Capitol Reef National Park Warnings and Dangers

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  • Bad place to be in a storm
    Bad place to be in a storm
    by goodfish
  • Seriously, folks.
    Seriously, folks.
    by goodfish
  • Road Hazards
    by goodfish

Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Capitol Reef National Park

  • 1. Flash Floods and Storms

    Because of all the gorgeous rock, I have to write this one about every National Park in Utah. This region see very little rainfall but when it does, all that water has to drain somewhere. That...

  • 2. Road Hazards

    Mule deer and free-range livestock (cattle and sheep) are common on or near the roads, especially in the park and along sections of Hwy 12. Some of of the cattle are dark and could be hard to see...

  • 3. Stay on the trails

    Cairns, those little pyramids of piled stones along the trails, are there for two reasons: A. To keep you from getting lost and/or away from dangerous or unstable places B. To keep you off...

  • 4. Pets at the Park

    Bringing your pet to a National Park is not recommended as they're almost always banned from trails and buildings, and have limited areas they're allowed - only on a leash - to be walked. They also...

  • 5. Dehydration & Sunstroke

    The Torrey area averages less than 8 inches of rain a year, and temperatures often top 90 degrees during the summer. You'll see reminders everywhere to drink plenty of water, pack at least a quart...

  • 6. Obey Warning Signs

    As always, you should obey all warning signs. They are there for your safety and to protect the park, its wildlife, and its plants. Far too often I see people...

  • 7. Capital Reef Nat'l Park trail descriptions

    The handout given at the Visiter Centre is full of errors. For example, Fremont River trail is in the Easy (?) category with a 770' elevation change in 1...

  • 8. Wear Protective Clothing-

    It is advisable to have the right attire to hike and even walk around. A good brim hat, and cover for the arms, even help avoid the harsh sun. Sunscreen and lip...

  • 9. Pit Toilets-A necessity with Caution

    Watch where you feel you need to have some relief. The pit toilets are merely holes in the ground and they have not vent except up that hole you are looking...

  • 10. Stay off the Delicate Soil-Cryptobiiotic

    The soil content of this special dirt is sensitive to being disturbed. It contains minerals and it bound together with organic material. There are lichens,...

  • 11. Flash Floods in Creek Washes

    There were signs of some major flooding in Grand Wash and Capitol Gorge. The Park Service shut off access by vehicle while I was there. The rains apparently...

  • 12. Drive Slowly!

    The roads from Bryce Canyon to Capitol Reef are steep, with many switchbacks, cliffs, and mountains. In some areas, there is loose gravel on the road, so you...

  • 13. Potholes

    There are potholes through out the Southwest. In the dry arid country anywhere water collects becomes vital to sustain life. There are some species of fish and...

  • 14. Dirt roads can wreak havoc

    There are several dirt roads you must take to get to trailheads or scenic views. First of all, don't go in the mud if your car isn't built for it. Second, drive...

  • 15. Beware of mud

    When the sign says this, believe it. The dirt trail leading to Chimney Rock was so saturated that the mud was ankle deep. And this was the most tenacious mud on...

  • 16. Road Closures

    As logic would have it, dirt roads turn muddy after rain or snow. These conditions often make the roads impassible and force closures. Even when the roads are...

  • 17. Flash floods

    This area is prone to flash floods during summer thunderstorms. If any storm is threatening, it is best to avoid low lyins areas such as these basins and to as...

  • 18. Hiking Concerns

    Summer days can reach 100 degrees. In these temperatures be sure to always carry water even for the shortest hike. Water is available at the pump located in the...

  • 19. Deer-Animals on Road

    There are open fence area all around here. So be aware of the deer and cattle that may stroll across the highway.

  • 20. Getting Lost

    For your own and other’s safety, stay on established trails; do not shortcut switchbacks or throw rocks. Hiking routes shown on this map are for location...

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