. Using a smart phone as “the guide” allows parti leaving time to stop for some Dallas BBQ or simply enjoy the city and the scenery. Great for families friends and those ready to have fun while seeing the city! Please note that pricing is per individual but your team must book together. One voucher is valid for your team of 2-5 people.""""Turn the Dallas Arts District into a giant game board with this fun scavenger hunt adventure! This challenge combines the excitement of the Amazing Race with a 3-hour city walking tour. Guided from any smart phone
From $15.00
Dallas Segway Tour
"1-Hour Sightseeing TourThis 1-hour Segway tour is more geared towards sightseeing and makes more photo stops to let you savor the views. Departing at either 4pm or 5:30pm from Downtown Dallas you'll receive a brief safety instruction to get you comfortable on your Segway. Then it's time to hit the streets! Cruise around Downtown Dallas and visit Dealey Plaza John F Kennedy Memorial Plaza (also known as the JFK Memorial) Victory Park and the Dallas Convention Center. Your guide will entertain you with fun facts about Dallas throughout your ride.1.5-Hour Historical TourThis 1.5-hour tour focuses on the history of Dallas. Departing at either 12pm or 2pm from Dow you'll receive a brief safety instruction to get you comfortable on your Segway. Then
From $39.00

Dealey Plaza Dedication Tips (60)

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

Where were you at lunch time on November 22, 1963? I was in Grade 8 and was at home for lunch. Nobody could fathom that anybody would want to harm the popular President John F. Kennedy, so the whole world was in shock. I returned to school after lunch, but our teachers never came to teach to us.

My first trip to Dallas is more than forty years later. Of course we have to see the JFK museum. Does it ever bring back memories! There is a wall where a minute by minute description is shown for events of November 22. Where was Oswald before the shooting? Why did the cop who met him in the hallway of the Texas bookstore just a minute or two after the shooting let him go? I had forgotten that Oswald killed two people that afternoon - Kennedy and a policeman a few blocks away.

A good portion of the museum deals with the various conspiracy theories that exist and the three investigations that followed to try and determine if Oswald did it by himself or if there was a second shooter behind the grassy knoll. Was he was working for the mafia, for the Russians or Cuba, for the CIA or any of a number of possible conspirators that have been suggested?

Another section of the museum deals with Oswald. The corner window from where he took the shots is set up just as it was on that fateful day. How is a person who had defected to the U.S.S.R. (and then undefected back to the U.S.A) given so much free reign anyway?

If you are a history buff, or over the age of 50, you owe it to yourself to visit this museum. Cost in 2006 was $10US, or $13 with the taped commentary. Unfortunately they have signs forbidding you to take pictures in the museum - I was considering taking a picture of the corner where Oswald shot from on-the-sly, but I didn't have the guts to do so.

Redlats's Profile Photo
Aug 04, 2006

The Book Depository

This is the infamous Book Depository where they say kenedy was shot from. This is now a museum dedicated to John Fitzgerald Kennedy. You can walk around and even see the Grassy Nole. There is an X spray painted on the exact spot of the assasination. It's interesting to see where it all happened. Just about evey American has seen the video footage and now here is your chance to check it out for yourself. Who knows maybe you will dicover what actually happened that notorious day.

biljah's Profile Photo
Apr 09, 2006

SIxth floor museum at Dealy Plaza

If you come to Dallas you must not miss this museum. I found it very moving and thought provoking and I learnt a lot about the events on that tragic day in 1963. It is one of the best museums I have ever visited in terms of exhibitions, layout, information etc. It is especially moving because it is housed in The Book Depository building. The exhibition deals with the life, times, death and legacy of John F. Kennedy with a focus of the impact of his death on the nation and the world. You get to see the window and the view of Dealey Plaza the sniper used and they have recreated the scene as it looked on November 22nd, 1963. You can also see the corner staircase where the sniper allegedly exited and where the rifle was found. This area is reconstructed as it appeared from police department photographs. There are various sections including 'The Early 60's', 'The Investigations' and 'The Crisis Hours. It is a fascinating museum with lots of information, photographs, films and artefacts. The tour is ?10.00 per adult but you can pay an extra ?3.50 to hire an audio phone(available in seven languages) that gives you information and excerpts from historic radio broadcasts as you walk the tour.
Downstairs there is a very good shop that sells videos, souvenirs, books etc. The website has a webcam link and there is a memory book to leave your thoughts.

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Nov 24, 2005

Dealey Plaza and the grassy knoll

Even if you don't have time to visit the Sixth Floor Museum you have to make time to visit Dealey Plaza and the grassy knoll. It felt very strange to be standing in a place I had seen millions of times on the tv that had such an impact on our history. To view the sight and stand on the grassy knoll or at the picket fence with the view of the Book Depository building gives you a perspective of that tragic day. There is a small plaque beside the road marking the spot were J F Kennedy was shot. There is also a white cross on the road to show the area too. Although the trees are much taller now and some of the shrubbery is a little different, the grassy knoll appears just like it was in 1963.

There is a link below to a live earthcam of the Grassy Knoll area and surrounding views.

Bullabong's Profile Photo
Nov 11, 2005
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Sad View

The grassy knoll where JFK was shot it is next to the book building where the shooter was waiting , they have a very moving museum in there. Look at the picture they have 2 white crosses where JFK was when the bullets hit , they could do without those.

trina1's Profile Photo
Nov 05, 2005

The 6th Floor museum

I remember, I was a college pupil. The 23th November 1963, my father entered my room to awake me saying "they have shot Kennedy". It was an enormous event in Europe.
The eve, somebody (Lee Oswald certainly) fired 3 shot s on the President JF Kennedy, from the corner window of the library located at the 6th floor of the building shown on the photograph.
Now the 6th floor is a museum devoted to Kennedy and his murder.
The corner from which Lee Oswald shot is preserved and protected by glass screens. It is impossible to enter. The day of the murder, there were book boxes on the floor and they have reconstructed the scene. Even the original window has been still kept.
The other parts of the exibit are mainly pictures and videos.
It is forbidden to take pictures even of the street through the window. The guards are there to enforce the prohibition.
Price : 7$ with a 2$ coupon
Open 9AM to 6PM.

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Apr 30, 2005

Dealey Plaza

On November 22, 1963 President John F. Kennedy was assassinated while riding in a motorcade through Dealy Plaza. This area still has the original structures as they were on that day, except for the picket fence, which has long since been replaced. In addition, the 6th floor museum in the Dallas Book Depository overlooks the plaza.

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Feb 22, 2005

Sixth Floor Museum - History of Tragedy

The Sixth Floor Museum is a museum that chronicles the Assassination of JFK. The Museum is located on the sixth floor of the Texas Book Depository. There is no place more fitting for location.

The Museum starts with background on what life was like during the Kennedy Era. Popular Books and News Stories are presented. Then the fateful day is chronicled leading up to the assassination. The exhibits include a lot of what would have become history had Kennedy not been assassinated (tickets to a dinner that night along with instructions are displayed).

Following the assassination, the museum covers the Conspiracy and Warren Commission.

Along the museum tour you can see the window where Lee Harvey Oswald is supposed to have shot Kennedy. You can also see the FBI mock-up of Dealy Plaza.

Following the museum you can stroll Dealy Plaza and see the Grassy Knoll. It is absolutely eerie. If feels as if you are walking through history.

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Feb 19, 2005
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Dealey Plaza Dedication

In 1993, Dealey Plaza was dedicated as a National Historic Landmark. This plaque is situated on the sidewalk on Elm just where the Xs are. This is the spot where people will put their flowers etc in remembrance of JFK.

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Jan 22, 2005

JFK Memorial

A fairly imposing structure, this monument was erected in 1970 to honour the memory of President J.F. Kennedy.
It stands 30ft high and 50ft square. Its location is interestingly enough, right opposite the Conspiracy Museum.
The monument is an open air structure and therefore accessible 24 hours a day. At night it is lit up.

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Oct 12, 2004

A Sad in History

Dallas will forever be remembered as the site of one of America's great tragedies. At 12:30pm on Nov. 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy's motorcade was passing the Texas School Book Depository when shots rang out. The president had been shot and died a half-hour later.
The book depository is now a museum honoring JFK's life and death.

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Oct 02, 2004

40th anniversary art of JFK

My art that I created & placed in Dealey Plaza on 11/21-11/22/03. Picked up by the AP & CNN.
UPDATE- my JFK art was a finalist in the Dallas Press Club's "KATIES". Didn't get the "KATIE". But I got what I really be a finalist & the recogniziton for my art.

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Sep 28, 2004

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