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Buenos Aires City Tour
"This tour is a great way to gain your bearings in Buenos Aires. Spend some time with the a local expert in this panoramic introduction to Buenos Aires. Get to know the most important neighborhoods in Buenos Aires and their famous landmarks. Your city exp the Obelisk. This giant monument was built in 1936 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the city. One of the city’s unique features is the many beautiful open squares of colonial Spanish descent. You’ll fall in love with the Plaza de Mayo where you will have some free time and explore the area. Also get to see Plaza San Martín and Plaza Congreso. The avenues are lined with equally impressive sights including favorites like Corrientes Mayo and 9 de Julio which is the widest street in the world containing 22 lanes.The financial and commercial areas of Buenos Aires are home to many interesting local sights and you can’t miss the home of the Argentine’s favorite past time
From $22.00
Half-Day Bike Tour: North Buenos Aires City Landmarks
"This tour will show you th eheart of Buenos Aires history parks and architecture. The adventure begins in the charming streets of San Telmo where you will wind your way past 19th century churches and the wonderful architecture of early Buenos Aires to finally arrive in Plaza de Mayo the historic center of the city. You will then head to the hustling and bustling area of Retiro and Plaza San Martin where you'll see magnificent palaces and architectural icons of the city discovering the energy of downtown Buenos Aires. A few stops later the pace slows down as you take in Recoleta the high society “barrio” best known for its cemetery
From $40.00
Buenos Aires South City Center Bike Tour
"The adventure begins in Plaza de Mayo the historic square at the center of the city. Head south to San Telmo the first “barrio” of colonial Buenos Aires where the cobblestone streets and collection of churches are just the start of its magic and warmth. A true cradle of bohemian culture. From San Telmo you'll ride to the modern metropolis of Puerto Madero with its high rise buildings chic port side dining and wonderful green spaces. It's easy to understand why it’s some of the most valuable real estate in the city. Pedaling a bit further south you'll pass pass by La Bombonera (home of the Boca Juniors football team) on your way to the vibrant community of La Boca
From $40.00

Plaza De Mayo Tips (74)

Madres of the Plaza

After marching for a time the mothers get to together for rallying speeches. The protests ended in 2006 when the Madres declared that the current government was no longer the issue and turned their attention to remediation via the courts.

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Aug 13, 2016

Plaza de Mayo

The Plaza de Mayo is the main square downtown, and has several major landmarks - the Casa Rosada (pink house) which is the presidential house (equivalent of the White House in the US), the May Pyramid in the middle, the Metropolitan Cathedral (which is the mother church of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires), city hall, etc. The Plaza is huge, and as it is associated with Argentine political history (it was the scene of the May 25, 1810 revolution, hence its name), political protests often happen here.

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Mar 04, 2016

it is worth a few hours

I travel to BA 5-6 times a year. I love the people: the food: and the weather. After 20-30 trips I can say that I have been robed several times. heres a little advice.
Leave your wrist watch at home.carry a cheap watch with no band in your pocket
The scams are so many its hard to remember.but lets try
Taxis scams are my favorite. Taxis are so inexpensive and convenient in all of my trips I have never bothered to take a bus or metro. Now in the taxi is a meter in the front window right side and it says the number of passengers and the rolling price. If you get in a taxi and the driver neglects to turn on the meter politely say sir you forgot to turn on your meter. 9 out of 10 times he will say I am so sorry and immediately turn it on. If he and says something like dont worry its all electronic....This is the time to take action.pull out your camera Always keep it in your pocket just for things like this. Take a picture of the meter then a picture of the driver then a picture of his yellow id card thats hanging on the back of his seat.... when you get your destination and he demands a ridiculous fee for the trip.
calmly ask how he came up with this fare. If he gets nasty, get out of the cab and at the top of your lungs scream polica polica help thief.. and say this over and over.... I have done this only one time but it works..

I have had this scam happen to me. OK so I look like a tourist, I am a tourist. I love to walk through the parks taking pictures of the beautiful monuments but be alert for the mustard scam. out of no were someone squirts mustard or wet flour on you then tries to help you clean it up...they go strait for the wallet that you should never be carrying. no wallet no passport leave them in your room.

The most used peso currency is a 100 peso bill. Lotsa counterfeit 100 peso bills. If you give someone a 100 peso bill and they say oh I am so sorry but this bill has a small tear in it you are about to be scammed. look at the bill and say this is not the bill I gave you...its easy to recognize the bad bills. have your hotel clerk show you.......Saying the bill that you gave him was bad because it had a tear should be a slap in the face alert that something is wrong.....

I travel alot. travel is my life. I have been scammed many times it will happen to all of us. Just use your wits and minimise your losses and above all dont get hurt. traveling to most countries is very safe but no different than the usa you must use common sence. tour during the day, if you visit night spots thats part of your wonderful experience. if you dont feel comfertable walking the streets have the establishment call you a taxi.

Never stop traveling and experiencing other cultures...this to me is what life is about

If you need info on other countries or tips to stay safe just emal me

Dec 27, 2014

Historical square

This is the main square in Buenos Aires and around it you find some important buildings such as the Casa Rosada (palace of the government), the national banck, the cathedral. It was built in 1580 and it always had a special part in the history of the city and the country itself. In 1945 there was a huge union protest to obtain the rescue of Peron who, later became president of the country. From the seventies it is the place where any Thursday the mothers of the “desaparecidos” meet up to commemorate their disappeared kids.

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Apr 28, 2013
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Founded by Juan de Garay in 1580, this is the original center of the city. The city's first monument, Pirámide de Mayo, is situated at its center. Important institutions flank the plaza: the Casa Rosada (President's Pink House), Banco de la Nación (Nation's Bank), Catedral Metropolitana and Cabildo (Town Hall). Internationally known for the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo, women gather here in a silent vigil, every Thursday at 3p to claim justice for their "disappeared" during the military rule in the 1980s

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Nov 30, 2012

Center of Buenos Aires

The President's 'House' the Casa Rodada, and Plaza de Mayo in back of it could be termed the center point of Buenos Aires, not geographically, but in practical terms. All of the Subte underground train lines start close to here and many of the large tourist sites are close by.

This has also been the scene of many important political events, including the public speeches given by Eva Peron and the demonstrations by mothers of the 'desaparecidos' during the dirty war.

Try to be in the neighborhood at the top of the uneven hours of the clock starting at 9:00 and you'll see the changing of the Presidential Guards- nowhere near as impressive as at Buckingham Palace but sill neat to watch.

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Apr 04, 2011

Beautiful square full of history

Comparable to the Zocalo in Mexico City....this beautiful and gracious square in the middle of Buenos Aires has everything a tourist is looking for when visiting this big city. The National Cathedral, the Casa Rosada and various cafes and restaurants line this square. Entrance to the cathedral is free but a donation is accepted as for la Casa Rosada, one must have a foreign passport to receive a ticket for entrance to this great palace.....worth the trip to it.....just be careful and don't show up during a planned protest....this is where major protests against the government happens in Buenos Aires.

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Mar 25, 2011

Estatua del General Belgrano

Located in Plaza de Mayo is an equestrian statue of one of Argentina’s greatest heroes. The statue of Manuel Belgrano. Manuel Belgrano is mounted on a horse and is holding a flag of Argentina.

Manuel Belgrano was an important figure in Argentinean history. He was a scholar, a lawyer, politician and economist and military leader. After the Spanish rule was overthrown he was appointed general by the first autonomous government of Argentina. He led many battles which prepared the country for many victories. He was also one of the many leaders of the Argentine Declaration of Independence.

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Feb 17, 2011

Top 5 Buenos Aires Writers

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Plaza de Mayo

Plaza de Mayo is the major square in Buenos Aires and has served as the center for many political rallys. The "plaza" was named after the May 1810 revolution that led to the independence of Argentina.

The square is quite beauitful and is flanked by many of the city's major landmarks like the the Casa Rosada at one end and El Congreso at the other as well as El Cabildo, Piramide de Mayo, Statue of Belgrano and the Cathedral Metropolitana just to name a few.

The plaza also has some nice walking paths, benches and fountains. We enjoyed a nice afternoon checking out the various landmarks.

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Feb 17, 2011

Plaza de Mayo- Then and Now

All around this area are historical monuments and buildings. Most of the buildings seem to date back to the 18th century and are quite grand.We gazed skyward and started clicking our cameras in typical tourist fashion and as usual we couldn't capture all.

Its unforunate ,however,the city seems to be plagued with graffetti and nothing is spared .Not even these magnificant monuments. Once again we see trash everywhere and even more disturbing are the homeless digging through it searching for food.

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Nov 20, 2010

Political activity happens here and history made!

The Plaza de Mayo has the historical and political connections with its buildings and monuments. The Casa Rosada is the government house and renowned for Evita's speeches for the crowds. There is the Cabildo, the only colonial-era building, the Catedral Metropolitana and the Piramade de Mayo linking to the first anniversary of Buenos Aires independence. The Plaza is where the Madres (de Plaza de Mayo) protested about the dictatorship (1976-83) and still protest weekly on various political and social issues.

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Jul 16, 2010

Plaza de Mayo

The Plaza de Mayo is known for the May 10, 1810 revolution that led to Independence from Spain.

Several of the city's landmarks are located around the Plaza de Mayo: the Cabildo, the Casa Rosada, The Metropolitan Cathedral, the May Pyramid and the financial district.

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Dec 16, 2008

Things to Do Near Plaza De Mayo

Things to Do

Avenida de Mayo

Without a doubt, Avenida de Mayo is certainly Buenos Aires' most beautiful boulevard, lined as it is with shady trees and some of the city's best examples of Art Nouveau and Art Deco buildings....
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Metropolitan Cathedral - Catedral Metropolitana

It is huge, and inside is marvelous. I even saw a plaque devoted to the Holodomor, or the holocaust of about 10 millions ukrainians by the sinister Stalin. I was lucky to be there when the change of...
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Puente De La Mujer -Women's Bridge

Puente de la Mujer is a bridge in Puerto Madero, and got its name because many streets in the area have women's names (though I've also heard that it's supposed to look like a woman dancing the...
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Galería Mar Dulce

Palermo is full of great galleries, like Braga Menéndez, Elsi del Rio, Dabbah Torrejon etc. I found a great new space called Galería Mar Dulce that just opened in April. It's a small gallery with...
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there are very antiques things about foundation of bs as, pictures, objects, plannes,papers, etc. Very nice, is chiquito but interesting and free. There are very good info furniture, carts,...
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Piramide De Mayo

Located at the center of the Plaza de Mayo, this sculpture honors Liberty and the May Revolution. It is 18 meters (61 feet) high and is the work of French sculptor Joseph Debourdieu. Originally placed...
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Getting to Plaza De Mayo


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