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SeaWorld San Antonio Tips (15)


BE AWARE that there is NO AUTOMATIC CANCELLATION of your payments after the annual pass expires ! Apparently, the fine print says that the card is automatically renewed even though they do not send you a new one ! You have to actually remember to call them and cancel at the end of the 12 months ! Obviously, they are counting on you forgetting to do so !

What a disgustingly cynical way of making money

Sep 17, 2011

Sea World - Always great!

This was our second visit to Sea World San Antonio, we had a fabulous time! Usually, the weather is REALLY HOT, but on this day (which happened to be my 40th birthday), the weather was great! Skies were overcast, made for cooler weather. First attraction was the waterpark, my husband's first waterpark adventure ever! We had a great time! Since we got there right when the park opened (which is highly recommended), the lines were, well there were no lines! We rode every waterslide at least once, and some a few times.

On to watch a couple of shows, the waterski show (which was ok) and SHAMU (you have to watch Shamu if it's the only show you go to). By this time, the sun was out, and you could start feeling the heat and humidity so we went back to the waterpark and floated in "Castaway Cruisin". Perfect way to cool off and end a great summer day!

shargurl's Profile Photo
Aug 05, 2008

The Best Park in Texas!

Ok, Sea World is composed of four main attractions...

1) The marine park! Check out shows with the star Shamu, beluga whales, penguins, walruses, seals, and dolphins. Feed dolphins for $5! Visit the aquariums with sharks, exotic fish, tree frogs and more. It's just a really fun time!

2) There is also a water park that draws many people. Don't forget your bathing suit because it's hot and you'll want to cool off!

3) There are amusement park rides (about 5 major and 3 water rides) that will blow you away!

4) The Budweiser Clydesdale Horses are housed here as well and available to see.

Details to Know
Hours: The park usually opens at 10am (9am on some weekends) and closes at various times depending on what day it is (generally around 6pm-10pm)from early March to December.
Multiple-day tickets are available but you can do everything in one day...
Adults $50.99
Children $42.99

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Jun 12, 2008

You Will Get Wet Somehow

I really enjoyed my visit to Sea World this time around with only one annoyance that disabled visitors will want to watch out for.

Once you enter the park, head over to guest services to get your pass for entry onto rides and shows as disabled so you do not have to wait long in lines, out in the sun and seating specific for wheelchairs. They do have wheelchairs and scooters that you can rent as well.

All rides have access seperate for disabled riders and the staff know exactly what to do and are very helpful and friendly. The only instance we ran into trouble being disabled was at the Shamu show, and it wasn't the staff that we had a problem with. Mothers who did not want to park their strollers outside of the arena instead parked them in the handicapped spaces that were clearly marked for handicapped only. There were several of us in wheelchairs, especially us since a mother and her daughter actually ran in front of us to get to the seats someone was holding for us and they knew it, lost at what to do, so we asked a hostess for assistance. She asked the mothers (maybe a dozen of them) to move their strollers back and sit on the row directly in front of the handicapped row. The ones that had to move for us did not appreciate being asked to move from an area they were not supposed to be in and decided to wait for us after the show to yell curse words and threats at our party. Another handicapped party had the ones moved for their seats wait for them and tell them that babies are more handicapped than people in wheelchairs. I do believe the ones who wasted a good show refusing to sit in the row one step down from us to harrass us were escorted out of the park, but Sea World staff needs to police the handicapped seating area a little bit better just to avoid situations like these because even if they are mothers with babies in their laps, does not mean that have any class or maturity.

Other than that, our visit was fun and exciting. Sea World is much better than Fiesta Texas for handicapped visitors, just be aware of lazy people who would rather put someone disabled out in the cold instead of walking down one step at the shows. Ask a host for assistance, and if you are concerned that the ones asked to move will be an issue, ask the host for even more assistance. They do not hesitate to ask someone to leave if they are being disruptive.

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May 24, 2008
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Seaworld San Antonio is home to all manner of aquatic life, dolphins, sealions, crocodiles, penguins, seals and lots of troipcal fish. There are also rollercoasters, a waterpark and an amusement centre. The entrance is a little expensive at $50.

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May 09, 2007

Top Ten Things to do at SeaWorld San Antonio:

10. Ride the Steel Eel 3 times in a row when it opens at 11 AM then ride the log ride once while there is no line.

9. Ride the Rio Loco three times in a row getting drenched by the waterfall each time!

8. Ring out shirt and then ride the Great White two times in a row.

7. Eat lunch outside in the sun and start to dry off a little.

6. See the Shamu Show and sit in the "Splash Zone" to add cold salty water to the mix!

5. See the dolphin and baluga whale show "Viva" while you drip.

4. See the 4-D movie where the 4th dimension must be the surprise (shhhh!) sprays of water!

3. Ride the Steel Eel three more times in a row to blow dry!

2. Spend 2 hours at the Lost Lagoon since you obviously need to get wet now!

1. Ride the Steel Eel three more times in a row and then relax with a Frosted Lemonade

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Apr 03, 2007

how to save money at seaworld

I am not going to describe seaworld as I am sure many people have done so already. If you attend to go to any of the other parks ie seaworld florida or sandiego, buschgardens etc itiswell worth buying a season ticket into seaworld sanantonio as entry into the other parks will be half price. since a season ticket is only 10 bucks more. If you attend to go to seaworld sanantonio more than twice then buy a season ticket for the parking too!!!
season tickets also give money off in all the inside eating places andshops but beware food is very expensive and not very good

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Sep 01, 2006

Sealife in Central Texas

Seaworld has enough for a whole day's activity (or two) for the whole family, including a waterpark with a wave pool and several waterslides. Before heading out to the park it's best to check with local supermarkets and sometimes the Dairy Queen's to get discount coupons (ie: buy one day, get one free; or pay for one adult, one child enters for free).

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Aug 10, 2006

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Thar's Whales in the Hillcountry

SeaWorld San Antonio, yes I know, and oxymorn. Ocean Park ---middle of Texas, not two things you usually think of in the same sentence, huh.
This park is about 18 years old, and we've been going since day one. It has matured very nicely. There are lots of shows, and activities. You and your family will have a very enjoyable day.
There is a pod of killer whales now, and its very awsome to see them all participate in the Shamu show at the same time, But do keep in mind, seven whales can have a VERY LARGE splash zone. Choose your seats for the show very carefully!
They also have 2 rollercosters, The Great White, and The Steel EEL. Plus, a couple of river raft/log rides. For the little ones there is Shamu's Happy Harbour.
Mom, you might want to make sure to bring the kids a change of clothes, cause they're going to get wet. Lockers are available at several locations in the park.

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Nov 25, 2005

Sea World

Seeing whales in captivity does not compare to seeing them in the wild, but for many people who can't travel to Vancouver or South Africa, this provides a substitute. The shows are predictable, and primarily designed for children; however, all ages will enjoy the shows.

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Jul 26, 2005

Sea World

Sea World is a wonderful experience. The shows are both informative and entertaining and especially enjoyable for children. It costs only $3 to feed most of the animals. It has a small water park to cool off in so bring clothes you don't mind getting wet and maybe a towel. A very nice day trip for families ad adults. Ithink this would be fun first date too!

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Jul 09, 2005

Sea World

Sea World at San Antonio is more than just an aquarium, it's an amusement park as well! There are plenty of rides to keep the old kids entretained and plenty of animals to keep the young kids busy. In the summer, you can even cool off on the amazing waterpark.

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Sep 17, 2002

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Getting to SeaWorld San Antonio


10500 SeaWorld Drive, San Antonio, TX 78251


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  • Monday Closed
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  • Saturday 10:00 to 18:00