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Buenos Aires Combo Tour: City Sightseeing and Tigre Delta Half-Day Trip Plus Tango Show with Dinner
Buenos Aires Combo Tour: City Sightseeing and Tigre Delta Half-Day Trip Plus Tango Show with Dinner"Buenos Aires Sightseeing Tour (morning)You will be pickup from your hotel and head to Downtown Buenos Aires.  You will see the 'Plaza de la República' on 'Avenida 9 de Julio' where the Obelisk of Buenos Aires is placed. You will be able to appre home to the ""Casa Rosada"" the official office of the Argentine president the Metropolitan Cathedral and city hall. You will reach the south part of the city of San Telmo where you can admire the colonial architecture and continue to the neighborhood of 'La Boca' with its famous football stadium of Boca Juniors. Here you'll visit the famous 'Caminito' street with its colorful buildings and local artists selling their work.Head to the north part of the city. You will drive through 'Puerto Madero'
From $181.00
Piazzolla Tango Show and Dinner in Buenos Aires
"See the impressive Piazzolla Tango in the city where it all began Buenos Aires! After pickup from your downtown Buenos Aires hotel you’ll arrive at the historic Guemes Gallery designed by Francisco Gianotti in the early 1900s. Be swept away by the energetic atmosphere of the tango show performed in the gallery’s Astor Piazzolla Theatre named after the famous Argentine tango composer and musician. While you watch the dancing and listen to the music enjoy the rich interior of the gallery
From $45.00
Buenos Aires Private City Tour by Car
"This tour is aimed for independent travelers who are looking forward to exploring Buenos Aires in a relaxed way.Moving through the city aboard a car will allow you to visit all the city highlights in just a few hours. You'll follow a complete itinerary that will provide you an introduction to the city highlights and off the beaten track points as well.You will visit the 'must see' of Buenos A such as La Boca San Telmo Plaza de Mayo Palermo or Recoleta Cemetery
From $450.00

Tango Tips (30)

Just about in every corner

We were able to see tango dancers just about in every neighborhood we went. There were some performing one night in Calle Florida, we saw them in La Boca and we saw them in San Thelmo.

There were always crowds surrounding the performers we saw and I learned that they do perform for a fee, so if you stop to watch toss a few pesos their way.

Gypsystravels's Profile Photo
Jul 28, 2015

Tango dance

Buenos Aires is the ultimate destination for dancing to Argentine Tango, an essential part to experience this kind of dance

Numerous show palaces, from the simple cafe to the over top. Many shows are excellent, and each is surprisingly unique
It seems impossible to imagine Argentina without thinking of tango, its greatest export to the world

San Telmo is the heart of the "tourist tango" scene with a dozen different venues offering and-show combos to the tour bus crowd
While it might be a good spot to get your feet wet, you'll have a more authentic experience elsewhere

shavy's Profile Photo
Jan 19, 2014

Tango Everywhere....

Everywhere you go in Buenos Aires there is someone performing Tango on the street. Crowds gather, the music play, the dancers put on their show in full dance regalia...... If you stop to watch; then stop and throw some's only polite.

cjg1's Profile Photo
Nov 08, 2009

Flamboyant, Colourful, Sensual

Buenos Aires and tango are synonymous terms, and tango is an integral part of the city. The history of tango began in the late 19th century. The dance started in the lower-class districts of Buenos Aires taking place in the periphery of the city, bars, cafes and courtyards. The music derived from the fusion of various forms of music from Europe and the themes referred to the ordinary man and his problems, the city and memories. The nice songs are mostly about broken hearts and misfortunes.

Carlos Gardel became associated with the transition from a lower-class to a respectable middle-class dance and became one of the most popular tango artists of all time. His beautiful voice and macho look made him Argentina's favourite star. The invention and wide use of the radio, records and film helped spread his fame worldwide, and make this time the Golden Age of Tango. Astor Piazzola became the next tango superstar. He paved the way for a new age of tango to begin. In the late 1990s a new style Tango Nuevo, a fusion between tango and electronic music, begin appearing worldwide, with most famous Gotan Project, Tanghetto, Bajofondo Tango Club and Narcotango.

Argentine tango is also the main subject of Carlos Saura's film Tango and numerous films show tango in several scenes, such as Last Tango in Paris, Scent of a Woman, Evita and many more.

Tango left the brothels to conquer the world for one thing: the sensuality of the movement. Flamboyant, colourful, sensual, this is a seductive world of tango. You can find tango all over Buenos Aires at milongas and by walking around the city's authentic neighbourhoods, as La Boca and San Telmo. There are hundreds of good tango bars and academies so it won't be hard to find a place.

mircaskirca's Profile Photo
Sep 19, 2009
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Tango and spanish lessons

Hi there: i go to a professor in Belgrano area who give classes the fridays at 18 hs and is a reasonable price. I talk english so you don`t have to speak spanish to learn to dance, i also can teach you some spanish. The adress is Blanco Encalada 2848 Belgrano Buenos Aires. You can emailme if you decided to come.
Here is the link of the place

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Aug 22, 2009

Tango Rules!

Tango and Buenos Aires - they're inseperable and the city provides the visitor with plenty of opportunities to both watch and to participate. You can choose to pay out big pesos for a tango show, maybe with dinner included, very professional and a spectacle but very much for tourists. You can join the locals at a milonga to watch or to dance (if you're only there to watch, dress down; if dancing is your aim - dress up and wear dancing shoes, sneakers are usless) but be prepared for a very late night. Take some lessons - there are tango classes on offer all over town. Cafes and restaurants often stage a show. You can catch the dancers in the Plaza Doreggo at the Sunday Feria in San Telmo (try to get a spot on the balcony of the rstaurant on the corner of Humberto and Bolivar - they also do their own staged performance).

Personally, I'm happy just to catch the street tango around town. Two or three dancers, a portable stereo and someone with a hat to pass around is all it takes and you have a small show. Different dancers perform outside the main entrance to the Galeria Pacifico on Florida throughout the day (the Galeria holds a milonga in the lower floor food court on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights). Wherever they are, a crowd begins to gather - shoppers, school children, street urchins, deliverymen, tourists - they all take time to cast an eye over the performers. Some are very slick, some are young and rather sweet. If you stop to watch, throw a few pesos in the hat when it comes around before you move on.

TheWanderingCamel's Profile Photo
Jan 02, 2009

Tantalising Tango

Buenos Aires is the home of Tango.

While you are in the city do your best to visit a tango show. I thought that as I hadn't booked in advance I wouldn't have a hope of getting to a show at a few hours notice, but in fact our hotel had a choice of two available to us.

We were also offered a third show at a new hotel, but be wary as this is not a tango show.

One interesting thing to note is that although Argentina is recognised as the birth place of Tango, in fact the most famous tango music of all, La Cumparsita, was composed in Uruguay.

SabrinaSummerville's Profile Photo
Mar 19, 2007

Street Tango

Tango dancing is the soul of Argentina! This dance form is thought to have originated in the 1880s as a form of entertainment for the many labourers of European descent who settled in the poorer areas of the city as they tried to make their fortune in the New World.

Because they had left their loved ones behind, the men were lonely and frequently sought out the company of ladies of the night. While waiting for their favours, the men entertained each other with their new dance invention, dripping with sorrow and longing as well as a touch of aggression.

We went to a tango musical while in the city (see my Nightlife tips) which tried to convey this history of the amazing Tango dance!

This couple, on the streets of La Boca, were entertaining for the passing tourists, or you could also have your photo taken with them - for a price!

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Dec 15, 2006

Top 5 Buenos Aires Writers

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"Buenos Aires, a city I really LOVE!"
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"Buenos Aires 2004"
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"Mi Buenos aires Querido..."
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"Buenos Aires the local way!"
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"My Home Away from Home"
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Planning tango week.

If you're planning a trip to BA for tango, I suggest the following. Unless very young and adventerous stay in Recoleta. A group of five couples (all experienced travelers) recently stayed at the Art Hotel and found it excellent. Good location, wonderful staff, greet breakfast. Very fair prices.
For your tango package, I suggest at least four private lessons with a teaching couple. That's right, two teachers. If you're a couple or single, you want perspectives from both the male and female. (price will be the same for single or couple) If you're an experienced dancer you, might benefit from a group lesson, otherwise forget it. The lesson is in Spanish and there is no individual attention. Wouldn't waste the time on it in BA. If you're experienced you might learn a new figura. For a dinner and floor show try Equinas Carlos Gardel. The meal was very good and the floor show was easily Broadway quality. For Milongas try the Nacional, Parakultura, Nino Bien, and the Cafe Ideal. Each offer something different.
Women......for shoes try Neo tango and Senora Leo. If you're really into shoes, try Comme Il Faut......some of the most stylish shoes on the planet. Have been featured in Vogue.
For a big splurge on a meal, try the French restaurant at the Alvear Palace (considered by many the best in BA and some say South America). It will be US$70-$100 per person but still less than half it would cost in the US.
For tango organizers try, They have packaged two trips for me and are very dependable and accomodating. Their teachers are excellent.

Aug 27, 2006


Traditional argentinian dance style... you can see couple dancing everywhere for tourist and above all in La Boca where there is a small museum about Tango ...closer to caminito and easy to reach it
In Plaza Francia or Dorrego square every afternoon there are some couples dancing for tourist .

DPando's Profile Photo
May 22, 2006

El tango convoca a porteños y turistas

El atuendo poco importa. En la mayoría de las milongas porteñas, en lo primero que un bailarín repara antes de sacar a bailar a una dama son sus pies. Y la regla también se cumple en la Milonga Abierta de la Glorieta, en las Barrancas de Belgrano.

"El zapato lo dice todo, es algo así como la carta de presentación de un bailarín -asegura Pablo García, un joven que desde hace seis meses concurre todos los domingos a la milonga-.

Luego de la observación del experto bailarín, una mirada general a las parejas que bailan al ritmo del 2 x 4 lo confirma: con tacos y zapatos de suela, cerca de 100 personas dibujan firuletes y quebradas en la pista de baile, y todo al compás de la música de las orquestas más tradicionales, como las de Troilo, Fresedo, Tanturi, Pugliese, D´Arienzo y tantos otros.

La convocatoria trascendió rápidamente las fronteras del barrio y, en la actualidad, un promedio de 200 personas se reúne allí todos los domingos, el día de mayor concurrencia. "En realidad depende bastante de la temporada. Ahora que empieza el invierno viene menos gente, pero en verano llegan a pasar por aquí cerca de 500 personas."

Todos los viernes, sábados y domingos, antes de que arranque la milonga -de 19 a 22-, hay una clase de tango, que comienza a las 16 y tiene un costo de 10 pesos. "En general es un grupo de entre ocho y veinte personas, y casi todos después se quedan a bailar."

Si bien la mayoría son habitués y porteños, entre tantos bailarines se adivinan algunas caras foráneas, como la pareja de Daniela Gil, una joven de 22 años que se deja llevar por Sebastián, que llegó desde París. "Siempre vienen muchos extranjeros, y lo que más les atrae es el ambiente despojado y el clima de barrio que se respira en este tipo de milonga, donde no hay espectáculos ni shows armados especialmente para los turistas."

Por Soledad Vallejos

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May 03, 2006


It is a religion....if you really see deeply the eyes and the real feeling of Tango by the faces of these great dancers, Graciela and Javier, you will feel that Tango is not only part of the argentinean is part of their intimacy, it comes from the soul, it comes from everything sacred they consider...

Tango is felt in the blood and the tango makes people from all age to experience it, and to live TANGO.

I am proud to introduce you this lovely couple which shows to the world the impressing SENSUAL DANCE!

Sep 15th, 2005

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Sep 15, 2005

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Chacarita Cemetery

We have another big cementery in the city. It is called Cementerio de la Chacarita and it's located in Chacarita. Free guided visits: every 2° y 4°saturday at 11 am. En la ciudad tenemos otro...
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Tierra Santa - Religious Theme Park

Venta de Entradas: Martes a Viernes de 9 a 21.30 hs. (Parque abierto hasta las 23 hs.) Sábados, Domingos y Feriados 11 a 22 hs. (Parque abierto hasta las 23.30 hs.) Entradas: Mayores $15 Menores...
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Bosques De Palermo - Palermo Park

The Palermo parks are not to be missed when visiting Buenos Aires! There’s a lot of green spaces in this beautiful city, and this is most evident in the parks of Palermo. The parks are huge and I...
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Lagos de Palermo

lago de palermo: Es el lugar ideal para paseos, deportes acuaticos, ejercicios físicos, contemplación de su vegetación. Es muy visitado en el verano donde se organizan una gran variedad de actividades...
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Evita Museum - Museo Evita

Whilst most visitors to Buenos Aires seek out Eva Peron's final place of rest at the Recoleta Cemetery, the Museo Evita (entry 50 Pesos), fleshes out the story of this most well known...
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Avenida Santa Fe

I recommend you to take a walk along this avenue. A good starting point is the corner of Avenida Santa Fe and Avenida Pueyrredon (theres a subway station of the D line on that corner). Walk on...
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