Salt Lake City Warnings and Dangers

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  • Temple
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  • Statue on top of the temple
    Statue on top of the temple
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  • Religious Restrictions
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Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Salt Lake City

  • 1. Religious Restrictions

    The official name of the Mormon Church (or LDS) is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints It was founded by Joseph Smith in the state of New York on April 6, 1830. It is known by...

  • 2. Cold and Snow

    We look all smiles in this pictures, but in reality, we were freezing our tushes off. This was taken on the day after the Opening Ceremonies and it was nearly zero degrees Fahrenheit. The Utah...

  • 3. Construction.

    Between my hotel and the convention center was a big construction site. They had massive construction going on getting ready for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. And I understand now they are repairing...

  • 4. NO Rollerblades Skateboards

    it is illegal to rollerblade or skate downtown in salt lake city even at 2 in the morning when no one is around the lovely police will make you take your rollerblades off and walk barefoot and...

  • 5. Beehive Transportation Salt Lake City, Utah

    All I can say is, stay away! I was quoted a $75 rate for a 4 hour tour to Park City. I also had their blue brochure in hand when I called that stated $65 for...

  • 6. Winter Inversions

    To those of you visiting in the winter there are good reasons to stay in the ski resorts rather than the valley. Salt Lake has what is referred to as an...

  • 7. Utah is a DRY STATE

    What that means is that you cannot buy alcoholic beverages in the supermarkets, 7-11 stores, hotels, or even some restaurants. There are only TWO state liquor...

  • 8. Unique Signals

    This is the first time I heard or even knew they did this. That at each of the crosswalks the signals made a sound letting people who were visually impaired...

  • 9. ~LOOK~

    Ahh, I like the fact they try to remind everyone about looking both ways before preceding into the walk way. I will say that mostly everyone did not run the red...

  • 10. Most citations per capita in the NATION!

    Be very very careful when you venture to Utah in a car. The first thing you will probably notice is the unprecedented number of police officers patrolling the...

  • 11. No safety issues at all!

    I just got back from 10 days in Salt Lake City. What a beautiful place! I have never felt safe in a major metropolitin area (I live in Pittsburgh, so I'm sure...

  • 12. Inaccurate Research

    In my husband's family there were two men named John Baptist Beasley. The first one (c 1735 to 1790) married Elizabeth Blount whose father was John Blount. The...

  • 13. If there is one small danger,...

    If there is one small danger, it is earthquakes. Here is a photo as you go up Big Cottonwood Canyon...The Wasatch Fault. They say this will be the one to wipe...

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