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Houston City Tour and Admission to Downtown Aquarium
"This bus tour is a wonderful way to start your Houston vacation. This lightly narrated 90-minute tour showcases Houston's famous land marks historic Houston areas and breath taking views. Explore the great city of Houston and see what the largest city in Texas has to offer.This guided tour drives through Houston's beautiful market square and many more downtown locations including Buf Allen Parkway and Houston's upscale midtown residential area. You will enjoy the breath-taking billion dollar Downtown Houston Skyline and museum district.Once the city tour is complete you will be dropped off at the Houston Aquarium which you are welcome to explore and enjoy. This package includes one admission ticket for the Houston Aquarium and one ticket for the Houston City Tour.""""Take a 90-minute panoramic guided tour on board a double decker buss. The city tour includes Downtown Historic district Toyota Center
From $50.00
Galveston Warship and Submarine Tour
"The tour will start with complimentary pickup from your centrally located Houston accommodation where all will receive a free gift before proceeding downtown for a 1-hour mobile view of Discovery Green Park GRB convention center The Toyota center Minute Maid Park Market square Buffalo Bayou Eleanor Tinsley park
From $142.00
Houston City Lights Tour
"Climb aboard a distinctive double-decker bus at a conveniently located departure point in downtown Houston. Listen to informative on board commentary as you cruise through the vibrant Texan city passing iconic landmarks like the Chase Tower and the Convention Center. You will also see Market Square Park where you can find a variety of food in the historical 19th-century square. Admire the tallest building in Texas the JP Morgan Chase Tower and enjoy sweeping vistas from the top of our British double decker buses. You will also see City Hall as well as Tranquility Park and the historical structures that surround it. Take in the electric atmosphere of the theatre di"""See the historical highlights and cultural delights of Houston on a 60 minute guided evening tour. You will have the best views of Houston as you travel through the city on the top deck of a double decker bus. Take in the city lights and listen to fascin the Downtown Aquarium the Theatre district
From $40.00

Areas to Avoid / Crime Tips (24)

Becoming a New Resident of Hosuton Texas Soon

I and my family are moving to Houston Texas this summer and I would like honestly to know what areas as African American people we should avoid? I am from Indiana and while it is a diverse state and people are pretty open minded, there are some definite areas to avoid for African Americans due to racism and such. I'm certain Texas is the same and just want honest answers to this question before we go excitedly tropsing off to some area we are unwanted or in danger lol!. We are good people. Well educated, have open minds, don't see color, etc., but we know what kind of world we live in and the state we are moving to.

Jan 06, 2015


We just used Johnson United Movers and had over $100k of our belongings stolen. It appears to be an inside job. They do not have security cameras, lock the wheels of their trucks or put locks on the hitch of their trailers. The salesman (Steve Tyree) lied and claimed to be an "officer" of the company. He stated they had 24 hours per day security. He stated that they only employed "United" employees and the same people who came to my house to pack my items would be the same ones who unpacked it when we moved to a new state. ALL LIES. The group that came out were 3rd party, subcontracted laborers who were local movers.

Then, October 24th 2014 the entire semi and trailer was stolen from their facility containing our belongings which were already supposed to have been delivered to Florida by this time! They had no clue until a 3rd party non-United driver showed up to get the load that was long overdue for being delivered. I had been assured the trailer was secure and safe by the new GM Tim Zachary....just another LIE! The Missouri City police are involved in investigating.

Johnson United then breached my contract further by having a 3rd party freight company (Conway Freight) pick up my remaining load and deliver it to Florida. I had an exclusive move not to have my load combined with other loads. Conway had no clue and went to other states collecting other people's loads. When this move was discovered I confronted Johnson United's Coordinator, Susan Zachary (the GM's wife), to which her reply was people get screwed everyday in business!!!!

Keys to trucks are hanging on hooks in the office for everyone to have access to. No security cameras. No locks on trailers...except for the back door which the thieves simply unbolted the pole the lock was attached to. About 30 non-United employees had the password to the alarm at the facility. Company can't track who did this!!!

I called the United company's headquarters and they would not let me file a complaint against this agency!!!! And although the door on the truck showed it was a "United" (national corporate truck), I was told Johnson United was 100% responsible and "United" was out of it. With over 400 locations in the US, United hired a 3rd party without my permission to move my items!!!! It is October the 8th and I still do not have what was left on the truck to go through and note stolen or damaged items so I can file a claim with insurance.

Salesman Tyree under-insured the load because he low bid the weight!!!! The insurance is based on the weight!


Oct 08, 2014

Storage and Moving Theft

For those who are relocating here and considering renting a storage or a moving truck , before you rent , do research. There are scams that result in loss of property and money . Be wise and not cheated . Here is some tips and a broader explanation of these new theft crimes . One was recently on the news on what is happening . This is very important .

I. Theft Crimes Explanation

1. Moving Truck Scam
There are theft rings around that commit theft by way of a moving truck . Thieves would rent a truck and post false advertisement of a nonexistent moving business when actually they're looking for unsuspecting persons by giving their address . When they arrive to the residence or business , they will approach the unsuspecting person and recieve payment , pack and load there belongings ,presume to tell them that they will follow them over to the new residence or the person give them directions believing that they will meet them there . Little does the unsuspecting person does'nt know that the thieves have no intentions on delivering their goods to the new location . They go the opposite direction resulting loss of property and money . The other is called a clean out where thieves go drive up to any random business or residence make sure no one is there and quickly clean the unsuspecting out of their possessions and take off without be noticed only to have the unsuspecting come home to find that most of their home has been cleaned out .

2. Storage Scams
There are some honest storage businesses and some that are not honest at all. The manager or owner without notifying the customers that they plan to close that storage location , decides to abandon the property leaving the customers' items at risk to thieves to break in . The customers are being charged more than what they owe when they been on time with the payments . Customers making payments and not being applied to their accounts showing that they paid giving a reason to wrongfully lien the property .

II. Tips
1. Always do your research .
Before you make a reservation or lease , search and quote prices very carefully . It's better going to a franchise business than local .

2. Make sure your storage unit is well secured .
It is wise to use hardened disc locks , likely two and doublelock your unit .

3. Secure your home or business
It is wise to invest in a home or business security cam and alarm system or dog .

4. Be aware of strangers posing as movers .
Always look through the peephole or cam on or around your door . Never open your door right away . Be silent and study , if they look as being out of place , do not answer , call HPD .

5. Get a receipt of rent
Make sure you do not leave until you get a receipt of payment on your storage unit .

For those who are moving here from out of state or from another city :

1. Do it yourself
If you have to to be on the safe side , plan a DITY move . It is much cheaper and reasonable .

2. Do your research on interstate moving companies
Never trust movers unless they have a valid CDL , OTR permit , show proof that they are a professional and actual business with experience .
It is better to choose a honest franchise company . Always compare quotes before you make a reservation and do not pay until work is done

3. Lock and secure your vehicles
If you're traveling between cities or states in moving trucks and trailers or vans and decide to make a stop or making reservations at a motel day or night , check the locks on your vehicles . Park in a well lit area to keep an eye on your vehicles . Always resquest a room that has windows . When making a stop for gas or food , Lock your doors and roll up your windows , quickly go in and come out .

Don't lose out on what you have . Secure your livelyhood .

Feb 22, 2014

Combat Street Expert

Im a Martial Artist in Houston and I grew up in Acres Home, 5th Ward and South West Houston. All bad areas.

Well my comment isnt about the are more about how to manage the area and how to helop make a change in these areas.

1. Vote for drug testing for welfare.
2. Vote against anything that causes laziness if done for years.
3. Vote for things that help build and not destroy over time but looks like helping but causes bad situation for everyone.
4. Vote for Martial Arts in schools across the country from professionals.
5. Train in a local Martial Arts a few to name Apollos Sun Kan Korean Martial Arts Academy, Apex Taekwondo, Hero Martial Arts, White Tiger Martial Arts, and others.
6. Join a community out reach and support change and growth.
7. Learn to fight back and not be a target my web site is

Combat.Street.Expert's Profile Photo
Dec 17, 2013
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High Theft Areas

Houston is a beautiful city to visit and live in but it also has a high theft rate . Thefts are now the highest than in past years especially around the holidays . It is very important to be very alert when out and about during this time of year and any other time of year . Make provision to protect yourselves ,loved ones , and property . Here are a few tips to have a safe holidays and a enjoyable visit .

1. It is best when carrying small electronics to keep them concealed in backpacks , slingbags , and other portable types of carryons .
Never carry or flash them in hand inwhich to lure unwanted attention . Items are as follows : Laptops , flipcams , iphones , etc.

2. Never leave your vehicle unattended by way leaving your driver's side door open for others to access with the keys left in the ignition to go inside for a few minutes to purchase something quickly to get back and expect your vehicle to remain in the same place as you left it . That is a fatal deathwish on your vehicle .because it could say find me . The most dangerous time and place in the city for auto theft to occur is sometimes during the day but mostly at night in the late wee hours at gas/fuel stations . They are the city's most deadliest places to be because most thefts/murders are more commonly at these stations . Be careful go in buy and quickly get out and away . Make sure your vehicle is locked before you enter .

3. It wise to do your banking business during daylight hours inside a bank instead of a drive-thru teller . Never do a money drop at night .

4. Ladies , big purses are good for necessity it is to be mindful they can be a easy target . It is wise to have a pocket purse to easily conceal . It is wisely suggested to never overexpose the wearing of expensive jewelry or expensive flashy clothing . Please use caution .

5. Fellas , shoes and clothes can be everthing . as they say clothes don't make the playa , playa makes the clothes . That means be wise what you wear especially expensive shoes a no.1 target of theft and expensive jewelry such as a watch another target of theft . It is best when out and about , have two pairs of shoes instead of one and a backpack where you can conceal that newer pair and wear your old pair where you're not a target . Also have a suggested second watch which is a everyday watch and spare and conceal the expensive one. It is wise to place your wallet in your front pocket .

6. When shopping take a huge non see-thru backpack on foot . If driving when possible , park close in front the stores entrance , never park far from the store especially near open parking spaces or by parking lot entrances and exits leading to and from the street or interstate .

7. Go out in groups . Never go out by yourself especially at night .

8. Never leave your belongings unattended .

9. Never place any high dollar electronics in front or near open windows in homes or apts. It is best to close all windows , shutters , or blinds before going out of the house or apartment .

Nov 20, 2013

North Houston to avoid very dangerous

I am a missionary from London UK and on a Saturday evening my friend
invited me to go jogging as I did not know the area I thought it was ok but we ended up on
a park at Desoto st called Highland Park in Acres Homes I only found out later
where I was as I don't know the area and we live in some houses complex nearby
I was attacked by about 8 black youths ( I am black) my friend is white
And I was seriously assaulted I could have died, when we saw them coming
We tried walking away but 3 followed and hit me from behind.
I was shocked, so Stay Away At All Cost.
I work and leave near so I have to get the 45,40 and 44 bus but as others have
Said if you have no business here stay away.
Not even when I was on the streets of Rio I suffered an assault like here.
Thanks and God Save America

Apr 15, 2013

Get your CHL

I live in NW houston snd i personslly do not think its dangerous. I gre up in greens point not too far away from the mall when i sas in highschool and then went into the Marines. 3 people were shot in my apartment complex last year. However many more were shot and actually died during the 4 combat deployements i was sent on. Kindergarten students were shot by a phsycho in Colorado, and people were shot while watching Batman. That just goes to show that no matter where you go, your not safe. Buy a gun and carry extra ammo. I do and im more than ready to shoot anyone who screws with my family. I wouldnt even lose any sleep over it, and neither should you. Its called survival.

MikeT108's Profile Photo
Mar 06, 2013

Northwest Houston

Welcome to Houston , I'm a 36yro native . I grew in north and northwest houston . The Northside is low income/middle class . The worst parts of it are Northeast and Northwest .Some of the reviews are correct and some are based on opinion . I'm going to explain the inner suburbs in this region .
1. Acres Homes
A. State Marker
B. Metro Rt.44, 79, 64 , 40 ,45
C. Most Dangerous Streets
I. West Montgomery -Metro Rt. 44 State Highway 149 or Tomball Parkway . This street runs north/northwest to south/southeast between State Highway 249 West Mount Houston and North Shepard which is a spur rt. from I- 45 north to Allen Parkway south . Be careful driving on this street at night and day
II. West Little York - Metro Rt. 79 , This runs east to Mesa/N.Wayside streets and west to Beltway 8 .Sections of this street is also dangerous , becareful driving down this street day and night . It intersects West Montgomery which are main arteries and the heart of Acres Homes .
III. South Victory -Metro Rt 79, Merges with Little York to the west and the east . Also intersects with West Montgomery and North Shepard . The eastern portion of the street has side streets that are dangerous at night that are located near North Shepard .
IV. Tidwell - Metro Rt.45 Tidwell Crosstown , This street runs east to Mesa / North Wayside and west to Hempstead to the south of Acres Homes and north of Garden Oaks/ Oak Forest . Several areas of this are wooded lots and have low income projects along the western stretch and some other apt properties to the west is extremely deadly to venture in and to the east is very dangerous . Be extremely careful on any portion of this street
V. Gulf Bank - Metro Rt. 64 , This runs street east to West Montgomery and west to Albonson ,an extended eastern portion between 249 to Airline . Both eastern and western portions are dangerous . The western portion has apts that are crime ridden . The eastern portion is a low income subdivision that is somewhat crime ridden because of a neighboring apt complex . That area is called Heather Glen which is on the northeastern corner of Acres Homes .
VI. Ella Blvd.- Metro Rt 40 Pecore/86 F.M.1960 , Ella , like Gulf Bank , has a northern and southern portion . The northern portion is dangerous , it located near Beltway 8 and 1960 in the western portion of the City View / Greenspoint area and has high timber wooded lots and apts that are crime ridden . The southern portion that has another street name of Wheatley which runs south to West Montgomery and dead ends north to Heather Glen . Be very watchful of this street . The main portion of Ella begins at West Little York runs south where it merges with West 11th and TC Jester near White Oak Bayou . The southern portion is safe to drive .

2.Garden Oaks/ Oak Forest
A. Middle Class
B. Metro Rt. 8 North Main , 40 Pecore , 23 Crosstimbers Crosstown , 44 Acres Homes , 50 Heights , 45 Tidwell , 85 Antoine
C. Parallels BNSF , I-610 , US 290 Northwest Fwy to Austin ( Presidential Rt )
Most Dangerous Streets
I.34th St. - Metro Rt. 23 Crosstimbers Crosstown, 8 North Main , This street runs east to North Shepard , parallels BNSF Gulf Division Line to the north of the street and west to Hempstead. It intersects Ella , TC Jester , Mangum , US 290 , Antoine , Bingle . The eastern portion near North Shepard , BNSF and I-610 , be very watchful of this stretch .
II . TC Jester -This street runs south to Washington Ave. and ends north at the intersection of South Victory . It runs the western border of Acres Homes and through the western portion of Oak Forest . It parallels White Oak Bayou Which runs northwest to Albonson St.and southeast to Buffalo Bayou north of Downtown . The Intesections of Tidwell and West Little York are risky because of crime . The northern portion is crime ridden between West Little York and South Victory .
III. Crosstimbers/43rdSt.- Metro Rt 23 ,44, 50 , This street is two portions and runs east to Mesa and west to Hempstead . Crosstimbers runs east to Mesa / N Wayside and west to North Shepard . It continues on at the intersection of North Shepard west to Hempsteated as 43rd St. The eastern portion is very crime ridden west and east of I-45 .
IV. Pinemont - Metro Rt. 45, This street runs east to North Shepard and west to Hempstead . Be watchful of the western portion iwest of the intersection of Antoine and east of the 290 flyover . It is extremely dangerous at night .
VI. Watonga St.-This street runs north across White Oak Bayou and merges with TC Jester and runs south and merges with Mangum It also runs across BNSF, at this point , listen for trains approaching from around the bend to the south because there are trees and bush that cover the curve of tracks It also merges with Mangum and a street that runs west to 290 behind shopping centers . Be watchful of trains and this portion because of apt crime on this street .
VII .Mangum - Metro Rt 40 Pecore / Northwest Mall , This street is also two segments . the southern segment which is 43rd to W11th and Hempstead , the northern segment which parallels BNSF is called Acorn St. that runs north from 43rd curves west to Antoine . like Watonga be watchful of this vacinity near the intersection of 34th and Mangum both north and south .
VIII. Sherwood Lane - This street runs east to TC Jester and west to 290 . Pay very close attention when driving down this street both day and night .It Intersects Mangum . This is a deadly street to be on whatever you do do not stop for anything at all . Get off this street asap. Do not play with this street at all .

3. White Oak Terrace *
* denotes seriously deadly area
A. White Oak Bayou
B. Metro Rt 85 , 45 , 79
Most Dangerous Streets
Before I mention the streets , They will have * denoting very high crime and deaths . Some info will be mentioned .
I. Antoine *- Metro Rt 85, This street is very busy around the clock . It junctions with two major rail lines BNSF to the north and UP to the south . It intersects with streets listed above . It runs north to Veterans Memorial and south to Memorial Dr. . It runs through the western portion of Oak Forest near 290 in White Oak Terrace . From Pinemont intersection to intersection of South Victory across White Oak Bayou to the north is White Oak Terrace . This is very high crime area normally at night especially on the side streets . Antoine is safe . Do not get on the side streets . There are many apt clusters on this stretch that are riddled with drug trafficking , prostitution , and murder .
IA . * Desoto St. - This street is to be avoided at all costs day and night . This street is two segments . It runs west from White Oak Bayou to Antoine and from White Oak Bayou east to Ella in Acres Homes both segments are deadly to be driving on especially at night . This street is known as the most deadliest street in the city namely the western portion . It got its name and reputation from the Hurricane Katrina / Rita period when the evacs were here and the crime was high then . There would be two or three murders in a day or a week . Every night I would hear sirens going and coming . Today ,it is now drug trafficking in and out of there because of a recently rebuilt property by the city and drugs have taken it over .It got so bad that it poured into the complex I'm currently residing in . But we kicked it out before it got started . Sadly it ended up at a property across the street . Stay off Desoto St period . If you are moving do not move there .
IB ** Antoine/Tidwell to Tidwell/Bingle - This stretch is to be extremely advoided at anytime day or night .Walking , biking or driving. If you don't live there or know someone who lives there, you don't have no business around there period . There have been many murders take place there . Summer 2012 , two people man and woman have been shot to death and there have been death by stabbing . Gangs are known to hide out there . Go on though and don't stop for anything .It is best to go through there during the day and not at night . This stretch is a cluster of apts from one intersection to another . Pay close attention to this vacinity .
IC. * Hollyview- This street is located to the north of the property I'm currently residing in . It is a dead end street like Desoto but it curves southeast from Antoine . The last major incident that took place on this street is a police officer was gunned down in his cruiser. Over the years that have been major drug busts . It has toned down but never take it lightly that it has the potential of increased crime . The area is somewhat dark at night but there is plenty of lighting due to any old complex that was demolished by the city as an eyesore . Don't chance it with Hollyview St. Keep going .

This is some parts of Northwest Houston that should be avoided when in town visiting . There is more . Welcome to Houston . Enjoy your visit . If you're moving here good luck making Houston your new home . I will post more .

Jan 26, 2013
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"H-Town, Texas! My Hometown!"
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"Houston, Texas; Beyond Oil, Heat and Space"
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"Houston: Home to the Rodeo and Oil Business"
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Dangerous areas of Houston

I do not know all the areas that could be dangerous in Houston because of crime (assault, burglary, drug...). Here are the ones I know of:
- I certainly would not walk around at night alone in the neighbourhoods surrounding the University of Houston campus although it is getting better now and will probably improve with the new tramway line being built.
- Eastern Houston, especially some areas near the Houston ship channel
- Southwest side: gang related activity at night at appartment complex on South Gessner below Bissonnet ( police district 17)
- 4th ward also called Freedmen's Town used to be dicey, but last time I went, there are so many new condos, townhouses (destroying the quaint houses) that it looks very gentrified!

For more precise info, you can check district by district in the following websites:
- Houston police crime monthly statistics
- Sex offenders database

XenoHumph's Profile Photo
Jan 23, 2013

Houston: MUCH safer today than yesterday

I have read all posted reviews here, and the main thing I've noticed is a lot of seriously outdated information and silly suburban paranoia. I grew up in Houston in the 70's and 80's, when it was the murder capitol for a few years, and when it wasn't it was usually in the top 5 most violent/dangerous cities in the nation from the early 70's to the early 90's. Those days are long over. Ever since serious gentrification began in the 90's, Houston's violent crime rate has steadily gone down in the last 20 years, and much of what used to be abandoned and decaying inner-city neighborhoods are now trendy, upscale urban zip codes. Today Houston ranks something like 35 or 36 in the list of most violent cities in America. Funny enough, I remember how Dallasites used to look down their noses at Houston because we were supposedly one big violent filthy ghetto, yet today Dallas has a significantly higher rate of violent crime than Houston. So take that, big D.

However, this isn't to say that there aren't still some areas you wouldn't want to be walking around alone, day or night. Due to Houston's notorious lack of zoning, you can be strolling through tree-lined, mansion-dotted, high-income neighborhoods one minute, then cross a street and be in the middle of gangland. There are pockets of high-crime zones interspersed all throughout the urban landscape, and they aren't confined to just one side of town.

I would agree with some of the other reviews here that the near North side (the area just North of I-10, East of I-45, and West of 59) is still pretty rough, but unless you live in this area you really have no reason to go there. A few reviews I read mentioned the 2nd ward, which I very much disagree with. The area is currently seeing the beginnings of gentrification, and becoming safer every day. I grew up eating at Ninfa's on Navigation, and I remember the days when you were rolling the dice if you chose to drive there, since there was a good chance your car wouldn't be there anymore when you left the restaurant. Today, it's a whole different story. The streets are much more well-lit at night, and you can see a few new high-rise apartments starting to go up. Always a sign that a neighborhood is rising from the ashes.

The 3rd ward and the neighborhoods near UofH seem to be a safer place these days as well, even if it still looks a bit run-down. Now, whoever said "avoid the 4th ward" earlier must be living in a time warp. The 4th ward of today has been completely revitalized and gentrified. High-end condos now stand where the seedy Allen Parkway Projects used to be, and most of the 4th's inhabitants work in offices downtown. The 4th ward is probably safer than most of Houston's suburbs these days. In the SE part of the inner-loop, it's probably still a good idea not to take any midnight strolls through the Gulfgate or Wayside neighborhoods. Gangs still have a pretty tight grip on that area.

Outside loop 610 is where you're most likely to find the TRULY dangerous 'hoods. Sharpstown is still pretty nasty and not showing any signs of getting better any time soon. Also a good idea to stay away from Northside/Northline (really, anywhere in the area bordered by N. loop 610 to the South, Tidwell to the North, Yale to the West, and Hirsch Rd. to the East). Not much to do in that part of town anyway except get into trouble. Also, just outside the loop on the SE side of town (Sunnyside, Park Place, Broadway) is still pretty scary, and covers a pretty large area. If you're flying into Hobby and renting a car, don't make any stops until you've reached your destination.

So that's pretty much it. All in all, a much gentler and kinder H-town than in days of yore. As long as you have some street smarts you should be ok anywhere in the city, and contrary to what somebody laughably said in another review, you won't need to pack any heat. One of the biggest myths about Houstonians is that we're all gun-crazy. Like I said, I grew up during a time when Houston was the murder capitol, and never once owned a gun (though I did keep a butterfly knife on me most of the time). Whoever thinks we all carry guns has seen too many movies. If you're visiting Houston to do the tourist thing then it's highly doubtful you'll have any reason to be in any of these neighborhoods. The biggest danger you'll have to face is the Summer heat and humidity.

Nov 24, 2012

Houston: Like ANY Big City

I have reviewed each of the warnings posted, and I frankly laughed at parts of all of them. While I'm not a native of Houston, I have lived in some of the toughest places imaginable (e.g., I lived in Bogota, Colombia during the height of the drug wars -- it made the present-day Mexican drug wars look like a playground honestly). Any large city has areas to avoid, and as such, it is smart always to be alert. In Houston, the Downtown, Uptown, Museum, Montrose, Upper Kirby, Heights and most other areas inside The Loop are as safe as one would find in any big city. I would, however, avoid the near Northside and near Eastside neighborhoods, although even there, if you have some modicum of street smarts, you will be fine. As for everyone carrying guns, this is false because I don't and neither do my collection of a hundred or so close friends. Amazingly, we're all still alive and well. Happy traveling, and enjoy Houston which is a pretty cool city actually which would be even better if it were somewhere other than in Texas! :)

Erik0309's Profile Photo
Jul 19, 2012


I will keep this short but simple. I am from Houston, born and raised for 35 years. I have traveled all over the United States and been to the "worst" neighborhoods in America and I will tell you that Houston is the type of place that will fool you. There ARE large sections of town that are run down and blighted...but these areas haven't been the most dangerous areas of town since the 80's.......THEY ARE STILL DANGEROUS THOUGH!! Simply put, DO NOT let your guard down anywhere you go in the entire Houston area. People are crazy down here and we all carry guns....legally and illegally. Anyone can be a victim or be killed anywhere at any time of day. You must stay on your toes and if you are from another city.....stay in your hotel at night unless you are going out on Washington Ave......but even then DO NOT venture off the main street. Another word of advice.....the most dangerous people in Houston are the houston police department. They kill several people every week.....seemingly for invalid reasons half the time. Bottom line.....if you have no BUSINESS or FAMILY here then you probably have no business being down here.....this is NOT a tourist destination. You have been safely and heed my warnings.

Jun 27, 2012

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Rothko Chapel is a tranquil sanctuary open to all faiths nestled in the heart of Houston. The walls of the chapel display many of Mark Rothko's abstract and minimalist paintings. However the interior...
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Museum District

Now for me, this is the number one attraction in Houston. Over 20 (I think the Houston Bicycle Museum makes 21) museums in a relatively small area. You can park your car and walk to many of the...
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Menil Collection

The Menil Collection refers to the collection itself and the museum (which is actually four buildings). The Menil Collection’s founders, John and Dominique de Menil acquired this vast collection...
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Holocaust Museum

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". The Holocaust Museum in Houston is the 4th largest in the country. This is NOT a museum to enjoy; it is a museum to pause and reflect,...
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Museum of Fine Arts

Across the street from the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston is the Cullen Sculpture Garden which is associated with the MoFA. Inside are several interesting statues in a garden setting. The sculptures...
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