Green River Travel Guide

  • Just a little drive from Green River
    Just a little drive from Green River
    by RoscoeGregg
  • Green River at the edge of campground
    Green River at the edge of campground
    by BruceDunning
  • Muddy underdog
    Muddy underdog
    by Assenczo

Green River Things to Do

  • Check out Monument Hill

    Back in the early 1980's the train used to stop in Green River. A man named Herbert Steiner came into town on the train and while there learned some nearby land was being sold. He decided to buy it. He lives in Seattle, but decided he wanted to be remembered by something more solid than a headstone at a cemetery and commissioned artist Andrew...

  • The Very Best Melons In The Entire...

    The environment and the history at Green River combine to produce melons of the very finest quality. The soil is loose and sandy and the summer is long and hot. This is a fantastic combination for melon production.There are farm families here that have been producing melons for several generations so they have it wired. Good land well trained...

  • River Runner Hall of Fame

    The John Wesley Powell Museum is right on Main Street on the east shore of the the river, towards the east end of town. I was surprised at the amount of information it had. Lots of good photos, accounts and little known facts about the epic trip down the Green and Grand River by Mr Powell in 1869. He and his company started in Green River Wy where...

  • Tusher Wash

    This was thought to be one of those ventures to see what the end of a road looked like. It was dry form some time, so going through the actual creek bed (wash) may have been acceptable if flat bottom. I turned off just east of town on Hasting Road, toward the Gary CAnyon Rec area, and turned right about 5 miles in. After 2-3 more miles I came to...

  • Fossils are There Somewhere

    In the San Rafael Swell is a real desolate area that says it has fossils you can pick out of the rocks. I did not see any, but 3 hours of searching and driving taught me a lesson. Read directions, and do not believe all the hoopla of what is at the end of the road. I saw only rocks and dirt and ruts-huge and hard on the SUV. The trip was surely an...

  • Crystal Geyser

    In the Out country of Green River is this geyser that spouts out every 12-16 hours, or so. I did not get to see that when there, but it surely has spouted some minerals out of the hole over the years. Copper colored minerals are prominent around the geyser. Trailerstone terraces the landscape, that has evolved from the water minerals leaching out...

  • Crested Buttes that are monumental

    So much of the skyline brings me to awe, thinking of just how these could be formed in the San Rafael Swell. The ground upheaval created a beauty that is hard to describe until seen close up and in person. These are part of the Henry mountains that basically run along US 70 for some distance. The swell from Green River is at around 4000 feet and...

  • Melons Galore in September

    FAll melon festival. In the third week of September, the town and area has a fall festival to celebrate the completion of the season and the selling of the melons. I bought one, and it was good and tasty, and the whole thing filled me up. Watermelons are the more popular to grow, and they are smaller than the usual variety I am used to in Midwest,...

  • Goblin VAlley State Park

    This is a trip worth a side diversion because of the different type rock formations, all concentrated in a small area. You can call them hoodoos, but maybe goblins hoodoos because the shape makes some feel they look like goblins. These mushroomed shapes rocks were formed from eroded sandstone rock that was carved by water over years. Colors of red...

  • Locals Swim in the River on a sandy bank

    There is s "hidden" spot for most locals and some campers if they know where to look to solitude. The bank of the Green River has some good beaches of sand just to the north of town. The beach is called Swasey, and is about 2 miles back off the main Bus 70 on Hastings Road. Once found, it is a gem to enjoy for a while. The last 1/2 mile or so is...

  • Green River State Park

    A number of people come here to relax and camp along the setting of the river. Judging form the number of camping slots filled, it must be popular. Next to it is golfing, and they can river raft if desired, or take long hikes out in the back country. Day passes to visit the park are $5 and annual $70; with camping charges of $15 a day.

  • SAn Rafael Swell

    This area is one of the last "almost" unexplored regions of the US. I tried to conquer it, and it is massive and impressive. There are different buttes, crest, monuments of rock standing tall, and simply you are out in the wilderness. It is named after the first known explorers in the region, the Spanish that had settlements in New Mexico. People...


Green River Hotels

  • River Terrace Inn

    1740 East Main Street, Green River, Utah, 84525, United States

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Comfort Inn Green River

    1065 E Main St, Green River, UT 84525

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

  • Super 8 Motel - Green River

    1248 East Main St., Green River, Utah, 84525, United States

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

Green River Restaurants

  • The nice place in town

    Green River is not known for it's gourmet food. The Tamarisk does not change that, but it is still the nicest place in town to eat. Food is good, not great, nothing earth shatteringly novel. Dress is casual, but nice. It has a nice view of the Green River where you can enjoy the many moods of that river. It is associated with the River Terrace...

  • A Classic And A River Runners Tradition

    I cannot find the words to really explain Ray’s. It has been part of my life in southern Utah since I was a teenager. I once spent a long day there on the bench out front waiting for a friend to pick me up. Nursing a bottle of coke as I waited is a very fond memory. I had some very nice conversations that day. It is the period at the end of many...

  • Local Diner Type-Good Old Good Food

    The food was very good, and the locals and most tourists end up here to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Lines form after 6PM so get there early enough to avoid a wait. They do not take reservations. The meal I had for the whole thing was an unbelievable $7, and the tea was $2. It was a great deal I had a hamburger steak, and it came with all you...

  • Ray is the Local BAr-Eats

    The food I had was medicore for a burger and fries. NOthing to brag about, but it is the only real bar type in town that also serves food. The locals come here to hang out and look at tourists. The real issue was the attitude of the bar waitresses, and the manager. All seemed not to give a darn if you got served, and the look and demeanor was...

  • Green River Local Fast Food-Kind of

    The hamburger was good, and it was 1/2 pound at least. Cost of it was $4 and the fries were $2. So prices are right on. The problem with the place is there were local teens "working" there, or supposed to be. Instead, they just laid around on the counter and talked and friends came in the the talk led to sexuality, and local life in what they...

  • The town's hotspot

    It may not look like much, kind of a blue collar hang out, but all are welcome. The service is casual, laid back, the food hot and good, brews are local, and the blueberry shakes are out of this world. Especially after a week of river food. They welcome river runners and have plenty of great pictures and t-shirts from companies that will give you a...


Green River Transportation

  • BruceDunning's Profile Photo

    Amtrak Runs Here

    by BruceDunning Written Oct 10, 2009

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Amtrak station still services the community, and a lot of locals use it to come and go from town because not all have vehicles to use around here. It is in the lower poverty sector form a number of them, and work is infrequent.

    Station look from 1950's Track to infinity
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Green River Local Customs

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    by Segolily Updated Aug 1, 2015

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    Green River area is perfect for growing the best melons ever. In mid to late summer when the melons are on it is always good to make a stop and get one fresh from one of the several fruit stands. There are the typical watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew, but they also have started trying some new combinations and a few less known types. First honeydew I ever had came from Green River and it was like honey, so sweet. Sometimes I think I should take a drive just to pick some up, but for sure we always stop when we are in the area, best I've ever tasted.

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Green River Warnings and Dangers

  • Animals on the Highway

    I was fortunate to avoid a collision with a deer the sprang out of the ravine and then just stopped dead in his tracks on the highway; so to speak. Well, as I was traveling at 80 MPH and the notice of the deer was abrupt, I tired to maneuver around it by taking another lane since I could not stop in time and did not want to head for the ditch. Just...

  • GAs Up & Load Up Before Driving

    There is a distance of about 75 miles heading east to next town of Grand Junction Colorado, and 110 miles going west through SAn Juan Basin. So the advice is get what you need first before looking on the road.

  • ATV's CAn CArve a Niche

    Unfortunately, in my opinion, there is too much allowance of ATV and motor bikes use around here. It ends up that many riders go where they are not alowed, or should not, in spite of even some warnings not to venture in eoc sensitive areas. Even though there seems to be so much land, and unused, it still is an eco sensitive geology area, and any...


Green River What to Pack

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    Packing List

    by NorineP Written Oct 4, 2002

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: Water proof bags such as dry bags. You will need these to keep your clothes, food, first aid kit high and dry.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Try to limit your clothing. Don't take a whole week of will most likely not change often. After the first two days...what's the point??? Take sturdy hiking shoes if you are going to do any hiking and there is ample opportunity for this. Be sure to include a hat (one that you can secure to your head). One of our party lost his and had to wear a t-shirt around his head. It gets very hot and you need that hat! YOu probably will be in a bathing suit most of the time, but will want a change of clothing when you take will be more comfortable when riding back in the jet boat.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: A GOOD FIRST AID KIT...ESSENTIAL!!! A knife, signal mirror or device, water purification kit (just in case you didn't listen to me about the water :),) guidebooks, a good map of the river, SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN, sunglasses, personal hygiene items.

    Photo Equipment: Lots of film, extra batteries (remember - there is no electricity after you get on the river - unless you have a contract with the electricity god!

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Tent - if you want to sleep with no fear of bugs. We didn't use a tent until the last night (it was just too beautiful sleeping under the stars), sleeping bag, pillow, towels. Do not bring your whole kitchen. Try to limit your cooking equipment. We made a lot of one-pot meals. Make your evening meal as hearty as you can because YOU WILL BE HUNGRY!

    Miscellaneous: Spare paddle (every boat should have one!!), extra water if you can squeeze it I sound like a broken record here? lol. Something to bail water with, a big natural sponge (great for soaking up water in the bottom of the canoe. Make sure EVERYTHING IS TIED ON.

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Green River Off The Beaten Path

  • Dutchman's arch

    Not too far off I-70 is this small arch. It takes a little effort and travel on dirt roads to get to. In the same area - the "Head of Sinbad" are the broken off pictographs as well. This is an area of the San Rafael Swell which has other fun things for those discerning enough to search.

  • Crystal Geyser

    Take a 5 mile good dirt road just outside of town to the edge of the Green River and you will come to the site of a human made cold water geyser. I haven't seen it go off, though I hear it is great, especially on a hot day. It isn't like Old Faithful, no regular eruptions and no one around to tell you when the last one happened, so you either get...

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