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Buenos Aires Sightseeing Tour and Navigation by Río de la Plata
"We start the tour in the northern area passing by Retiro Palermo and Recoleta neighborhoods. There may be found huge green areas beautiful and elegant French style mansions and the most sophisticated places which reflect the golden times of the city high society at the end of the XIX century. We continue to Down Town going along the famous July 9th Avenue where we will see the Obelisk. The first free time stop at May Square (Plaza de Mayo) foundation epicenter. Let´s continue to the south San Telmo the neighborhood where Tango was created and then
From $90.00
Private Tour: Buenos Aires City Tour with Optional Lunch
"Begin your tour with a pick up at your place and preferred time. Some of the points of interest that you will see include the historic Plaza de Mayo (The ""May Square"" has been a hub of political life in Argentina) the famous Casa Rosada (the Pink Presidential Palace is considered one of the most emblematic buildings in Buenos Aires) and the Cathedral of Buenos Aires.See the widest avenue in the world (9 de Julio Avenue) visit the ""Teatro Colón"" (The Buenos Aires Opera House) and photograph the Obelisco (national historic monument and icon of Buenos Aires). You will also visit La Boca neighborhood with its traditional Caminito Street San Martin Square The Recoleta Cemetery the wide Palermo Park and more.Optional lunch will be available at one of the best restaurants of Puerto Madero."
From $42.00
Buenos Aires City Tour
"This tour is a great way to gain your bearings in Buenos Aires. Spend some time with the a local expert in this panoramic introduction to Buenos Aires. Get to know the most important neighborhoods in Buenos Aires and their famous landmarks. Your city exp the Obelisk. This giant monument was built in 1936 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the city. One of the city’s unique features is the many beautiful open squares of colonial Spanish descent. You’ll fall in love with the Plaza de Mayo where you will have some free time and explore the area. Also get to see Plaza San Martín and Plaza Congreso. The avenues are lined with equally impressive sights including favorites like Corrientes Mayo and 9 de Julio which is the widest street in the world containing 22 lanes.The financial and commercial areas of Buenos Aires are home to many interesting local sights and you can’t miss the home of the Argentine’s favorite past time
From $22.00

La Boca District Tips (104)

Tango at La Boca district.

It's been 10 years already that I've been to Argentina..and had not enough time to write about it.Now I have more time already...please wait to read more tips from many trips .Argentina is one of my favourite country ,actually I can't decide which one is the most favourite between Argentina and Chile cuz I love them both...really love them.
In Buenos Aires At Caminito area which is "little walkway" or "little path" that its lenght is about 100 meter is a street museum and a traditional alley, located in La Boca, a neighborhood of Buenos Aires.The place acquired cultural significance because it inspired the music for the famous tango .
I love dancing but have to say that I have no idea how to dance tango but would love to try so much .I spent time to explore which cafe or restaurant show the best dance and I chose this one " La Rueda" And I was stunned by their performances .They are so perfect ,made my jaw dropped.I want to be able to dance like this...!! It seemed that the guy saw my eyes wide opened so he invited me to dance with him ,of course I we go..

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Oct 25, 2015

La Boca

We have been advice to take a taxi and we did. This place has a reputation of being prone to more crime than central areas. Tourist areas are relatively safe, going beyond the unmarked borders (crossing a street can be enough) of the tourist area can put you at risk of trouble.

This wonderfully colourful neighbourhood right next to the old port of Buenos Aires, La Boca is synonymous with both tango and football

With its multi-coloured houses and taverns, the neighbourhood maintains its tango tradition, football passion, and Italian roots

Today it is one of the most important cultural centers and tourist attractions in Buenos Aires. Take a walking tour, watch a soccer game at the famous boca stadium or attend a local tango show.

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Jan 21, 2014

La Boca and colorful houses of El Caminito

I saw pictures of the colored houses in La Boca when I read the travel books, and so I took a taxi to that famed street of El Caminito.
The taxi driver was very kind, but he looked very concerned that I was walking alone. He warned me to just stay where people were since there have been reports of tourists being attacked in the area. I followed his instructions.
In the mid-19th century, La Boca was home to Spanish and Italian immigrants who worked in meat-packing plants and warehouses in the beef-shipping industry. They used leftover paint to color the corrugated metal they used for building their houses. El Caminito, whose name is derived from a Tango song, is the most famous street with these colourful houses. And as expected, you can see tango dancers here and even take a photo or dance with them for a small fee.
Someone then handed me a brochure about a boat ride, and I went to the stall and bought a ticket for the 1PM ride. "Diego" who handed me the brochure was the same person who drove the boat, and unfortunately for the company, I was the only passenger. So, it was like I rented the whole boat all for my own as it set off into the open river!

I made a video of my short trip to Buenos Aires on Youtube. Hope you like this:


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Mar 22, 2013


If any neighborhood of Buenos Aires typifies Argentine history and spirit then it has to be La Boca. This area has a distinct European flavor, particularly Italian. This is where tourists congregate for a snapshot of Argentina: tango, asado, politics, and soccer. Although the influx of tourists have pushed prices up in this neighborhood, it is still possible to enjoy a day out in La Boca without hurting your pocketbook too much.

The world famous football team Boca Juniors play at the La Bombonera stadium. Outside the stadium there are monuments to all the great footballers that have played for the team, including arguably the greatest soccer player ever, local boy Diego Maradona.

Caminito is the place to visit in La Boca. The multitude of brightly colored houses extols the virtues of tango and other Argentine pastimes. Artists line the streets offering their wares and tourists gather round tango dancing couples plying their trade on the cobblestone streets. Head for Boca Tango at Brandsen 923 for a raucous show and hearty meal right in the heart of tango town.

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Nov 30, 2012
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Colorful "La Boca"

A small colorful area with lots of cafes, souvenir stores, a few museums and street tango shows.

No need to book an excursion here, as you can easily get to La Boca by bus which goes directly to the famous "El Caminito", only for 2 pesos (you can pay in coins or with card SUBE).

Any local person will recommend you not to visit this area at night, as it is quite dangerous.However, during the day, it is full of tourists, so you will be fine. My Argentinian friend recommended to take just enough cash with me, but leave credit cards and documents at the hotel.

There are lots of souvenir stores selling overpriced "recuerdos", just walk around and look the prices. You can buy the same fridge magnet at one place for 10 pesos, and at another you can buy 5 for the same 10 pesos. Generally, souvenirs on the streets are cheaper than in stores.
There are also tango artists offering you to take a picture with them.
Don't go far from the tourist zone, as there you will be in danger. I also don't recommend taking taxi from there, as many taxists do rip off not only foreigners, but also Argentinians from other provinces.

Overall, La Boca is a nice place to take pictures and spend an afternoon, especially on sunny day, when colors of the houses look even brighter.

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Sep 07, 2012


It was a sunday at 1 pm. Me, my mother and my sister were in la boca, after we went to San Telmo. We didn't have coins to take a bus, so we decided to take a taxi.
There's only one place in Caminito that you can take a taki, and there's a guy organizing a line, so the tourists can get into a taxi.
We took a taxi, the guy was really weard, and in 2 min, he took us into a small street and stop behind a bus, sunddely 6 guys or more with guns showed up and took everything we had. They were drugged...really drugged!!!
After the assault, the taxi drove really fast to another street. We asked him to stop because we were pretty shure he was involved. We asked 2 polices guys that were in the street help, but they said we had to live the neighborhood with that guy...
at the same time, the taxi driver was screaming: "I think I did that? It was not me, I didn't know". We pretend to believe him, because we were afraid to more bad things to happen. so, he took us next to our hostel and we ran away.
We didn't took his name, we were afraid..he knew where we were staying.

So, we spoke to the police and the consulate. They said this is normal!!! A LOT of taxi guys are corrupt, and so the police. BE CAREFUL!!!
My advice is not to go to caminito...only if u go with a big group.

Apr 04, 2011

Estadio Boca Juniors

Home Stadium to one of Buenos Aires most beloved, currently medically challenged heroes, Diego Maradona. Slovenian engineer Victor Slusic, who also designed the Abasto Market, designed the Boca Juniors Stadium. The stadium was originally opened in 1940, and had a major facelift in 1996.

The stadium is affectionately known as La Bombonera. Between 1945 and 1947 Boca was never defeated in its own stadium, thus the moniker "The unbeatable". In its current configuration, the stadium has a capacity for over 60, 000 people distributed among its boxes and tiers.

If you want to find out more about the teams history, I recommend that you check out the De La Pasion Boquense Museum at 835 Brandsen, where there is a large display.

I must admit that I never was actually inside the stadium, though I took a walk around the perimeter. I was particularly impressed by the many murals that are all along the perimeter, including the one I used here, La Maestria, or "The Teachers" of the game.

Tickets are available at the Yellow house, or by their Web Site:

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Apr 04, 2011


La Boca is the colourful and artistic heart of Buenos Aires. It’s a poor neighbourhood (barrio) with a richness of life and a riot of colour that can be a real riot if you step into the wrong street. The 3.3 sq km area was originally settled by Italian immigrants from Genoa and is home to the world famous football (soccer) team – Boca Juniors. The main pedestrian street, the Caminito, is full of ornate houses, multi-coloured buildings, statues, fountains, street performers, dancers, musicians, art galleries and even small dogs dressed up like their owners (pictured).

Some of the main attractions are the La Ribera theatre, Museo de Bellas Artes Quinquela Martin (known as the Fine Arts Museum of La Boca), La Bombonera (football stadium) and many Tango/Dinner venues.

La Boca is also a traditional hotbed of left-wing politics and, unfortunately, crime. Please watch your bags and don’t wonder off down side streets if you are not sure where you are going.

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Feb 16, 2011

Top 5 Buenos Aires Writers

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Boca was our destination today. We are so spoiled by the cheap taxi fares ...we opted to forgo public transport and catch a cab.

I guess the surrounding streets can be dicey but honestly the coupleof streets around Caminito are so filled with tourists and venders working for their felt more like a touist trap.With that aside though the colorful streets are a fun stroll and we enjoyed our afternoon.

There are some interesting little shops and restaurants and lots of tango.

Word of caution though some restarants do not accept credit cards and the ATM'sare a bit of a hike.Pat had to "stroll" 5 blocks to find one while I was "detained"Thihs was the only place this happened in our 5 days here.

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Nov 20, 2010

Buenos Aires street art

It's worth checking out the graffiti scene when you're in La Boca. There's lots of football type graffiti near La Bombonera and all around the neighborhood.
I also came across a good blog about Buenos Aires street art

Sep 27, 2010

La Boca

It is recommended to visit La Boca for the infamous Calle Caminito where you can see the coloured houses. Around and near Calle Caminito, there are also some interesting museums and a number of nostaligic bars, cafes and restaurants. A lot of visitors also come to visit La Bomnonera, Boca Junior's football stadium, to see the team play and/or do a stadium tour. At the Southern end of Calle Caminito, you can see the Puente Transborador, a transport bridge on the Vuelta de Rocha where acitivity took place in the early 20th Century around the river.

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Jul 11, 2010

It's where Tango started!

Colourful, touristy and interesting. You don't need much time here and probably don't want to spend too much of it - the area is right next to an extremely poor section of town and as a tourist, you'll be targeted after hanging around too long. Keep your hands on your things and your purses (or manbags) in front of you.

Keep in mind this is where Tango started and where Maradona currently coaches the football team "la Boca". As the Argentines say, ". . . as a football coach, he's a pretty good singer."

You see Tango dancers in the street and can buy whatever souveniers you felt you missed elsewhere.

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May 22, 2010

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Getting to La Boca District


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