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Malls and Super Malls Tips (11)

Downtown Seattle: Shop at Westlake Center

Westlake Center is a shopping center where it is centrally-located in downtown Seattle. There are so many stores inside the mall- from locally-owned stores to chain stores! There is a park where kids can play on the waterfalls in front of the mall. There are sitting areas for those who are tired of walking or just wanted to sit, relax and watch the busy streets!.This beautifully-paved mini-park has huge pots that are planted with beautiful flowering plants!

There are restaurants and coffee shops, too!

What to buy From clothing, shoes, knicknacks to jewelries.

What to pay It depends on what you buy.

joiwatani's Profile Photo
Aug 19, 2007

Bellevue Square: My Favourite Mall !!!

I go to this magnificent mall every time I travel to the Seattle and Bellevue areas!!

Located just eight miles east of Seattle, it features over 200 of the nation's finest stores and local boutiques.
It is considered to be the premier shopping destination in the Northwest, and one of the best shopping centers in the nation.

With two indoor levels, a couple of play areas and a number of major department stores, it's hard to not find what you want.

Mon-Sat 9:30am-9pm; Sun 11am-7pm

Getting There:
From Seattle via Highway 520:
Take Hwy 520 east over the Evergreen Point Bridge to I-405 south. Take Exit 13B west onto NE 8th or Exit 13A onto NE 4th. Continue west for four blocks.
From Seattle via I-90:
Take I-90 east over Lake Washington to I-405 north. Take Exit 13B west onto NE 8th or Exit 13A onto NE 4th. Continue west for four blocks.
Parking: Valet and ample covered parking.

Lady_Mystique's Profile Photo
Dec 06, 2004

Pacific Place: Pacific Place

It's one of the malls in downtown Seattle where you can find brand names. If you are looking for a famous brandname, then proceed to this mall.

Pacific Place starts opening at 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.

What to buy Brand names, expensive purses, jewelries, etc.

What to pay Depending on what you are buying

joiwatani's Profile Photo
Nov 27, 2008

Ross: Dress for less

Bargain hunters are treated to rows of clothing racks, some devoted to well-known designers like DKNY and Ralph Lauren, while others are a mix of brand-name and generic labels. Merchandise is marked 20 to 60 percent below department and specialty store prices. Men's, women's and children's apparel are organized by type, such as shirts, pants and shoes. Home furnishings range from cookware and bedding to framed art and vases. Shopping there was funny especially with the bunch of great gfs I've been with. Pretty crowded and maybe not that clean and structered in comparison to the Mesa thrift store yet Seattle's ROSS is still a nice store to do some fun shopping & finding.

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Aug 19, 2011
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Malls and Super Malls: Pacific Place and Westlake Center

If you're staying downtown on business like I do all the time there are lots of places to shop & hang out.

Pacific Place has shops and also seems to be Seattles "Busker Central" for street performers.

The Westlake Center is one of the original Seattle downtown malls and is currently the jumping off point on the monorail from Space Needle-EMP at Seattle Center.

Both of these are also good time-killers on days when it is drizzling and you want to duck in out of the rain.

What to buy They're MALLS .... they have movies, stores, restaurants, etc.
I personally hate shopping, but if you like it, these are 2 of the best places for clothes, etc.

Westlake Center

Pacific Place

davequ's Profile Photo
May 13, 2005

University Village: Elegant shopping near the University

University Village is a surprisingly upscale shopping mall near the University of Washington. Covered walkways lead to a great assortment of stores, from Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware to Anthropologie and Fran's Chocolates.

This place is always busy, and there are a number of small restaurants that serve up good if not great food.

Camille_W's Profile Photo
Apr 14, 2003

Premium Outlets - Seattle: Cheaper than BC!

Judging by the car park this mall is situated an hour north of Seattle to satisfy the shopping needs of Vancouverites in need of spending their Loonie. Given the current exchange rate it is true to say that Canadians can enjoy some bargains here but the mall itself (which is outside and not enclosed) is not that special with the usual array of regular high street stores. I joined the VIP club for the Chelsea outlets group and found a few offers that were better than those indicated in the coupon booklet which everyone can collect from the info centre in the foodcourt. Additional discounts varied from 10% - 30% but most were around the 20% mark which is good as they covered sale items too. We walked away with several items costing 4 or five dollars. The drive from the bord takes around an hour but factor in time waiting to cross the border. There aren't any good places to eat in the mall so do a separate search for dining options. It makes a change to Metrotown or the Richmond centre but when you factor in the time it takes to get here and the gas etc you probably aren't saving that much.

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Oct 11, 2006

Besides Strip Malls -


We have the usual malls and I support my city stores -
Pacific Place, Westlake Mall, Bon, Nordstrom’s, Old Navy, Betsy Johnson, Eileen Fisher, Barney's, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic Etc.

You can pick and if you want some funky fun stores go to Broadway, North City/Belltown, or Pioneer Sq. Some fun stores Panache, Rado, and Outriggers.

Then there are 2 huge malls - Southcenter and Bellevue Square. They both are quasi- suburbia malls. Same and different.

If you staying downtown will find plenty of options for everything by walking between 1st Ave and 6th Ave from Madison to Stewart grid. The 6 block square pretty much has most of DT shopping. Othewise head to the sprawlers!.

What to buy In my humble opinion - some of the glass pieces you find here - are terrific. Local artists and styles to fit all tastes.

Of course coffee - Cafe Vitta roasts, Torrefacione, and others.

What to pay For the glass pieces you can go from $50 to $000s. All depends on taste and budgets.

Sep 08, 2002
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"The famous Space Needle in Seattle"
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") @ L was great!"
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"Emerald City of the Northwest"
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"It's not always raining in Seattle"
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Downtown Area: Shopping was GREAT!!!

I never new it untill I got there, but Seattle is wonderful for flagship department shopping. If you don't know what I mean, you have to go there. Seattle has flagship stores to the Old Navy, A & F, The Bon, Nordstroms and so many others, right in this little downtown area. We found it by getting on the tram at the World Center. We found a gem I tell you. It was one of the best parts of the trip. Those stores are HUGE!!!

What to buy Anything your heart desires.

What to pay Average for Seattle.

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Dec 15, 2002

Malls and Super Malls: Westlake Shopping Center

This place was really handy for me. Not a far walk from my place of employment (the Norwegian Sun at Pier 66) and readily accessible for all my needs. The food court is great and the shops are typical of what you'd expect in any mall. However, it's a great place to kill some time and get some stuff.

What to buy Definitely hit up Suncoast for your music needs.

What to pay Your average mall prices.

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Sep 06, 2006

Pioneer Square Mall: Antiques In Seattle

I didn't shop at this mall which apparently is mostly underground. I did walk through Pioneer Square. Open Monday~Saturday 10:30 to 5:30 and Sunday 12:00-5:00.

What to buy Antiques and Collectables

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Jun 24, 2005

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Capitol Hill

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Frye Art Museum

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Smith Tower Observation Deck

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