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Yellow Rock Tour Grand Staircase
"The slot canyons and rock formations of southern Utah comprise some of the most challenging and demanding terrain in North America. Painted rocks jut out of a broken landscape of ancient riverbeds sheer cliffs and bald sandstone domes of varying shades of red orange and yellow. Scrub brush and desert plants cling to life across dry rock plateaus while lush cottonwoods provide shade from the sun along rare creeks and streams.  Much of the landscape was once part of an ancient sea floor millions of ye and while the imposing terrain appears nearly inaccessible at first it provides rare opportunities to capture scenes of aching beauty and unique vistas for those willing to brave the steep slopes of the ancient rock formations.  Your hike up one of these formations the Yellow Rock
From $249.00
Bryce Canyon Flight and Ground Tour
"Make your way with a personable friendly pilot to one of the most beautiful canyons in southern Utah: Bryce Canyon!

 Once you land you will meet your private guide at the Bryce Canyon Airport and travel into the park. While the entire experience lasts 6.5 hours the total round-trip flight time is about 2 hours.

On your 4.5-hour ground adventure you will have the chance to visit Fairyland Point an under-crowded spot with stunning views of many hoodoos and the Aquarius Plateau in the distance enter the main section of the park
From $615.00
VIP Flight and Ground Tour to Grand Canyon South Rim
"Let your journey of the South Rim begin by climbing aboard a Utah Airways flight. Our friendly pilots will show you some of the most spectacular views of one of the world's seven natural wonders. The flight entails beautiful views of Bryce Canyon an the adventure continues! While the whole experience is about 6½ hours the flight portion will last about 2½ hours.

During your 4 hour guided ground adventure you will:
 • Hike the Rim Trail from the rim of Pipe Creek Vista to Hermits Rest (Note: the section of the Rim Trail between Pipe Creek Vista and Maricopa Point is paved and mostly wheelchair accessible. Unpaved portions of the trail between Maricopa Point and Hermits Rest are narrow and close to the edge. Caution is advised. Bicycles are not permitted on the Rim Trail). • Take in the panoramic views of the canyon from Yavapai Point. • Visit the Yavapai Observation Station for views of the canyon
From $715.00

Top Hotels in Torrey

12 West Main St., Torrey, UT 84775
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2600 East Highway 24, Torrey, Utah, 84775, United States
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675 E. Highway 24, Torrey, Utah, 84775, United States
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877 North State Road 24, Torrey, Utah, 84775, United States
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150 North Center Street, Torrey, UT, 84775
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2900 West Highway 24, P.O. Box 22, Torrey, Utah, 84773, United States
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