San Antonio Tourist Traps

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  • Market Square, San Antonio
    Market Square, San Antonio
    by spgood301
  • Tourist Traps
    by ATXtraveler
  • Buckhorn Saloon
    Buckhorn Saloon
    by Jim_Eliason

Most Viewed Tourist Traps in San Antonio

  • 1. Buckhorn Saloon

    This is one of those 100% unapologetic tourist traps that is also of course unmissable. it's mostly a restaurant with its walls cover with memorabilia. It's main claim to historic fame is...

  • 2. Learn English

    When speaking of a period of time, the correct word to use is "era," as in the Civil Rights Era...not error. If your going to waste time bashing a historic...

  • 3. Market Square: go only if you're into shopping

    I found Market Square to be a little disappointing. Basically, it consists of two Mexican restaurants (though Mi Tierra is quite good!), and nothing but...

  • 4. Strange Sights

    Well, I am fairly convinced that most people have lost the fight for aesthetics versus capitalism. When visiting San Antonio’s rich heritage, I had hoped and...

  • 5. Rivercenter Comedy Club

    I've been there three times and have never laughed. San Antonio does not draw great comics. Don't go there. If you are bored in Rivercenter Mall on a rainy...

  • 6. Ripley's Wax Museum

    The Ripley's Believe it or Not/Wax Museum is located directly across the street from the Shrine of Freedom, the Alamo. I think it's a little tacky to capitalize...

  • 7. I forgot the Alamo

    I found the Alamo to be a tourist trap. I just really couldn't understand why it would be of interest to anyone, and it was CRAWLING with people. It's basically...

  • 8. Tower of the Americas & HemisFair Park

    What is special or nice about a big, ugly, non-functional tower in every major city in the world? A rotating restaurant? They all have one. A view? Sure, but...

  • 9. Ghost Tracks of San Antonio

    Okay first and foremost it isn't true. It was said that a bus full of kids was hit by a train that had stalled on the tracks and if you put your car in neutral...

  • 10. Buckhorn Saloon & Museum

    Paraphrasing the old adage, "One man's trash is another man's treasure," I would say about the Buckhorn, "One person's attraction is another's tourist trap." It...

  • 11. Spanish Governor's Palace

    Thank god they only charge $1.50!! This place, which isn't exactly a palace, was built in the 18th century and has served as military quarters, a saloon and as...

  • 12. Beware of For Tourists Only Busnesses

    Some shops are mainly to hook the tourist in, you will know them when you see them, and can decide for yourself if the hook is worth it. Beware of restaurants....

  • 13. Japanese Tea Garden: Major Disappointment

    The Japanese Tea Garden next to the San Antonio Zoo was one of the biggest disappointments of my trip. We walked a path for about a mile in ninety degree...

  • 14. Hemisfair Park-RUNDOWN

    Hemisfair Park is where the Tower of Americas is located. Going up in the Tower of Americas was fun and looking at the city of San Antonio from that far up in...

  • 15. The Riverwalk--Walk, but don't eat...

    The Riverwalk provides a great scenic stroll and is at its best at Christmas time when the trees are strung with white and colored Christmas lights and candle...

  • 16. Alamo - Not for everyone!!

    I thought since I was in Texas, I just had to go visit the Alamo, right? I found it quite boring, even though I enjoy history and architecture. In my opinion, I...

  • 17. San Antonio is a big, unfunny joke of a city.

    First of all, the whole entire city of San Antonio, Texas, is a giant waste of space. Full of ugly architecture that's jam-packed into hundreds of square miles...

  • 18. the riverwalk. it's not really cool.

    the riverwalk is a giant trap. it's stores filled with junk follwing overpriced restaurants, followed by the same... try walking on the streets above the...

  • 19. north star mall, or river center mall.

    they're just malls. nothing more. and the stores are just average. park at macy's 3rd floor in the parking garage... there's almost always parking there, walk...

  • 20. Ghost Tracks

    Places to see are The Tower, The Alamo, The Missions and of course The Ghost Tracks. The legend is that a bus of school children crashed. The streets were then...

  • 21. Alamo

    Just last month my Mom and I met some tourists who were looking for the Alamo. They were confused because in San Antonio we have an Alamo Street but the Alamo...

  • 22. Bad to the Bone

    The weather in San Antonio is rather warm...however condusive to outside activities. Unlike most places, something being rained out happens less...

  • 23. Hey, that IMAX film on the...

    Hey, that IMAX film on the Alamo was pretty boring. No disrespect intended but its just cool to have a few looks at THE ALAMO from the outside and then get on...

  • 24. Are big cities a tourist trap?

    The city itself :). It's a kewl city, but nothing more. Personally I wouldn't visit it, just not my travel style. Again, I wouldn't visit Orlando, LA, etc etc...

  • 25. The Alamo Guided Tour. Yes,...

    The Alamo Guided Tour. Yes, everyone must visit the Alamo when they go to San Antonio, but stear clear of the guided tour. It was far and away the most boring...

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