United States of America Warnings and Dangers

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United States of America Warnings and Dangers

  • Walking

    New York City Warnings and Dangers

    Everyone told me not to walk around Manhattan looking up at all the buildings or i would be targeted as a tourist for sure. That means you could get mugged i guess. NYC is intimidating as it's so large and has that reputation for being a bit dangerous. But how can you NOT look up!!! It's a city of skyscrapers, well Manhattan is anyway and it's jaw...

  • Places to Avoid

    Las Vegas Warnings and Dangers

    First off, let me tell you all that i'm a white 46 yr old female 12 year active duty U.S. Army veteran. I was in the Gulf War in 1990 and 1991, i've been to many of the middle eastern counries pretty much and have seen, smelled, eaten and done it all. I've lived in East L.A, Compton, Long Beach, on Skid Row {yes it exists, lol}, the Wards of...

  • Bad Neighborhoods

    New Orleans Warnings and Dangers

    Downtown is riddled with moochers, muggers and murderers. Ever watch the morning news? Not to mention no where to park, pee in the streets and over priced food. In fact the whole state of LA has garbage all over the streets! The residents, who work and care, are great people but many are nothing but thugs. Best to move to Slidell, Covington or...

  • Areas to Avoid

    San Francisco Warnings and Dangers

    Currently staying at Nikko Hotel for work. Took a walk on Ellis Street just a block away and it is the closest thing to The Walking Dead you can witness in real life. The smell of urine and feces is everywhere. People comatose from drug use. People talking to themselves and ranting. Large groups of people loitering and cat calling, commenting on...

  • Animal Watch

    Key West Warnings and Dangers

    There are enormous iguanas all over Key West - and the first few times you see one, they are a little freaky... The strange part is that they blend into the environment so well, unless you hear one rustle some leaves, or dart across your path, you won't see them - until you do. About 4 days into my trip, I stopped freaking out when I saw one. But...

  • Common Sense Advice / Sketchy...

    Chicago Warnings and Dangers

    I've lived in Chicago for most of my life and know the city well. Down town area is fairly safe but watch out for groups of teenagers as they have been jumping and mugging people the last few years. Put your IPhone away in transit stops. If someone comes up to you and starts to talk to you at a bus stop etc watch around you for others. Do not go...

  • Downtown at Night

    Los Angeles Warnings and Dangers

    Downtown L.A.'s Broadway is no comparision to New York. In the early 1900s, it wasn't quite as bad though, but oh well, one cannot turn back time so much. If it weren't for the dozen or so architectural points of interests along south Broadway, I wouldn't recommend coming down here- unless you are a building buff or want to get some deals on...

  • Crime / After Dark

    Boston Warnings and Dangers

    So, after adding tips about pickpockets to my Paris and Madrid pages, I'm now adding one about my home city! While browsing the racks at Marshalls in the Downtown Crossing area recently, I felt a hand along my hip. I turned to find a hand right inside my bag! I yelled "HEY!" really loudly and the thief sauntered away. In hindsight I suppose it...

  • Crime Related

    Orlando Warnings and Dangers

    A robbery happens in Florida every 3 minutes. To protect your future, invest in a Del-Air security system. Previous Del-Air customers are eligible for 3 months free and insured homeowners will get a discount on premium. Medical pendants are also available for senior citizens or people with medical issues (included in monthly premium). Standard rate...

  • Beggars / Panhandlers / Homeless

    Seattle Warnings and Dangers

    Seattle has been a problem with aggressive panhandling for decades. The news media portrays how downtrodden the Seattle homeless are. We are made to feel sorry for them, lend a helping hand, and engage in activism. Granted many people hit hard times in their lives, and most never asked for poverty. The issue is the Seattle homeless attitude towards...

  • Driving

    Sedona Warnings and Dangers

    Wow! I should have listened to some of the other posters. My first drive into Sedona, AZ from Ohio, being overwhelmed by the beauty, I missed an unusual drop (speed trap?) in the speed limit. I was immediately pulled over and given a ticket. My town would give an out-of-towner a warning...not here. This was my first ticket ever, in over 30 years of...

  • Beware of...

    San Diego Warnings and Dangers

    East Village (Petco Park etc.) is fine, just try to stay out of there after dark. Same with the gaslamp quarter. Do NOT go north of the 5 freeway up to the 8 except for Hillcrest, Mission Valley etc. Although you will probably not venture into these areas, try tobstay out of Chula Vista, Imperial Beach, Barrio Logan, Normal Heights, City Heights,...

  • Not So Safe Areas

    Atlanta Warnings and Dangers

    Hi everyone, I've been reading through the post but would like to hear a more current point of view like the last two. I am planning on relocating to Atlanta to be close to family. I would like to purchase a home. From what I'm hearing Kirkwood and East Atlanta are gentrifying and have become good places to live. Obviously, you are going to have...

  • Areas to Avoid / Crime

    Dallas Warnings and Dangers

    I've got to say, that although I've only been in Dallas about 2 weeks, even the "ghetto" areas here are a breath of fresh air compared to the California ghetto's I am used to. Since arriving here from the Sacramento area I feel that I can actually expect people to be somewhat respectful regardless of their walk of life. I don't have to keep my...

  • North Philadelphia

    Philadelphia Warnings and Dangers

    After reading all the comments about N.philly.....I d like to make a few.I was born AND RAISED IN THE STREETS OF N.P.,a long time ago ceicl b. moore was called columbia ave....i lived between oxford and columbia on 3RD st....The area was tough..... most of the teens hung-out at 2nd and columbia sts. a conor store called HAPPS, most of us we re...

  • Areas to Avoid / Crime

    Houston Warnings and Dangers

    I and my family are moving to Houston Texas this summer and I would like honestly to know what areas as African American people we should avoid? I am from Indiana and while it is a diverse state and people are pretty open minded, there are some definite areas to avoid for African Americans due to racism and such. I'm certain Texas is the same and...

  • Animal Dangers

    Yosemite National Park Warnings and Dangers

    During my hike of the Valley loop trail we came across a black bear. It was about 2pm just off the trail between us and the South Side drive. The bear didn't seem to notice us or at least paid us no mind. Although the bear is brown, it was considered a black bear. So be alert and if/when you encounter a bear, and it is off the trail, just mind you...

  • Theft

    Honolulu Warnings and Dangers

    Its completely out-of-control. Vagrants from the mainland and unemployed locals make their living feeding off of anything of value in a parked car. Anything electronic to clothing. Heaven forbid they get your keys, they'll take the whole car. They'll part it out, sell your things at flea markets and on Ebay to support their pot and heroin habits....

  • Traffic/transportation

    Nashville Warnings and Dangers

    Tennessee has a "Move-Over Law", the gist of which is: if you see a moving emergency vehicle, you are to move to the far right lane and stay there when possible and safe to do so. This is the case in most states. However, it further states that, if you should see a STATIONARY emergency or recovery vehicle, you should also remove yourself one lane...

  • Traffic/Driving

    San Antonio Warnings and Dangers

    Avoid San Antonio on Spring Break. Not only was the traffic terrible, the parking is more expensive and the hours for entertainment are the same. I would like to think that businesses would extend hours to accomodate for the time it takes to get there. Very disappointing not to get to see more of this interesting city.

  • Bad Neighbourhoods

    Richmond Warnings and Dangers

    That write up is ridiculous. Chamberlayne Ave. has a lot of vacant and in-need-of-repair properties, and therefore prime for low rent, group homes, and subsidized housing. There are some areas that are worse than others. However, its always best to invest well in your residence. Cheap rent is cheap for a reason. Show me the cheapest rent in...

  • Walking

    Memphis Warnings and Dangers

    I took this trip with two of my college track teammates...three younger girls. We went out every night, walked back to the hotel in the wee hours of the morning, and drove through the run-down part of town to get to Graceland. And had no problems AT ALL. Were nervous for maybe the first five minutes we were there. Just have some sense about it....

  • Rough Neighborhoods

    Tampa Warnings and Dangers

    I've lived in the Tampa Bay area (Temple Terrace, St. Pete, Westchase) for about 4 years. I'm a young professional who moved from Michigan. Temple Terrace was, bar none, the sketchiest area in which I lived. Someone attempted to pop a window of my then boyfriend's car to steal a crappy GPS while parked at our apartment complex. St. Pete was...

  • Driving!

    Miami Warnings and Dangers

    Miami has a very easy to understand road system. Once you get the hang of it, it should be easy to find your way around. Streets go east west. Avenues go north south. There are four sectors - northeast, northwest, southwest and southeast. The dividing line between north and south is Flagler Street. The east-west dividing line is Miami...

  • Flora / Fauna

    Monterey Warnings and Dangers

    Nature is beautiful and fun, but be careful among some of the birds in Monterey. The area around the bay is home to more Seagulls than you can begin to count. They tend to be loud and can be aggressive if provoked (don’t tease them). Don’t be surprised if you find your car has become their latrine. Keep an eye out overhead for shells they may drop...

  • Crime

    Baltimore Warnings and Dangers

    The city of Baltimore could be really dangerous in general. But there are also lots of nice people there, too. 1.Been here a month or so. In my 2nd week in this city, I chased my friend's work at a liquor store for a night shift to learn how to do there starting at around 4pm finishing at around 2am. At around 12:30, there was a gunshot. I saw...

  • Safety

    Albuquerque Warnings and Dangers

    Like any large city, Albuquerque has crime, but several of the reviews here are too old. Over the past decade the city has worked hard at making Central Avenue from Nob Hill through Downtown much safer. Adding in the tremendous economic growth and increased prosperity of the city over that time, these areas are more vibrant than ever. Yes, East of...

  • Car Care

    Death Valley National Park Warnings and Dangers

    If your car breaks down the National Park Service recommends to stay with your vehicle and wait for help. They advise against walking for help in the desert sun. If stranded, try to get out of the sun and drink plenty of water. So have enough water in the event of an emergency.

  • The Beach

    Fort Lauderdale Warnings and Dangers

    dont swim out too deep, otherwise sharky might get you. I did not have any experience of that kind, however I always heard warnings. So I only swam out to where I could stand. It's a temptation to swim out at that beautiful warm water, but just don't do it.

  • Crime

    Tucson Warnings and Dangers

    As long as you stay in the TUCSON city limits you should be fine. Do not go to South Tucson which is a city of its own. It is a working class area with gangs and lots of car theft reports. To be on the safe side, just stay north of downtown. Its definitely not one of the most dangerous cities around, but like every other large city, there can be...

  • Don't Fall

    Grand Canyon Warnings and Dangers

    There are no railings at West Rim. Everywhere you can go right to the edge. it is an unbelievable experience but it does not look as a good idea to go there with kids. In this case we would recommend South Rim, where they have railings.

  • Boating Hazards

    Saint Augustine Warnings and Dangers

    St. Augustine does not have a class A inlet. If one wants to avoid Matanzas with frequent shoaling, it is adviseable to go out the St. John's River and not try to go out St. Augustine. This picture shows the inlet entrance from the ICW when there was an onshore wind. There is surf all across the inlet, which is not a nice situation to be in with a...

  • Areas to Avoid

    Minneapolis Warnings and Dangers

    Why? Read the reviews! "gangs and murders but nothing major happens here" ?!? don't walk at night" WOW!! Sounds like a great neighborhood to me. Funny how the housing market is such that you can buy a house for practically nothing. Hell, they're giving them away. I grew up in North Minneapolis and would never raise my kids there if I was of that...

  • Mudflats

    Anchorage Warnings and Dangers

    Sometimes you might encounter Moose, I heard a story of some kids throwing rocks at the Moose, then an innocent person came along later and the Moose was annoyed and killed this person. They can be very aggressive and they are very strong. Don't even think you can scare one with shouting or noises they will just ignore you unless you get on their...

  • Driving in Phoenix

    Phoenix Warnings and Dangers

    Maps in Phoenix are not very user friendly. I guess the place is growing so fast that map makers can't keep up. It was frustrating to try to follow the map but streets were not marked or just not on the map (even major streets.) Sometimes there were connecting streets that were simply not on the map. Once we went through a parking lot and found the...

  • Wildlife

    Yellowstone National Park Warnings and Dangers

    Bison, also called buffalo, can weight 2000 pounds (900 kg), and although they may look slow and docile, buffalo can run at speeds of up to 35 miles per hours, and at distances over a mile. They can outlast a racehorse. This is over three times faster than a man can run. As are all the wild animals in Yellowstone, buffalo are very unpredictable and...

  • Areas to Avoid / Crime

    Long Beach Warnings and Dangers

    I moved to Long Beach for school and had only visited a couple times, so I did not know where to move to, brought my toddler and I was also on a budget, limiting my options and wish I had been given a clearer idea of what I should expect and where I should look for housing. Since moving to Long Beach, this is what I have observed and I hope it...

  • Bad neighborhoods

    Miami Beach Warnings and Dangers

    MIami is like any other city. I'm from Boston but I've been living 10 blocks over from Liberty CIty (supposedly one of the most "dangerous parts of FL"). I'm a lil 22yr old white girl working here and its fine. Just don't be flashy, don't walk around the streets holding a map or any other stupid *** like that and you're fine. I hate when people...

  • Lava rock

    Kailua-Kona Warnings and Dangers

    Yes, you want a souvenir of your vacation but do not remove any lava rocks. As superstition goes; removal of the rocks angers the volcano goddess Pele and brings bad luck to the person. So just go buy a souvenir from ABC... "Take only pictures; leave only footprints." "Take only gifts you are given (like flower lei’s); and leave only with Aloha."

  • Unsafe Areas / Crime

    Hollywood Warnings and Dangers

    Firstly, we never ventured into Hollywood - West Hollywood is where all the attractions are, like Graumans Chinese Theatre, all the celebrity sighting hotspots, and the nightlife like Chateau Marmont, The Standard etc. There is really no need to head into Hollywood or any further east. Thats when things get sketchy. We stayed right on Hollywood...

  • Religious Restrictions

    Salt Lake City Warnings and Dangers

    The official name of the Mormon Church (or LDS) is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints It was founded by Joseph Smith in the state of New York on April 6, 1830. It is known by outsiders for the following things: 1) The Osmond family... and now Mitt Romney 2) Restriction on alcoholic beverages.. 3) Inhospitable toward people of...

  • Areas to Avoid

    San Jose Warnings and Dangers

    The area between Story, King and Capitol This is among the roughest area of town...not a good place to hang out as tourist at night. San Jose is among the safest cities in the US but if you look for bad spots, you will find them ! For details on crime rate see web site below:

  • Parking

    Manhattan Beach Warnings and Dangers

    Here's a twist. You park and pay for two hours at a meter. You come back two hours later to fill the meter again for another two hours. And you get a ticket. How's that? You have put enough money in the meter for the time your are there. And, you get a ticket. Check this out. You can't stay in the same space for more than two hours. You...

  • Cliff Walk

    Newport Warnings and Dangers

    When we lived in Rhode Island, the Cliff Walk was closed because parts of it were crumbling off into the sea. The 1938 and 1954 hurricanes had destroyed part of the cliffs and there were some unsafe areas so in the 1970-1976 time frame (about when we would have visited) the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers spent about two years supervising basic...

  • People / The Homeless

    Santa Monica Warnings and Dangers

    *I* am one of those homeless people being talked about. If there be warnings of danger, it is as much to US as the blessed non-homeless. 1) Every human needs to sleep. If you are homeless, alone with no family, can't get a shelter bed, and live on the westside, WHERE is it (relatively) SAFE to sleep with little to no police harassment? 2) Human...


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  • goodfish's Profile Photo
    Oct 2, 2014 at 5:48 AM

    Regarding the review by Briantravelman regarding photography:

    This review isn't exactly accurate. Please reference this statement from the USFS:

    Specifically this paragraph:
    "The proposal does not change the rules for visitors or recreational photographers. Generally, professional and amateur photographers will not need a permit unless they use models, actors or props; work in areas where the public is generally not allowed; or cause additional administrative costs."

    Similar restrictions have already been in place for some time, and this is not an unreasonable expansion of those considering the amount of damage and disruption that professional film/photography crews can - and have - caused in fragile environments.

    The issue is that some of the language in proposed directive was seen as nebulous, and some inaccurate conclusions were made by the press. Work is underway by the FS to clear up any confusion. So don't panic: take those vacations photos! Hope this helps!

    • leics's Profile Photo
      Oct 3, 2014 at 10:01 AM

      Thank you, Kimberly. I think it is vitally important that travel guide tips are as factually accurate as possible and I know VT takes that view as well.

    • goodfish's Profile Photo
      Oct 3, 2014 at 1:27 PM

      Thanks, Ladies. We don't want a bunch of nervous tourists afraid to post their beautiful shots here on VT now, would we?

United States of America Warnings and Dangers

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There is information flotating around that photography at the National Parks in the US is no longer allowed.  That information is incorrect. 

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