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Buenos Aires Combo Tour: City Sightseeing and Tigre Delta Half-Day Trip Plus Tango Show with Dinner
Buenos Aires Combo Tour: City Sightseeing and Tigre Delta Half-Day Trip Plus Tango Show with Dinner"Buenos Aires Sightseeing Tour (morning)You will be pickup from your hotel and head to Downtown Buenos Aires.  You will see the 'Plaza de la República' on 'Avenida 9 de Julio' where the Obelisk of Buenos Aires is placed. You will be able to appre home to the ""Casa Rosada"" the official office of the Argentine president the Metropolitan Cathedral and city hall. You will reach the south part of the city of San Telmo where you can admire the colonial architecture and continue to the neighborhood of 'La Boca' with its famous football stadium of Boca Juniors. Here you'll visit the famous 'Caminito' street with its colorful buildings and local artists selling their work.Head to the north part of the city. You will drive through 'Puerto Madero'
From $181.00
Piazzolla Tango Show and Dinner in Buenos Aires
"See the impressive Piazzolla Tango in the city where it all began Buenos Aires! After pickup from your downtown Buenos Aires hotel you’ll arrive at the historic Guemes Gallery designed by Francisco Gianotti in the early 1900s. Be swept away by the energetic atmosphere of the tango show performed in the gallery’s Astor Piazzolla Theatre named after the famous Argentine tango composer and musician. While you watch the dancing and listen to the music enjoy the rich interior of the gallery
From $45.00
Buenos Aires Private City Tour by Car
"This tour is aimed for independent travelers who are looking forward to exploring Buenos Aires in a relaxed way.Moving through the city aboard a car will allow you to visit all the city highlights in just a few hours. You'll follow a complete itinerary that will provide you an introduction to the city highlights and off the beaten track points as well.You will visit the 'must see' of Buenos A such as La Boca San Telmo Plaza de Mayo Palermo or Recoleta Cemetery
From $450.00

Galerías Pacífico Shopping Mall Tips (28)

Galerías Pacífico: Great shopping for leather goods

Prune shop for leather bags and shoes, very fashionable styles. Great prices, of course the conversion is very good. Very good prices compared to other leather shops.

What to buy Never leave Buenos Aires without buying leather products. Check out Prune for fashionable bags, wallets, belts. Gramoldi for shoes.

What to pay Average US$ 60 for a good quality leather bag. About US$ 60 - 90 for leather boots.

esmerkingsland's Profile Photo
Aug 29, 2005

Galerías Pacífico: Art in a shopping mall

This is a must-see place due to the beautiful painting that is in the ceiling, right in the middle of the mall, above the fountain.
The shops are all first-class. You can get clothes, leather goods, shoes, books, etc. There's a big food court on the basement.

What to pay For an average local this is a pricey place, but not for you guys! cos you'll divide the tap price by 3!

sabrina_florida's Profile Photo
Apr 23, 2005

Galerías Pacífico: Galerías Pacífico

Located on the corner of Florida and Avenida Cordiba this mall, which building is by itself a must see, offers the more well known brnds from Argentina and the world.
They also have guided tours in which you can know the history of the building and its murals

What to buy All kind of prudcts, mostly clothes.

What to pay Prices are not cheap, I won't say is the most expensive place, but it's defnitely not the cheaper.

Shakermaker's Profile Photo
Apr 14, 2005

Galerías Pacífico: A Beautiful Shopping Mall

Galerías Pacífico is a very beautiful shopping mall in Centro. It is not very big mall, but the building, both from the inside and outside is magnificent. Features many trendy US and European retailers as well as Argentine.

The attracts alot of tourists and in every store almost all of the store clerks speak some English. The mall caters towards the well to do and tourists so prices are higher than in other shopping areas. Most of the shops will take US dollars for goods and services.

The center dome has frescoes and glass ceilings. The center area is also open on all levels and has a fountain on the basement level. On the lower level surrounding the fountain is the foodcourt.

What to buy Just about everything is available.

What to pay As much as you want or as little as you want. Depending upon what you want to buy.

lkdahl's Profile Photo
Mar 11, 2005
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Galerías Pacífico: Una hermosa galeria

En Florida 753 está la Galería Pacífico, actualmente remodelada, es uno de los shoppings más elegantes del país, con una cúpula pintada por Castagnino. Esta calle tiene mucho movimiento de gente, durante las horas de día en los días de semana y en las noches de viernes, sábado y domingo.
Se puede comprar ropa femenina y masculina, libros, accesorios, etc.

At Florida 753 is the Galería Pacífico, now renovated, is one of the most
elegant shopping centres in the country, with a cupola painted by Castagnino.
This street has a lot of human traffic by day during the week and by night at
the weekend.

What to buy Se puede comprar ropa femenina y masculina, libros, accesorios, etc.

It is possible to buy feminine and masculine clothes, books, accessories, etc.

MeZuGa's Profile Photo
Aug 29, 2004

Galerias Pacifico: beautiful architecture

This is the most beautiful shopping mall i can think of, it is very trendy (and expensive) but it has art all over. it s nice to walk and see even if you don t buy anything, i m sure you ll enjoy the building and the paintings by Argentine artists such as Juan Carlos Castagnino, Antonio Berni, Cirilo Colmenio, Lino Spilimbergo y Demetrio Urruchua.

Two architects: Emilio Agrelo y Roland Le Vacher projected it in 1889 inspired by a passage in Milano–Italy - in the end of the XIX century– called Galería Vittorio Emmanuele II.

Inside the building there s the Centro Cultural Jorge Luis Borges and -the famous ballet dancer`s own dance academy - Escuela de Danzas de Julio Boca.

luzmaria's Profile Photo
Aug 12, 2004

Galerías Pacífico - Mall: Galerías Pacífico

This complex is located in an old building that belonged to Ferrocarriles Argentinos, the former Railroad Company of the State. Fortuantely, the wonderful friezes by Raúl Soldi were kept. Thus the shopping promenade is lined with artistic streaks. Its shining marble, diverse staircases and mural paintings constitute a novel and sophisticated atmosphere.

The center is home to the Centro Cultural Borges and Julio Bocca´s ballet school. There are also more than 200 stores, a number of movie theatres, and an elegant dining area with different options: from tea rooms to romantic restaurants to fast food parlors.

Constanza's Profile Photo
May 03, 2004

Galerías Pacífico: Galerias Pacifico

I don't like shoppings and doing shopping, but this is a place that is almost in the middle of everything and it has nice restaurantes and cinemas, so that's why I go there!
And also because of the cultural center that is inside it!

sof76's Profile Photo
Mar 25, 2004

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Galerías Pacífico: A place to go shopping, girls!

Wow, wow, wow. I love the fashion and the shopping in Argentina. They have beautiful clothes & for most foreigners, its not expensive.

Galerias Pacifico has everything. Mens, womens, beauty.... last time I was here I spent 4 hours there. The taxi driver was stunned to see me with so many shopping bags (which can be a danger as he thinks I am $$$ if I can shop so much)... but just remember to book your taxi.

amyhenderson's Profile Photo
Mar 22, 2004

Galerias Pacifico: Great ambience, good energy

The Galerias Pacifico, centrally located on Florida street has to be the most architecturally beautiful shopping center in Argentina. It was built in the late 1800s and inspired on the Bon Marche in Paris, and it was the major shopping galleria in Buenos Aires, until the 1960s, when the building was taken over by the state-run railroad offices and fell into disuse and disrepair. In the early 1990s it was awarded to a private company as part of the overall privatization drive in Argentina and in 1992 it reopened in its current form, including the amazing glass ceilings and the restored murals.

Check the central dome, with frescoes from some of the most important painters in Argentina, which were done around 1945. Also it's a nice place to check around Christmas time, since they do decorate a lot and install a huge Christmas tree under the dome.

What to buy - Good place to catch a quick bite, since the food court downstairs has a great variety of offerings. Beware, it gets very busy around 1 PM when the surrounding offices let out for lunch, so you may want to either stop by earlier or a bit later, otherwise you won't find a table. Some evenings there are quick shows presented on the food court stage.

- Most of the international chains that operate in Argentina have branches here. Check Giesso for men's suits, Chevignon for some trendier, young men's items.

- Most shops show the "Tax Free" sign - when you buy from those shops, present your passport or other foreign ID, save the receipts and you can claim back most of the VAT at Ezeiza airport upon leaving Argentina (about 16%, so you will get a nice refund)

- On the ground level, check the information booth and ask them about the discount coupon book, which is available for all tourists and includes discounts to many of the shops there.

What to pay Not the cheapest in Buenos Aires, but comparable to other places.

mrtourne's Profile Photo
Jan 03, 2004

Galerías Pacífico: A mall with architechture

Galerias Pacifico is very close to centro. You can walk along Florida St and get there.
It is something of an american style shopping mall but with much better ambience - particularly the architechture. The murals carved on the walls and ceilings are worth gazing at.

What to buy Argentina is supposed to have good leather- so jackets, purses, shoes etc.
If you have the urge to splurge, try the jacket made of carcinha leather (quite pricey) which is a speciality here.
You will find better bargains on some of the smaller shops that litter Florida St than in here.

oldmonk_92129's Profile Photo
Jan 01, 2004

Galerías Pacífico: Beautiful mall

There are over 180 shops in this mall, but that's not what makes it special to me. The highlight is the wonderful central dome with its beautiful frescoes. Every day at 1pm and at 4:30pm in underneath the central dome there are tourist guides that will explain the history of the mall and the artwork inside.

acemj's Profile Photo
Nov 22, 2003

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Chacarita Cemetery

We have another big cementery in the city. It is called Cementerio de la Chacarita and it's located in Chacarita. Free guided visits: every 2° y 4°saturday at 11 am. En la ciudad tenemos otro...
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Tierra Santa - Religious Theme Park

Venta de Entradas: Martes a Viernes de 9 a 21.30 hs. (Parque abierto hasta las 23 hs.) Sábados, Domingos y Feriados 11 a 22 hs. (Parque abierto hasta las 23.30 hs.) Entradas: Mayores $15 Menores...
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Bosques De Palermo - Palermo Park

The Palermo parks are not to be missed when visiting Buenos Aires! There’s a lot of green spaces in this beautiful city, and this is most evident in the parks of Palermo. The parks are huge and I...
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Lagos de Palermo

lago de palermo: Es el lugar ideal para paseos, deportes acuaticos, ejercicios físicos, contemplación de su vegetación. Es muy visitado en el verano donde se organizan una gran variedad de actividades...
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Evita Museum - Museo Evita

Whilst most visitors to Buenos Aires seek out Eva Peron's final place of rest at the Recoleta Cemetery, the Museo Evita (entry 50 Pesos), fleshes out the story of this most well known...
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Avenida Santa Fe

I recommend you to take a walk along this avenue. A good starting point is the corner of Avenida Santa Fe and Avenida Pueyrredon (theres a subway station of the D line on that corner). Walk on...
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