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  • Map of Twin Transit routes at Amtrak Kiosk
    Map of Twin Transit routes at Amtrak...
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  • Art Trails of SW Washington poster in Centralia
    Art Trails of SW Washington poster in...
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  • Bald Eagles in Tree on Other Side of River
    Bald Eagles in Tree on Other Side of...
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Centralia Things to Do

  • Fort Borst Park

    [This tip is undergoing development. Please try back again sometime later.]This attractive park was once a military fort that was part of forcing the indigenous people onto reservations. There was no need for the fort once the reservations were established, and so Joseph Borst purchased the land and converted it to farm use. It became a park when...

  • Borst House

    This historic house was completed in 1862, and is one of the oldest surviving houses in the region. In order to preserve the historic farmhouse, the city purchased it in 1921. It has a number of unusual and historic features for the era.The house is open on an irregular basis. Check the city web site for a schedule of opening dates.In 2011, the...

  • Discovery Trail

    When Centralia built its new sewage treatment plant, a trail was also plotted along the Chehalis River. The trail features views of the river, and there has been some effort at restoring the area along the trail to natural plant life.The development of the trail isn't very extensive, beyond putting down a layer of gravel in places, placing a number...

  • Art Trails of Southwest Washington

    Art Trails of Southwest Washington is an open studio event that occurs every September. Artists in a number of communities participate in this event. A number of these open studios are in Centralia and nearby communities.

  • Centralia Murals

    Scattered around the downtown area, there are a bit over twelve historic and historic themed murals that have been created, re-created, restored, or in a few cases still awaiting restoration. In some cases the murals are antique advertising, while others are commemorations of various types, or just decorations. These are scattered in many places,...

  • Seminary Hill Natural Area

    Southeast of downtown Centralia, there is a small hill which has been set aside as a small wildlife preserve. The hill is heavily forested and thus the views are only brief glimpses through the trees - though some of the trees are broadleaf and will not be here in the winter months.There are scattered small trails through the park, though some of...


Centralia Hotels

Centralia Restaurants

  • A Decent Thai Restaurant not far from...

    The area of Centralia near Interstate 5 has traditionally been the haunt of quick restaurants that may not necessarily be the best food, but they are decent for freeway-side food.Thai Dish delivers a reasonably decent meal at a decent price (but not the best price), with some of the typical Thai style interior decorations to fit the bill. It is a...

  • Highly Recommended, but Not By Me

    While I will not say that this restaurant is terrible, I can't say the same as so many others have: that this is one of the best Asian restaurants in this part of Washington. In fact, I actually prefer the food over at the Thai place (but it is a chore sometimes to get them to understand what you have ordered...). It is hard to resist the signs on...

  • Slightly South of Downtown, and Less...

    Finding this place is somewhat of a challenge, as it looks like it was put into a converted neighborhood grocery store and thus is not what you would expect a restaurant to look like from the outside.The restaurant is essentially laid out in the taquilaria fashion, where you order food from the counter, and the rest of the service is essentially...

  • "Country Style" in Decorations and Food

    When this establishment opened in 1973, the city of Centralia was quite a bit different than it is today. Up until fairly recently the area surrounding this restaurant was still the outskirts of town. The construction of the factory outlet stores changed all that, and now the restaurant finds itself as the centerpiece for a perfect storm of traffic...

  • A Slice of Mexican Reality

    This rather unassuming little restaurant is one of the top rated restaurants in Centralia on some web sites, so I thought I would give it a try. I was not disappointed at all.Upon entering the restaurant, the owner of the establishment greeted us and led us to a table. There, she opened the menu for us, and explained where she was from in Mexico,...

  • Hidden From the Crowds yet Close to...

    I think the only thing I was really disappointed in with La Paz was the fact that there are no windows at all in this place. Though, the restaurant itself is not in an extremely scenic part of town, it would be nice to at least see out.The restaurant does have a rather odd mixed age feel. It appears to have been built inside one of the historic...

  • No Slices, but Good Sanwiches

    Located about one block directly west of the Amtrak station, the Country Café and Pizza is very conveniently located for those visiting downtown Centralia for whatever reason. They offer an assortment of breakfast items including omlettes. Lunch items include various sandwiches.There are a huge number of local people it seems that feel the food...

  • Pacific Northwest Chain Serves...

    Bergerville started in Vancouver, Washington, and has since spread to a number of different locations in Oregon and Washington. According to a number of interviews with the family that owns the chain over the last few decades, they have no interest in expanding outside what they consider their region, and their region is considered to be a...

  • Casa Ramos / Rosa's Cafe / Azteca near...

    Casa Ramos was not a restaurant I had heard of before, so I was hoping for some establishment that had some decent and unique local food. After all, most of what is next to Interstate 5 are chain restaurants.It turns out Casa Ramos is in fact part of a chain: while the huge sign visible from the freeways says "Casa Ramos" and the sign at the entry...


Centralia Transportation

  • Centralia Amtrak Station

    Built in 1912, the Centralia train station is served by five trains each direction each day between Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. The official address is 210 Railroad Avenue. Centralia, WA 98531, and it is open 9:00am to 4:30pm every day.The interior of the station features restored and reproduction features in order to keep the...

  • Twin Transit: Centralia, Chehalis Bus...

    Twin Transit operates a small group of bus lines centered on the Amtrak station in downtown Centralia, which also serves as a local and regional transit hub. From here, there are local lines connecting most areas of Chehalis and Centralia with eachother, as well as a longer distance route that connects downtown Centralia with the casino in Grand...

  • Enterprise Rental Cars Centralia

    While I am no fan of car rental places in the USA (their primary profit is overpriced insurance and gasoline) sometimes you just need to be able to get around in places that have no public transport.As best as I can tell, the Enterprise Car Rental office is the closest rental office to downtown Centralia. It is located at Kresky Avenue and Summa...


Centralia Shopping

  • glabah's Profile Photo

    Centralia Factory Outlet Stores: Outlets along Interstate 5

    by glabah Written Aug 30, 2011

    As far as I am concerned, there isn't much appealing or unique about factory stores. However, the factory outlet stores in Centralia comprise one of the oldest such store sections in the region.

    The one thing to be aware of with these outlet stores is that they are actually scattered around Centralia - it isn't all one complex of stores. The stores are located on both sides of the freeway at Interstate 5 exit 81 and on the east side of the freeway at exit 82.

    You can also get to the outlet stores by taking the bus route marked "OUTLETS" from downtown Centralia.

    I last visited the outlet stores in 1996, so you can tell how interested I am in their style of sales. If you want something more unique, visit the stores in downtown Centralia instead.

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Centralia Local Customs

  • The Centralia Massacre and its Monument

    On November 11, 1919 there was a special parade prepared in honor of the 1st Anniversary of Amistice Day. As there were quite a number of veterans from this war in Centralia, it was probably a fairly substantial celebration.Unfortunately, a series of events unfolded of which the exact nature has been lost to history, but the basic story has...

  • George Washington: Founder of Centralia

    Centralia has a unique place in the history of Washington State, and possibly much of the west coast as it was founded by an ex-slave named George Washington. Naturally, the main city park in the center of town was named George Washington Park.There is a monument to this founder located at the entrance to the Centralia Carnegie Library, in George...

  • Centralia Hotels

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Centralia Tourist Traps

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    Cedar Street Park is not Cedar State...

    by glabah Updated Dec 31, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Somehow, through a series of misunderstandings, Cedar Street Park has been labeled Cedar State Park on some maps, including Google's Map.

    In reality, the park is Cedar STREET Park, has a playground and a tenis court, and little else. It is strictly of local recreational interest only.

    I have reported the problem to Google but somewhere there is inaccurate information they used to create their online map. As of late 2012 they have corrected this problem, but there is still whatever information they used to create their map, which may still be out there somewhere.

    Unique Suggestions: It seems like a nice enough park, but don't expect anything here that is a significant historic site, or otherwise something of significant enough interest to warrent being a State Park. It doesn't preserve or commemorate anything of significance to the state or have a recreational area that is significant to the state.

    Fun Alternatives: Well, I suppose you could play tenis here if you had no other choice, but really there are lots of other places to explore in Centralia, including Rotary Riverside Park, or any of a few others. Seminary Hill Natural Area is a city park that has trails through the trees.

    Just don't make a special trip out here to see a state park that isn't a state park.

    Cedar Street Park is not Cedar State Park Park has Tennis Courts, Playground, Litte Else
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Centralia Off The Beaten Path

  • Goodrich Road / Discovery Trail Seasonal...

    If you like bird watching, the seasonal pond at the end of Goodrich Road near the Discovery Trail parking area is one of the places you should consider exploring. This pond is generally only present in winter, when there has been enough rain to fill it. Otherwise, it is indistinguishable from the surrounding farmland as it has no water.There isn't...

  • Borst Park Demonstration Garden

    Located next to the Borst House, the demonstration garden has a number of sections to it showing how different landscapes may be used and what plants work where. The garden is entirely volunteer and sometimes you may find people working on their plots here.

  • Washington Lawn Cemetery

    Having been founded in the 1870s, it should not be surprised that there are a number of old grave stones in the old pioneer cemetery. While not of primary interest to most visitors, you will find some interesting clues to the lives of the early years here. I was unable to find any grave stones dating before 1899, but that does not mean older ones...


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