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Seasons Tips (14)

Visit during Christmas

Favorite thing If you have the opportunity to visit during the holidays, do so. You'll be there on the rare occassion where most locals are away from DC with very few visitors are here.

The holidays are a special time to enjoy this city especially while strolling on a crisp winter day.

The holiday decorations are so nice, check out the Christmas trees (each state represented), found here at the Mall.

Fondest memory DC all decked out for the holidays.

Gypsystravels's Profile Photo
May 08, 2015

Cherry Blossoms

Favorite thing I think this season is not so easy to predict. We arrived in DC during the second week of April. I was told by locals that I would be too late for cherry blossoms. Much to our delight, we weren't. The cherry trees were in full bloom around Capitol Hill.

karenincalifornia's Profile Photo
May 23, 2006

Thank you , Japan!

Favorite thing There is really no better season to visit Washington DC than cherry blossom time. The first trees were a gift from Japan, where cherry blossom viewing is an annual national pastime every spring.
The ideal place to see cherry blossoms in Washington DC is along the Tidal Basin looking across toward the Jefferson Memorial.

Fondest memory The best thing about cherry blossom time is the overall atmosphere of socializing as well as relaxation. It's great to see people in such a festive mood, one could say it is almost like being in Daytona Beach during spring break. Yet there are also quiet corners for silent reflection, so it suits all personalities.

I was hugging young college coeds that I didn't know and posing for pictures with people from places I never heard of. (Of course wearing my "sharp dressed man" Italian suit helps grab even more attention.)

Cherry blossom time is always among the fondest memories for anybody who has lived in the Washington DC area and it will be the highlight of your visit if you plan your capital vacation accordingly.

Confucius's Profile Photo
Jun 19, 2005

Cherry Blossoms in the Spring

Favorite thing If you can time your visit correctly, you should try to get to Washington when the cherry trees are in full blossom! We really enjoyed the colour and sense of spring that they provided!

Fondest memory The beautiful warm weather and the cherry blossoms!

Bwana_Brown's Profile Photo
May 13, 2003
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DC In May- way too crowded on the mall

Favorite thing I love all the historic sites, monuments and memorials of Washington DC, along with many other people who have been there- however I went in mid- May, and despite the beautiful weather- found it is not a great time for a serious tourist, history buff and museum goer like myeslf to visit- as the mall is so overcrowded with school groud on field trips- thousands and thousands of kids everywhere, many can be loud, and run all over. Nothing against kids- but it's too much, they take over. It's hard to relax and really take things in, to stand still for awhile in a Smithsonian Museum and read all the info that goes with a display. There are lines going into some museums, and it was irritating waiting in line to look at the displays at the Natl. Archeives, waiting for some people in front of me to try to read every line of the Constitution and Declaration Of Independence.. People are lined up before 7:00 am to go up in the Washington Monument, tickets sold out by 8:00. The better hotels and restaurants near the mall are jammed with people too. My tip is for serious adult tourists and history buffs who really wants to see things in depth is to not visit DC this time of year- or maybe go after Memorial Day weekend when school is pretty much over. I understand a very nce time of year to go when it's realatively incrowded is late Oct. early Nov. and the weather is still nice. I still enjoyed visit, and I love the city- will definitely go back.

Fondest memory I have several- Being inside the Capitol Rotunda, the portraits of the Presidents at the Natl. Portrait Gallery, the fountains of the WWII memorial at night- eating good seafood at waterfront restuarants on the Potomac, the FDR memorial, and the selection of imported beers at the Brickskeller in Dupont Circle.

rdney99's Profile Photo
May 28, 2007

This beautiful city changes...

Favorite thing This beautiful city changes its charms every three months with the seasonal changes. I love every single one of them, but spring and fall are my favorites. During the spring the city’s famous cherry blossoms and all other trees with flowers decorate the parks and streets of Washington. During fall the city dresses in red, yellow, brown, orange and green, it is spectacular.

witou's Profile Photo
Sep 07, 2002

Fondest memory Okay, hands down, the coolest thing that happened to me in DC was getting to meet the Doctor himself. I enjoyed about 10 minutes of conversation with Henry Kissinger. It was strange being in the company of someone so incredibly famous whose hand indelibly shaped the history of the world. In the end, what I remember most about the encounter was his sense of humor. He knows how to take any situation and see the irony in it.
Also in this picture are Connie and John, two of the greatest people with whom I've ever had the chance of working. They made my summer absolutely great.

Bostephenson's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

D.C. is at its most beautiful...

Favorite thing D.C. is at its most beautiful in the spring. Not only are the famous cherry blossoms in bloom, but the city is awash in petals of all kind. Drive up Connecticut Avenue by Chevy Chase Circle and see all the dogwoods (soon to be extinct due to a disease) and forsynthias. The grass turns green and people come out in droves to throw frisbees or footballs around the Mall.

Fondest memory Most people don't seem to pay attention to it, but a lot of movies are filmed in Washington. My fondest memory is walking in Georgetown one summer evening and happening onto a film crew. My mother was up visiting from Florida, and was taken by the moment. Suddenly, the director asked for some extras to walk away from the camera as the protagonist closed in. My mother volunteered herself and me, and we became part of the movies. Stardom awaited us! Or so we thought. When the movie came out, we ended up on the cutting room floor!

AKtravelers's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

Top 5 Washington D.C. Writers

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"Neither American nor European City :-)"
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"Washington D.C."
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"Washington D.C."
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Fall foliage...

Favorite thing This is me sitting across the street from the OAS building and right in front of a nicely fall-colored tree. I took this picture because in Mexico we're not used to seeing the trees turn their leaves into these wonderful colors, and it looks very nice!

Laura_Mexico's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2002

My fondest memory of...

Favorite thing My fondest memory of Washington would either be visiting the Smithsonian Institute's wonderful museums or simply walking on the National Mall and tidal basin area on a warm Spring day when the cherry blossems were blooming.

Ky_Happy_Dad's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2002

Watch the fireworks on...

Favorite thing Watch the fireworks on Independence Day (July 4th). Nobody does it better. Every year, I sit with thousands of my closest friends next to the Washington Monument and watch the fireworks explode over the Lincoln. It's astounding.

DrewV's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2002

There is something for...

Favorite thing There is something for everyone. For those of you into the american history and government, the White House, The Capitol, The National Archives, all in Downtown and within walking distance of each other are a must. For those into the culture and the arts, the are the National Gallery, the Smithsonian Museums, the Hirschorn Museum, etc. For dinner and nighlife, the area near the MCI center Downtown, Dupont Circle area, and Adams Morgan area, all offer good restaurants and bars/clubs. And for the active, there are running,, bicycling, skating trails all over the place. Other activities include the interesting tours of the FBI and the Pentagon, touring the National Arboretum, or the Arlington Cemetery and the monuments.

Fondest memory November 1997, I had just moved to the area from Puerto Rico. Sixteen inches of snow fell. Everything was white, with the monuments sticking out between the white snow and the blue sky.

Dodin's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2002

Things To Do in Washington D.C.

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We finished our day in Georgetown by visiting two very different historic cemeteries located quite close to one another. The first, Oak Hill Cemetery, was founded in 1848 on a 15-acre plot of land...
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Watergate Complex

The Watergate Complex will forever be linked with the scandal that led to Richard Nixon's resignation in 1974. The complex itself is made up of five buildings, i.e. one office building, three...
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Georgetown University was founded in 1789 and is America's oldest Roman Catholic University. It is said that during the Civil War, Georgetown students and instructors joined the Union Army while...
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Dumbarton Oaks

This fabulous estate dates back to the 19th century and it belonged to Robert and Mildred Bliss. Robert Bliss was an American diplomat who had graduated from Harvard University and, while they were...
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Kennedy Performing Arts Center

Be sure to go on the Kennedy Center webpage and be on the lookout for free things to do here. Just today the 20th of March I attended a free Concert by Punjabi MC an Indian DJ who combine hip hop with...
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Islamic Mosque & Cultural Center

This great Mosque was founded in 1947 during President Truman's term in office, and it is the very first Mosque to be built in the nation's capital. It came about after the sudden death of a Tursking...
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