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Coffeehouses Tips (14)


In Seattle, the biggest name in coffee, is the internationally known "Starbucks".But after many visits to the Pacific North West, I have come to learn that there is one with a name BIGGER than Starbucks.(or star yucks as I choose to call it) BIGFOOT JAVA,with locations from Puyallup to Bothell, gives Starbucks a run for the beans! The taste and portion sizes cannot be beat and what better way to represent the PNW, than by using the name of the big hairy one himself.
I have personally found BFJ to be extraordinary when it comes to flavor, but don't take my word for it, Give them a try and judge for yourself ~~~

Favorite Dish My drink of choice in Summer is "Sasquatch Tracks Frostbite" At only 160 calories for the tall (12 oz no whip and whole milk ) you can't go wrong

In winter my choice is Hot caramel apple and this on is only 62 calories (12 oz no extra fluffies)

Bunkys_Princess's Profile Photo
Feb 28, 2013

Alki Bakery: Bakery!

Alki Bakery sits right on the beach and provides the normal baked goods. The breads are pretty good and you can take some home. They do offer a breakfast and lunch menu of soups and sandwhiches as well. It is always packed but they do have a lot of seating there. A good stop to get warmed up on a cold day or get cooled down on a hot day!

Favorite Dish Just had my standard americano and it was pretty good. The berry scone was excellent!

barney1974's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Cupcake Royale / Verite Coffee: An Indulgent Treat or a light breakfast

Cupcake Royale is Seattle's specialty cupcake bakery. It's also the home of Cafe Verite for a perfect match for a sweet cupcake.

They sell cupcakes individually, or by the box. You can get a box of 6, or maybe even 12 just by walking in and picking them out - like doughnuts. You can also place larger orders in advance, and they have a wide variety of trinkets for decoration.

The "regular" cupcakes ($2) are about the size of a big muffin, bigger than cupcakes you'd make at home. They also serve "baby cakes" (think mini muffins) for $1.

Originally the cake was either chocolate or vanilla, and frosting is chocolate, vanilla, mint or lavendar. All are good, but the chocolate frosting is definitely the creamiest. With the popularity of some of the seasonal cupcakes tried-and-true favorites liek Red Velvet and Carrot Cake are available year round. Other specials include chocolate, peanutbutter, banana in honor of Elvis' birthday and a highly-indulgent, delectable chocolate cake (more of a mini cake than a cupcake) called Deathcake for Valentine's Day.

Now, after all this talk of cupcakes, I have to mention they have GREAT pumpkin bread which is, afterall, more suitable for breakfast : ) They have a few other breakfast items - like ham & cheese croissant and raspberry muffin.

Since I originally posted this tip Cupcake Royale has opened up a few locations within the Seattle Metropolitan area. Check their website for details.

And... they have free WiFi!

Favorite Dish Pumpkin Bread
Specialty Cupcakes
Soy Latte

Sunshine64's Profile Photo
Jan 28, 2011

Online Coffee Company: Fantastic Coffee, Cheap Internet!

Online has fantastic coffee that they roast in-house, and every drink is a double so if you need a kick, this is the place to go!! The baristas are always super friendly, and the decor and ambiance for each of the three stores is very different, but always warm, comfortable and welcoming. The best part, is that Online offers cheap internet service, free wi-fi, or use one of their computers 30 min. free if you get a drink, or $.14/minute. Students get an hour free with the purchase of a drink. Drinks include espresso, tea, juice, beer/wine. Plus they have some amazing pastries, vegan included!! Highly recommended if you need to use the internet or if you just want some fantastic coffee and a smiling face.

Favorite Dish Peach passion fruit scones and soy chai or latte while I check my email.

May 08, 2008
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Joe Bar: Joe Bar on Capitol Hill

This little cafe is located in an upscale looking cottage-type building on the far north end of Broadway on Capitol Hill. I went there because my friend insists it is the best coffee in Seattle, and I might believe her. The servers can whip up delicious coffee super-fast. Usually I cannot stomach a mocha or latte without flavor added, but I actually really enjoyed a regular mocha after my friend insisted flavor would not be necessary. And not only are the servers quick, but they were friendly and hilarious too. The ambience is what you expect from a trendy urban coffee house that caters to young, artsy university students. The walls are bright lime green, and lots of students are chatting or studying at the tables. I noticed some were even drinking beer, which I didn't expect in a coffeeshop. I thought the little balconies with additional seating were a charming touch. I certainly recommend this place as an authentic Seattle coffeehouse to anyone who plans on exploring the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Favorite Dish Apparently they are known for their crepes, which I thought were very good.

May 03, 2007

Coffee Messiah: Coffee Messiah

Conveniently located on Olive, Coffee Messiah is an artsy grungy coffee dive that will delight your hot beverage palettes. They go with coffee grown in the traditional manner, the traditional way. Global Thinking, Global Friendly. Eco Friendly. The appreciation of community. 5 years old they are a symbol on capital hill countering corporate coffee like the Starbucks one down the street serving as competition. A great meeting space for groups or just a place to sit and enjoy a cup o' joe. Love the aesthetics, and the service. On my visit recently, though, they did give me a coffee when I ordered a chai. Mistakes happen. 4 stars out of 5.

leafmcgowan's Profile Photo
Dec 11, 2005

Uptown Espresso: Uptown Espresso

Uptown Espresso started in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood (once referred to as "uptown") and they have since added a few locations. The location I used to frequent is in Belltown, on the corner of 4th Ave. and Wall St.

Thier espresso drinks are excellent, and even if there is a line, it moves quickly. Lots of tables and chairs for lounging, reading the paper, working on your laptop, etc.

Favorite Dish Great Latte, good scones and scrumptious pumpkin bread.

Sunshine64's Profile Photo
Jul 28, 2005

TULLY'S COFFEE: Go for the Great Coffee !!!

Although this place isn't exactly a "restaurant" per se, I would still like to recommend it as one of the better places to go for coffee.

If you don't already know it, Seattle is famous as being the Coffee Capital of the World because of all the coffees and coffee places that are available here!

I do NOT like Starbuck's coffees, so I try to find other places that aren't monopolies and offer a good cup of coffee at a reasonable price.

Tully's coffee is one very good alternative!

It's also "Fair trade" coffee.

Favorite Dish They offer different types of coffees (cappucinos, lattes, etc.) and various kinds of pastries to go with your choice of coffee.

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Dec 06, 2004
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"The famous Space Needle in Seattle"
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") @ L was great!"
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"Emerald City of the Northwest"
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"It's not always raining in Seattle"
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Here's their Mission Statement:
(I think it says it all!)

To provide coffee and stuff that goes with coffee to the Seattle public. Actually, when we say “coffee”, it includes espresso drinks, like lattes and those cappuccino thingys. And by “stuff” we mean desserts and baked goods, which isn’t easy because flour and eggs are kinda messy. And when we say the Seattle public, we don’t mean the entire Seattle public. At least not all at once. Not with only seven stores. That would be a heck of a long line. But we could get everyone to come in at different times. Maybe have some kind of lottery system, or you know, kinda stagger it… or whatever. Then we could handle it. Then everyone in the whole city could say “hi” to each other. It would be one big happy Seattle, synchronized perfectly with Ladro coffee and stuff. Heck, with Seattle being so important and all, maybe the whole world would be happier. Yeah. That would be cool.

They also serve 100% Fair Trade, Organic, Shade Grown Coffee.
A BIG PLUS in my books!!! :o)

Favorite Dish Their different coffees...and baked goodies !!!

Lady_Mystique's Profile Photo
Dec 06, 2004

Espresso Splendido: Why Seattle is known for coffee

Espresso Splendido has two locations, one on Eastlake Ave. East and the other on Stone Way North. Simon, the steady feature of the Stone Way location, has a rapport with regulars and the coffee is consistently excellent. The art on the walls changes monthly and often shows unique local talent.

The coffee used is from Lighthouse roasters and this is one place that can certainly bring out its best qualities.

Favorite Dish I usually order a latte, but the coffee is so good I can drink the espresso straight.

Aug 17, 2004

Caffé Vita: Forget the chains: this is the good coffee!

Along with the big chains, there are dozens of smaller operations in Seattle, and any local with an interest in beans has a favourite place. This became Sarah's favorite hangout while she lived in Seattle, and we've always made a pilgrimage when we're in town. They have three locations, but Queen Anne is our choice. They roast their own beans, so you can pick up a bag to go, too. There's nothing pretentious about this spot - a few (clean) tables, some good music in the background, a nice nook if you really want to chill out, newspapers scattered around - and relaxed staff cranking out great drinks.

Favorite Dish Pretty much all of the coffee beverages we've tried have been on the money!

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Jun 01, 2004

Espresso Vivace: Coffee House

Well, this is my personal favorite if you ever want a latte, mocha, espresso drink.

Espresso Vivace makes the whole process more like art then just having a latte, with pictures of the best looking latte's poured on the walls, daily roasted coffee beans, specially made espresso machines and more.

Other coffee companies may be more famous worldwide but this is the place to go for a great mocha, latte, or real fresh beans to take home.

Favorite Dish I think if you come here you should go for a tall mocha or latte, but thats me:)

They also have wireless net access for free if you have a laptop with wi-fi with you. So its become quite a popular place with area business people to do alittle work while enjoying a cup or students to chat/study.

Bottom Line=YUMMY/SAIN/AROY pick your term for tastes good

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Mar 11, 2004

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