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Buenos Aires Combo Tour: City Sightseeing and Tigre Delta Half-Day Trip Plus Tango Show with Dinner
Buenos Aires Combo Tour: City Sightseeing and Tigre Delta Half-Day Trip Plus Tango Show with Dinner"Buenos Aires Sightseeing Tour (morning)You will be pickup from your hotel and head to Downtown Buenos Aires.  You will see the 'Plaza de la República' on 'Avenida 9 de Julio' where the Obelisk of Buenos Aires is placed. You will be able to appre home to the ""Casa Rosada"" the official office of the Argentine president the Metropolitan Cathedral and city hall. You will reach the south part of the city of San Telmo where you can admire the colonial architecture and continue to the neighborhood of 'La Boca' with its famous football stadium of Boca Juniors. Here you'll visit the famous 'Caminito' street with its colorful buildings and local artists selling their work.Head to the north part of the city. You will drive through 'Puerto Madero'
From $181.00
Piazzolla Tango Show and Dinner in Buenos Aires
"See the impressive Piazzolla Tango in the city where it all began Buenos Aires! After pickup from your downtown Buenos Aires hotel you’ll arrive at the historic Guemes Gallery designed by Francisco Gianotti in the early 1900s. Be swept away by the energetic atmosphere of the tango show performed in the gallery’s Astor Piazzolla Theatre named after the famous Argentine tango composer and musician. While you watch the dancing and listen to the music enjoy the rich interior of the gallery
From $45.00
Buenos Aires Private City Tour by Car
"This tour is aimed for independent travelers who are looking forward to exploring Buenos Aires in a relaxed way.Moving through the city aboard a car will allow you to visit all the city highlights in just a few hours. You'll follow a complete itinerary that will provide you an introduction to the city highlights and off the beaten track points as well.You will visit the 'must see' of Buenos A such as La Boca San Telmo Plaza de Mayo Palermo or Recoleta Cemetery
From $450.00

Tango shows - Tango places Tips (81)

Tango shows - Tango places: teatro avenida

One Time for Years, There Are The Free Festival of Tango. We have seen many Tango Shows in Buenos Aires, and agree With all Tourist That The Free Festival Of Tango, Has Really Good, Short and Non-Touristy Shows.

Dress Code smoking and dress

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Aug 16, 2016

Tango shows - Tango places: teatro avenida

The theater "Avenida" as it is called in a principle, started to rise in November 1906. On 3 October 1908 was opened with the performance of the company dramatic leading María Guerrero and Fernando Díaz de Mendoza who premiered "The punishment without revenge" of Lope de Vega.

Dress Code smoking and dress

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Jul 28, 2016

Tango shows - Tango places: La Viruta

En este lugar concurre gente de todas las edades. Va gente que sabe bailar y aquellos que quieren incursionar en el Tango. Cada tanto se cuelan otros ritmos como rock y salsa.
Ademas de la clasica milonga un rato antes hay clases para todos los niveles todos los dias.
(Ver agenda!)

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Sep 22, 2014

La Viruta: Tango for foreigners

La Viruta is a super-popular tango place in Buenos Aires. Apparently, everyone in BsAs who is into tango has been there. Early in the evening, they give dance lessons - not just tango and milonga, also salsa and rock&roll. They split the dance floor into several levels (from beginner to advanced) for each lesson and have 2 teachers (a guy and girl) teaching each level (many of the teachers also speak languages other than Spanish, probably because lots of tourists go there). Usually, they'll do a little demonstration of the dance style they're about to teach, then split the group and give the lessons. After this, people can practice their dancing. Later on, they will sometimes have a live band playing music.

Dress Code Mostly casual. I wore something dressy and felt over-dressed.

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Dec 14, 2013
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Avenida de Mayo 1152, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal District, 1085ABO, Argentina
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Suipacha 5706
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Fray J Sta Maria de Oro 2529, Buenos Aires, C1425FOJ, Argentina
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Avenida de Mayo 984
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Las Heras 2163, C1127AAD
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Alsina 2820, Buenos Aires, 1207, Argentina
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From Monday to Monday, this emblematic meeting place for outstanding national celebrities from culture, politics, sports and arts, is proud to open its doors to receive new visitors.

With a series of 350 especially selected photographs placed on its walls, a stage box where, at some moment during the day, a live large accordion can be heard, and a moderate and elegant decoration, it will recreate the atmosphere and the environment of the 20th century for the visitors.

Live witness of more than a hunred years of the history of Buenos Aires
Today at the forefront of Tango
With its show it goes through a whole era in a luxurious and distinguished way
And it writes the first page of the next history...

Every night 21 artists on stage invite you to share a unique night.

Dress Code ELEGANT

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Nov 30, 2012

Milongas: Milongas - Nights of Argentine Tango

Milonga, 'tango party', is a place or an event where tango is danced; people who frequently go to milongas are sometimes called milongueros. There are endless varieties of milongas available throughout the city every day, with a greater concentration on weekends. Each milonga has its own style, ambient and clientele. Most of them often begin with dancing classes and many have presentations by professional performance dancers. Three to five songs are usually played in a row followed by a short brake when they can change partners.

Same place hosts different quality milongas on different days of the week, so it's a good idea to look at the program (you can get it in tango shoes shops, tango music shops and milongas), before you decide for one. The link below is the most up-to-date list of milongas of Buenos Aires. My favourites were:

La Viruta
It is a preferred place for the younger public where people attend dancing classes before the dance.
Armenia 1366
phone number: 011 4774 6357/4779 0030
video 1
video 2

Scalabrini Ortiz 1331, Palermo
phone number: 015 5738 3850
video 1
video 2

Dress Code tango shoes and a nice dress would be fine

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Sep 07, 2011

Evita Vive!: Best Tango show in Buenos Aires: Evita Vive!

Show + History + Tango + Gourmandise…

Through the most original, classic & modern live Tango, Evita Vive! will allow you to learn and experience a large part of Argentinean History and the life of Eva Duarte de Peron in particular: how she became the greatest and most controversial icon in our culture. With more than 14 musicians, dancers and actors this most innovative proposition in Buenos Aires is supported by printed material and documental projections to allow your clients to objectively understand the biography of the most famous woman in Argentina’s history.

Eva Peron, her life, her passion and her influence within our society captivated the widest range of people in Argentina and around the world: From history scholars, politicians, artists, to the common people, ‘those without a voice’.

(This is an 100% original production and not a version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Opera Evita)

Aug 23, 2011

Tango shows - Tango places: Difference between shows and Milongas

The term “Milonga” has several meanings:
It is the typical music of the cities that are near the shores of the Rio de La Plata (Argentina and Uruguay). It is the dance that starts up almost spontaneously. It is the place where dancers and amateurs go to in order to dance and feel the tango. Those who are experts and enthusiasts of this dance are called milongueros.
The Milongas are not all the same and there are many to suit all tastes. On the one hand, there are the traditional Milongas, where the clothes, the dancing level and the choice of music occupy an important place, and on the other hand, there are the more laid-back ones, where the milonga prevails as a meeting point. There are Milongas for couples and for singles (both men and women). Some are gay friendly and the queer milonga it is no exception.
The Milonga has its own and strict codes. It is the realm of the relationship between men and women, between two dancers. It is the dance of the proposal, of the invitation and the seduction. It is the total giving of oneself in the three minutes the dance lasts. It is the union and the space between the bodies. It is feeling in the soul the emotion that awakens Buenos Aires.
In the Milonga it is not compulsory to dance and you can remain seated around the dancefloor drinking something. But a Milonga it is not a tangueria where you listen and appreciate a choreographed show. Each day of the week there is a series of Milongas in different places, for any kind of audience. The nature of the Milonga does not depend upon the place, but upon the organizer and its audience.

Aug 01, 2011

Top 5 Buenos Aires Writers

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El Ombligo de la Luna and the Dell Tango Bar: Great Theatre Spot

A cool little Theatre and Bar locater very close to the Abasto Shopping complex. I'm including both as one tip because they are in the same building. Of course going to a huge big-budget theatre production can be fun, but I prefer going to some of the smaller houses, where one can take a look at the stars of the future.

A friend that is acting in a play and her boyfriend the director introduced me to this house. (Paula and Javier). The play is called Mil Cuentos Para una Noche, and I highly recommend anyone in Buenos Aires to check it out. Certainly at 4 pesos, the price is right.

After a performance, stick around for a drink at the Dell Tango Bar for a Quilmes or Coffee. Comer, Escuchar, Aprender, Recordar, Jugar and yet still 98% Portreno... whatever that means.

Dress Code None

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Apr 04, 2011

Tango Classes and Dances (Milongas)

There are many many Tango venues in B.A. Grab a free BA Tango or el tangauta. These are hard to find. They may have one in your hostel or hotel. They are also in Tango shoe stores.
A great web site is

You can find info on classes and on dances. A good way to go is to find a dance that gives lessons before the dance begins. Then you may have an opportunity to meet more people as they switch partners during the lesson.

The cultural centers are great way to get good lessons at a very reasonable price. Check out their schedules by using the above.

Carlos Ricciutti is a very enthusiastic teacher at the Recoleta Cultural Center who speaks english. He taught there on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

Check out my Tango Travel Log for more info and picture on the Tango scene.

Dress Code I would say in general, look good when you go out in Buenos Aires. The locals are very fashionably dressed. Tango is danced by the young and old, and for the most part they all look good. Coat and Ties are not necessary but blue jeans and sneakers wouldn't look good. Wear shoes that you are comfortable dancing in. Most places don't have a nice wooden floor, so nice street shoes are usually the best.

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Apr 04, 2011

Senor Tango: Ask questions first

Well it's Buenos Aires, the world's home to's a shame that it has become such a HUGE tourist trap......The price's range from $40 to $55 US dollars per person.....We attend a place called Senor Tango..the price includes pick up from you hotel, dinner followed by a show. The meal is simple and plain, beef, chicken or they sit you with 10 total strangers in a very uncomfortable table. The food was not very good. Then you are seated on a railing to watch a show, which is very entertaining, but as you are watching the show....the waiters come around asking for there tip....The service very impersonal, and not very good. I gave the waiter the customary 10% tip and the waiter seem offend, He did his best to tell me that wasn't enough in English, but to his great surprise I responded in fluent and PERFECT Spainsh and I told him what I thought how poor his service was and how I felt it was enough......Then, to my ANGER !!!!! I find out that we could have just come and watch the show, and skipped out on the crappy dinner and the cost would have been half.....that was very upsetting, and no one gave me the option when I made the reservation....Would have eaten a far better dinner somewhere else and came and just saw the show and not have to put up with 10 strangers and the bad service my lady and I recieved !!!!!! The Show otherwise was great !!!!!!

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Mar 25, 2011

Tango shows - Tango places: Cafe Tortoni

We stumbled upon this place quite by accident. We were looking for a good steakhouse and our hotel sent us here. We were surprised to see the lineupoutside ,not realizing we were at the famous landmark tango cafe.
I think it is far too touristy and not at all the kind of place we were looking steak barbeque on the menu either..

It is gorgeous inside though and we were glad we took a peak.

Dress Code casual

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Nov 21, 2010

Things to Do Near Buenos Aires

Things to Do

Chacarita Cemetery

We have another big cementery in the city. It is called Cementerio de la Chacarita and it's located in Chacarita. Free guided visits: every 2° y 4°saturday at 11 am. En la ciudad tenemos otro...
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Things to Do

Tierra Santa - Religious Theme Park

Venta de Entradas: Martes a Viernes de 9 a 21.30 hs. (Parque abierto hasta las 23 hs.) Sábados, Domingos y Feriados 11 a 22 hs. (Parque abierto hasta las 23.30 hs.) Entradas: Mayores $15 Menores...
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Things to Do

Bosques De Palermo - Palermo Park

The Palermo parks are not to be missed when visiting Buenos Aires! There’s a lot of green spaces in this beautiful city, and this is most evident in the parks of Palermo. The parks are huge and I...
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Things to Do

Lagos de Palermo

lago de palermo: Es el lugar ideal para paseos, deportes acuaticos, ejercicios físicos, contemplación de su vegetación. Es muy visitado en el verano donde se organizan una gran variedad de actividades...
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Things to Do

Evita Museum - Museo Evita

Whilst most visitors to Buenos Aires seek out Eva Peron's final place of rest at the Recoleta Cemetery, the Museo Evita (entry 50 Pesos), fleshes out the story of this most well known...
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Things to Do

Avenida Santa Fe

I recommend you to take a walk along this avenue. A good starting point is the corner of Avenida Santa Fe and Avenida Pueyrredon (theres a subway station of the D line on that corner). Walk on...
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