Wyoming Warnings and Dangers

  • Devil's Tower is Snake Country
    Devil's Tower is Snake Country
    by atufft
  • Pool looks cool, but is hot
    Pool looks cool, but is hot
    by grandmaR
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by Basaic

Wyoming Warnings and Dangers

  • Wildlife

    Yellowstone National Park Warnings and Dangers

    I love wildlife is lovely but you have to remember they can cause injury and it could be fatal. Naturally during mating seasons and when they have young ones .. they are the most dangerous. So if you see a baby animal ... might want to be very concerned with where the momma is. I like photography but invest in zoom lens and take pics from a far. ...

  • Driving

    Yellowstone National Park Warnings and Dangers

    Maximum speed to drive in the park is 45 miles per hour, or even shower where posted. Drive carefully, many accidents happen each year. Please use pullouts to watch wildlife or pull off on the shoulder of the road. I would recommend that you avoid driving at night, or if you have to be out drive even slower at night, when wildlife are difficult to...

  • Hot water

    Yellowstone National Park Warnings and Dangers

    I hope that this story will convince you that the information about fragile ground is true. This story, titled YNP Visitor Burned Near Old Faithful, was in our local Cody Enterprise paper, issue October 13, 2004. A 39-year old Yellowstone Park visitor from Georgia was burned Oct. 7 after breaking through the crust of a thermal area near Old...

  • Unstable ground

    Yellowstone National Park Warnings and Dangers

    The pothole seems to have opened up in the parking lot at the Mudvolcano area. We saw quite a few new thermal "holes" in areas that looked like they did not have any before. This one had some smoke coming out of it ( you can't see it really well on the photo). So, watch where you step, or park...

  • Wildlife: Don't let their docile looks...

    I'm a big fan of wildlife, but the park does try to warn visitors to keep there distance from these wild creatures. Just because their big and seem quite docile, there are not! Many visitors have found out first hand by being gored. I've worked on a ranch, and seen how these creatures can fool you. They are faster than a horse and can jump a 6 foot...

  • the bear facts

    While Glacier National Park to just to the north in Montana gets most of the notoriety with regard to grizzlies, Yellowstone has a fair population of its own. Less people hike and backpack in Yellowstone so there are likely less attacks. While many people see bears and even grizzlies in Yellowstone, it is generally from the relative safety of their...

  • Pronghorn Antelope:Amazing to see

    We were amazed at how so many herds of the antelope just roaming around. I grew up in Antelope Valley in California, so I was tickled to see so many still roaming the open ranges of Wyoming. You can see some every now and then in Tehachapi. Yet, be careful, they roam freely along the highways!Called Pronghorn Antelope (Antilocapra Americana), I...

  • Don't Leave the Paths!!

    Yellowstone National Park as hundreds of geysers, hot springs, fumeroles and other hot water features. The water is at least 200 degrees F and 100 C. According to the book, Deaths in Yellowstone, 19 people are known to have died in the thermal waters. Many more have been injured. Stay on the paths.One young boy either fell in or ran into a hot pool...

  • Buffalo!

    The Buffalo are plentiful, and can be dangerous especially in the spring when there are the young ones with their mothers

  • Stay on the paths!!!

    When visiting Yellowstone National Park, especially around Old Faithful (pictured here), please stay on the wooden paths like you see in the picture. The reason why is because the ground is VERY fragile, and will not support the weight of a person. If you were to walk off the path and step on the ground, you would break through and fall into...

  • Ice and Snow

    Every year in winter Wyoming's roads become a death trap for some. Well, winter lasts long. E.g. in 2000/2001 the first snowstorm hit Laramie on Halloween (Oct. 31) and it remained white outside til April. Once I was driving eastbound on I 80 traveling from Utah to Laramie. Suddenly it became really icy. Even with going only 10-15 miles per hour I...

  • Be aware of bears

    Don't feed any wildlife. While hiking through the wilderness watch out! In some areas - especially in the northwest corner of the state close to Yellowstone - grizzly bears do still live in the forests. In most other areas black bears are frequent visitors to campgrounds or even small towns.

  • Breathtaking smell!!!

    In Yellowstone NP you have to be aware of the fact, that nature really can stink!!!Many of the fabulous sites derive from volcanic activities and have this real bad smell of rotten eggs .....But it is worth it anyway, just hold your breath!!!

  • Wildlife: Do not bother wild animals!

    If you run into wild animals in the wilderness in Wyoming (which is highly likely) please keep your distance. Do not feed them, try to touch them, or disturb them...You could end up dead or the animal could end up dead...It is not worth it....this picture was taken at the school that I teach at on the Wind River Indian Reservation. It is a picture...

  • Beware of bears and buffalo in...

    Beware of bears and buffalo in Yellowstone park. If you're camping, make sure you leave all foods and other things with distinct smells (toothpaste, deodorant, ...) in the car or high up in a tree, because these things attract bears. They hand out fliers when you enter Yellowstone, stating 'don't approach the buffalo'. Maybe you sensible people...

  • How much is a picture...

    How much is a picture worth?.....maybe your life if you try to get too close to the wildlife!! Remember baby bears frequently are accommpanied by mad momma bears! stay in your car to shoot that picture! While I stayed in my car to photograph this cub, the guy in the car in back of me ran around in front of us to photo the bear! ( see him by the...

  • Bring bear rated pepper spray....

    Bring bear rated pepper spray. You don't want to dance with a grizzly. Also, bundle all your food at night and hoist it on a line between two trees away from your campsite and down wind. Bears WILL smell your food and may want to investigate.

  • Don't touch the animals!

    Listen to the park rangers when they tell you to stay away from the animals! While the buffalo and cougars and elk are used to the human presence, they do not appreciate people trying to pet them. People are seriously injured and some die every year because they were foolish enough to try and touch a wild buffalo. Also, the bears WILL get into your...

  • If you travel on any of...

    If you travel on any of Wyoming's 800 miles of dirt roads, note that some roads may only be travelled every two or three months. There are more dead spots than working areas for cell phone reception. Carry a minimum of 1 gallon of water per person. Dehydration is a real danger; the low humidity and extreme summer heat can cause heat stroke in as...

  • Each year visitor approach...

    Each year visitor approach bisons too closely and they are gored.They may appear docile and slow but I was said that they can run three times faster than us.

  • Inside the park bears have...

    Inside the park bears have been protected since 1886 but I was also said a lot about the dangerousness of bears anyway what I trust more is that problem bears aren't born, they are made by people: through our actions bears can learn to be aggressive.Bears are particularly dangerous when surprised, approached too closely or 'spoiled' by human food:...

  • Don't feed the wildlife!!! it...

    Don't feed the wildlife!!! it makes them come to the roads and creates a significant problem for wildlife managers. Wildlife should stay wild. This means you must control your food when outdoors, if your in bear country (or hiking on backcountry trails) you must keep your food in bear proof containers.Trash can's troughout places like Yellowstone...

  • Hark the Raven nevermore! In...

    Hark the Raven nevermore! In many parts of Wyoming, one of the large birds is the Raven, with a deep black coat and large sharp beak. These birds are wonderful, intelligent and can steal food from unsuspecting folks. Never leave grocery bags in the back of cars with open windows, or carry food in the back of pick up trucks with canvas covers.I've...

  • Stay on the trails and the...

    Stay on the trails and the water in geysers is HOT! If you plan a Yellowstone visit, the geyser area is great, and standing beneath an erupting geyser is a wonderful thing, but rememeber that while water from a geyser is not very warm after being blown into the air, the water in the geyser and things like mud pots, bubbling area's can burn.These...

  • My friend and I rode...

    My friend and I rode horses into the mountains of the Shoshone National Forest. It was beautiful but we did not keep good track of time. We had to ride back to camp for several hours in the dark with snow falling. It gets dark earlier than I thought it would in the mountains. Our camp was near the trail head and there were signs there explaining...

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Wyoming Warnings and Dangers

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