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  • Makah Figures at the Makah Museum
    Makah Figures at the Makah Museum
    by glabah
  • Boats of Neah Bay with Bahokus Peak in Background
    Boats of Neah Bay with Bahokus Peak in...
    by glabah
  • Huge Wooden Figures mark Entrance to Museum
    Huge Wooden Figures mark Entrance to...
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Neah Bay Things to Do

  • Shi Shi Beach Trail

    Shi Shi Beach itself is located inside Olympic National Park. The trail to get to this beach from Neah Bay is located on the very far southern end of the paved road to the south out of Neah Bay, and just slightly before the fish hatchery. This review is for the trail itself from Neah Bay, which is not located on Olympic National Park property. That...

  • Shi Shi Beach Trail: Boardwalks and...

    Shi Shi Beach itself is located inside Olympic National Park. The trail to get to this beach from Neah Bay is located on the very far southern end of the paved road to the south out of Neah Bay, and just slightly before the fish hatchery. This review is for the trail itself from Neah Bay, which is not located on Olympic National Park property. That...

  • Fishing Expeditions

    I'm not too much into fishing, but no list of things to do in Neah Bay would be complete without mentioning the fact that there are several boats offering fishing trips out of Neah Bay. You had best check the various state regulations as there are certain seasons for certain fish, and you should probably purchase a salt water fishing permit issued...

  • DIAH Veterans Park / Fort Nûñez Gaona...

    Along the waterfront at the far west end of town, you will find a small concrete memorial that serves as a military memorial.The black stones on the east side of the memorial structure are a monument of thanks to the members of the Makah community that served in the military. At this point it is only a monument of thanks and honor rather than a...

  • Cape Flattery Trail

    Before you do this trail, be sure to purchase a Makah Tribal Recreational Pass at one of the several stores in town, the Makah Tribal Center, the Makah Museum, or any of the other places that sell this pass. This pass is required for recreational areas on the Makah tribal lands.The trail itself is fairly straightforward, but it does descend fairly...

  • Makah National Fish Hatchery

    This fish hatchery is part of the fish recovery program aimed at recovering local fish runs due to historic overfishing. It has been in operation since the 1970s. Some of the local fish runs had been depleted to the point where one of the rivers only had 150 fish return.There is a small interpretive center at the fish hatchery, but it was not open...

  • Museum of the Makah Indian Nation

    In 1970, it was found that tidal currents were starting to uncover part of a 500 year old Makah Village near Ozette. In the history of archeological digs conducted in the Pacific Northwest region of the USA, this is probably one of the most significant. It took 11 years, uncovered some 55,000 artifacts, and provided insights into the Makah (and to...

  • Camp at Shi-Shi beach

    3 mile, easy hike to Shi Shi beach. It is on the Travel Channels top 10 beaches in the US. So secluded and wild...soft sand and decent waves too. Far to hike with your surf board but worth it if you are staying two or more nights. Fresh water (just filter it) can be found on two small rivers that feed out into the ocean. Dont worry about firewood...

  • Short Hike to Cape Flattery

    Cape Flattery is a rugged point flanked on both sides by rocky, irregular coastline. It's quite beautiful. Being out on the corner of the continent, it's very exposed and is often quite windy and chilly, even in the summer. It is pretty far north, after all. We didn't get to see any puffins, seals, or sea otters since it was quite foggy (in...


Neah Bay Hotels

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Neah Bay Restaurants

  • Coffee, Other Drinks, plus Some Food

    The primary attraction here is the coffee as the name implies, but you will also find food with a menu that changes a bit based on what is easily available. This includes a very reasonable breakfast burrito. Dishes such as fish and chips are available during lunch. You will also find some very good looking pastries.Do not confuse this with Pat's...

  • Pizza and Other Options

    The specialties here are pizza and baked goods of various types, but there are many other options on the menu, and by the cash register there was a specials menu for the day. As the community of Neah Bay has been associated with fish for all of known oral history, those that visit this community should have at least one item containing fish if they...

  • Right on the Water with a View

    Bay View Road is the road right along the water's edge through Neah Bay, and as the main through road of the town there are a few places to eat along it. However, only Warmhouse seems to have been designed to primarily feature a view of the water.This restaurant seems to be the higher end restaurant in town and seems to be the place people go who...


Neah Bay Transportation

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    Bus Service to Outside World

    by glabah Written Dec 13, 2014

    While it is vastly more convenient to visit Neah Bay if you drive, if you don't or can't drive it is still possible to get here by bus. Doing so will take some planning as the timetables are only several times a day on weekdays and not very frequent on Saturdays.

    There are actually several transit routes that need to be discussed:

    Clallam Transit operates route 16 from Forks to Neah Bay. The route operates all the way through the main part of town to the community center along the waterfront, but not to the tribal center. Currently, this route only comes to Neah Bay twice per day. A very tight connection is organized at Sappho, where it is sometimes possible to connect to route 14 headed east to Port Angeles.

    The Makah Tribe also provides transit services, but not on weekends or holidays, and not between 1:00 pm and 3:20 pm on days when there is a funeral. Their service provides a link to Clallam Transit at times when Clallam Transit does not run route 16 into Neah Bay.

    Clallam Transit bus to Forks at End of Neah Bay
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Neah Bay Warnings and Dangers

  • Purchase a Recreational Permit to Visit...

    There is a $10 per calendar year permit required to visit the recreational sites on the Makah Indian lands. This is pretty much limited to the Cape Flattery Trailhead, the beaches and Shi Shi Beach Trailhead. This fee is really a miniscule amount compared to other annual recreation passes (Washington State Parks is $10 per day or $30 per year, and...

  • Alcohol is Illegal Here

    For various reasons it has been found necessary to ban alcohol in all forms in most of the USA's Indian Reservations. That holds true here at Neah Bay. This is essentially federally controlled land, and thus state laws have no impact here in terms of legalization of other drugs.

  • Isolated Area

    This part of the Northwest can be quite isolated. Not many gas stations or ammenities. Be sure to bring water and food if you are going to spend a day at Shi Shi and possibly a change of shoes and socks. We had great weather on our trip, but it can be rainy and cold which will drop the temperatures quite a bit!


Neah Bay Off The Beaten Path

  • Dakwas Playground and Park

    This tiny park along the waterfront is one of the several publicly accessible locations along the water. The fenced area is to keep children from running out into the road.The playground itself is for the use of children up to 12 years of age. Those 6 and under must be supervised by an adult. Smoking in the playground area is also not allowed.To...

  • Waterfront Area (public access in only...

    Neah Bay is an active fishing community, and there is no dedicated walkway or other such facility along the waterfront here. However, there are several gravel areas that offer public access to views of and over the water. At the far end of town there is also the DIAH Veterans Park / Fort Nûñez Gaona Memorial as well as a small park on the...

  • Waatch River Estuary (Bird Watching)

    Beside Cape Flattery Road between the intersection with Hobuck Road and the town of Neah Bay itself you will find several wide spots in the road that are marked as photo locations. These photo locations will probably make no sense to you if you visit in the summer months.In the winter months, however, the waters of the Waatch River tidal estuary...


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