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Bistro du Coin Tips (10)

Bistro du Coin: Fabulously French

Bistro du Coin is consistently a restaurant voted on nearly every Washingtonian's top list. This is not haute cuisine but the true bistro style French. In the evenings, particularly weekends, this place is a very popular place. They have a variety of tables for singles, couples, and groups, as well as a bar. The atmosphere is always jovial, with friends enjoying the food and conversation. The service is generally pretty good, although the staff can be...well, stereotyically French (I say in jest).

Bistro du Coin has unbelieveably fantastic french onion soup, likely the best I have tasted in the States. Everyone I know says the mussells are excellent; the variety is quite a feast. The entrees are consistently yummy, and are very reasonably priced for DC.

I highly recommend this place for a casual dining experience where you can mix with the locals, tourist, and families of the diplomatic corps.

Jase1177's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Bistro du Coin: Dishonest management, mediocre food and bad servic

I will provide four reasons why I would deter anyone from visiting this restaurant. It added $10 to our tab after we left. It also cheated on servings of wine through an ingenious method: they sell a pot lyonnais of 250cl, called "un quart" in France (I used to order one most days during my twenty years living in France), they brought the wine in an opaque 500cl carafe and poured it into two undersized glasses, without leaving the carafe with any remaining wine on the table, thereby serving less than the amount charged for. The serving staff was rude, constantly attempting to clear our plates before we had finished eating. Finally, the food was mediocre at best, and the meat poor quality. If the restaurant cheats its customers up front, what must they be doing in the kitchen? This restaurant is a trap for naive Americans who believe that because the owner is French, then it is necessarily an authentic French restaurant. It is not, and anyone who knows Paris will know that the Les Halles, where the proprietor reputedly had a restaurant, is notorious for being a tourist trap where only foreigners eat.

Oct 10, 2007

Bistro du Coin: Cuisine Francaise

This is the best French restaurant that I've visited in DC, so far. The service is good, and the food is great. And the location is perfect, just up Connecticut Avenue from Dupont Circle. It's close to shopping, entertainment, sightseeing, and of course the Metro.

Favorite Dish Moules (mussels), served with a tempting variety of different sauces. I had the creamy mushroom-leek sauce.

Tom_Fields's Profile Photo
Jul 12, 2007

Bistro du Coin: Not a recommended place, service is awful

Average food for anyone who has had the chance to travel a bit throughout fancophonie. The place: less than average with less than average, awful service. Cheap dishes, but I guess you end up getting what you pay for.
Right before having lunch today with a coalleague, the server spilled all the drinks on the table, papers, clothes and us!!! The server did apologyze though, but never had a word from the managerial staff. I called today to complain but was not taken seriously. Not the best food in town, anyways, after a $80 lunch, plus tips, plus dry cleaning charges, I'm absolutely positive I will not go back to this bistrot, nor will I recommend this place to anyone who expects a good and respectuful customer service.

Favorite Dish To be honest, none of the dishes that I've tried are extraordinary. Until today, usually liked to order the rib eye steak for lunch. Wine is cheap thoug.

Jul 06, 2007
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Bistro du Coin: My Favorite French Restaurant

This is my one of my favorite restaurants in Dupont Circle. As you walk in you will notice the great ambiance, open space, and little tables that resemble a local French Restaurant. The help can be direct & to the point from time to time, but don't get offended, it is a French a Restaurant. On the top level are the bathrooms and a footbalin machine. The place is always packed as the kitchen is open until 1am, so consider sitting at the Bar.

Favorite Dish Mussels, Le Steak Maison, and Foi Grass. Leffe or Stella Artois beer to wash it down.

globetrotter_2006's Profile Photo
Apr 07, 2006

Bistro du Coin: A bit of Paris on Connecticut Avenue!

A bustling, down-to-earth French bistro -- given the neighborhood, the prices are reasonable for good solid tasty French food. In particular the wine list is nicely priced.

Favorite Dish The onion soup was very rich and brown and *delicious* -- I also recommend the "tartine Baltique" -- an openfaced "sandwich" of salmon on crusty French bread.

shrimp56's Profile Photo
Feb 21, 2005

Bistrot du Coin: Perfect spot for a GTG

This is one of my favorite places to meet friends for lunch on the weekend. It's the closest thing to a Paris cafe I've found in DC. In nice weather the front section is open to the street, but the restaurant itself is quite deep and can hold a good size, lively crowd!

On a weekend night, at dinner -- this place is busy and noisey and lot's of fun. I've increased my price estimate, based on the dinner...which included 3 courses and a bottle of wine. but you can do a long leisurely lunch for $11-20pp.

Favorite Dish The menu is typical bistro fare...slightly Americanized, but with enough authentic French choices. I love mussels and and that's what I'm most likely to order. I've had them two different ways here :-) My friends on this day all ordered something different and we were all pleased. The Steak Maison platter was highly praised, as was the French onion soup. At a recent dinner on a BUSY Friday night, the fois gras done with a Calvados reduction and served with a small salad and a glass of Sauterne was a real winner as a $13 appetizer course.

Great choices of wines and beer, too, with many wines per bottle priced under $30. We just had a very good 2000 Cahors with dinner.

Radiomom's Profile Photo
Jul 10, 2004

Bistrot du Coin: Good French food

According to “An instant hit in its Dupont Circle neighborhood, this moderately priced French steak house is noisy, crowded, and great fun. The brainchild of Michel Verdon (formerly of Les Halles) and chef Yannis Felix has a monumental zinc bar and serves comforting traditional bistro fare. Mussels, as a starter, come in any of several preparations. Steaks, garnished with a pile of crisp fries, are the main attraction, but you might also try the duck-leg confit or tripe à la niçoise (a stew of tripe and fresh tomatoes). Wash it all down with a carafe of Beaujolais or Côtes du Rhone, or with a pitcher of Alsatian white.”

Favorite Dish Foie gras frais au calvados:
Foie gras sautéed with braised apple and calvados (small potato like the ones you always have in France), with red wine jus.

Excellent food.

Photo is the card by the restaurant (credited).

FreeCloud's Profile Photo
Jan 31, 2004

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Bistro du Coin: France on the Potomac!

Ok, the French can be annoying, but that said, they do know how to live and to eat! Recently voted one of DC's very best restaurants!

For those who want to forget the recent squables between these two great nations, nothing is a better save than the food at Bistrot Du Coin. Dining here is like sitting in a cafe on the left bank. The food is excellent and the service is good too (a rarity in DC).

Take the metro to Dupont Circle and exit North. Just a few blocks up Connecticut Avenue on the right.

Favorite Dish Steak and Frites

ESQinDC's Profile Photo
Jan 04, 2004

Bistrot du Coin: Bistrot du Coin

Because of its incredible popularity, reservations are a must. Expect to pay around $100 for dinner for two with wine.

Favorite Dish Everything's great, but I especially recommend the moules frites when they're available.

Aug 26, 2002

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