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Rio Grande Gorge Balloon Ride
"We fly most days at sunrise weather permitting. We begin by meeting you at the visitor’s center here in town which is easy to find right on the main road. Once we pick you up there we will transport you to the launch site where we will inflate the balloon and fly for about an hour. During the summer months this flight will often be in the Rio Grande Gorge but we always decide where and when to fly based on what is safest for that particular day. During the flight depending upon the direction of the winds on flight day you will have great views of the Taos Mountains
From $235.00
Albuquerque Rio Grande Balloon Ride
"We fly most days at sunrise weather permitting. We begin by meeting you at our launch site which is right on the west side of the Rio Grande River. Once at the launch site we will inflate the balloon and fly for about an hour down the river valley here in Albuquerque. During the flight depending upon the direction of the winds on flight day you will have great views of the Sandia Mountains to the east Petroglyph national monument to the west
From $167.00
Turquoise Guided Museum Tour
"The tour of the museum begins by entering a mock mine tunnel. The entrance to the museum will open 15 minutes before each tour begins. Guests are requested to show up within this 15 minute time frame. Guests who fail to arrive will forfeit their tickets and those tickets will be resold to a guest on the tour waiting list.The museum's displays include:Turquoise from over 80 locations around the worldMining history and modern techniquesTurquoise mineralogy/geology guests will be given the chance to enjoy the museum displays on their own.The Turquoise Museum is family owned and operated since 1992. Three of the five generations still work at the museum on a weekly basis. Tours are guided by one of these thr all of your questions will be answered and you will have a better understanding of “The World’s Most Colorful Gem”.""""The Turquoise Museum in Albuquerque New Mexico showcases the J.C. “Zack” Zachary turquoise collection. The collection includes turquoise from over 80 locations around the world
From $10.00

More Warnings and Dangers in Guadalupe Mountains National Park


Watch for Snakes, Cacti, and Careful With Fire

There are several signs as well as park brochures that warn visitors to the park to be careful where they put there hands and feet when hiking in Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Rattlesnakes,...
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Sudden Weather Changes

At one of the highest points in Texas a sudden change of weather can present problems, particularly when hiking. While we were there in February we noticed how quickly the temperature can drop late in...
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Obey All Warning Signs

Obey all warning signs, they are there for your safety and to protect the park for future visitors. Carry plenty of water, about one gallon per person per day. Beware of sudden changes in weather...
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Protect the Park...

Stay on all trails, don't cut across switchbacks or create new trails. Carry out all trash from the park, especially cigarette butts. Report all trails hazards to the Visitor Center.Make sure you...
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Noteworthy precautions

To really enjoy a trip to this park, there are some things I would like to point out.(1) There are no services in the park. The nearest services are in White's City, New Mexico. Make sure there is a...
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Park Warnings

Watch out for harmful desert animals such as rattlesnakes. Bring maps with you if you are planning on hiking as the park is managed as wilderness, so you will not find a lot of trail signs. In the...
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water on the trails.

If you go hiking or backpacking in the backcountry than it is impereitive that you bring plenty of water. In the Summer it gets hot here with highs usually over the 90's (fahrenhite). Even in the...
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Thunderstorm Risk...

Be very mindful of the weather, especially on the trails! Sudden weather changes are very common. Thunderstorms are prevalent in the summer. Avoid exposed open areas during storms.
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Water up at the Visitor Center before heading out on the trails. This is hot and dry country. Nothing but you and the snakes. Protection from the sun is a must.
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