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International Airport - EZE Tips (22)

International Flights

The international airport in Buenos Aires is definitely tiny in comparison with other cities such as London or Barcelona, but it's still nice and it's getting more modern every day. The duty free shops have been enlarged lately and you can get some nice local stuff to get home.
There's a stall where you can wrap your bag for about 4 dollars, and that includes an insurance. There are lockers too, to keep your bags for some hours or days.
Check the website below to check flight arrivals and departures and info about domestic airports. It has an English version.

sabrina_florida's Profile Photo
Mar 17, 2007

Manuel Tienda Leon - Remis Service

Even though Manuel Tienda Leon is well known for their bus service to Buenos Aires, they also offer Remis service that will take you directly to your apartment rental for $79 pesos. This price is inclusive of all tolls.

I appreciated the door to door service after such a long journey from San Francisco. :)

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Nov 04, 2006

If you go to Iguassu Falls

Please read and understand this. TAM Airlines is one of the main airlines that services Iguassu Falls but to not use them. My flight from Buenos Aires was suppost to leave at 8:00 AM but when I arrived at the airport at 6:50 AM the TAM agent informed me that they had neglected to inform me that the flight was now at 7:00AM! Instead of working with me to get me there or refunding me my money they simply told me I would have to find another carrier if I wanted to go that day! Luckly Aerolineas Argentinas saved the day with a flight to the Argentine side of the falls where I took a cab to my hotel on the Brazillian side.

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Jun 23, 2006

Ezeiza Airport

Ezeiza is smaller than i could imagine before ...there are several small terminal ...after my plane landed at 2355h we spent some time on the customs where you need the stamp and show the paper writted before in the plane for non nationals where you have to describe how many days will you be there, and where will you go in Argentina... stupid bureaucracy inspired by stupid rules ...well the customs are so bored and you will waste quite enough time just for a bloddy stamp....
After the baggage claim process there is the main hall .... PAY SO MUCH ATTENTION TO THIS...never never never take any cab on the street in front of the arrivals hall....there is a stall just in the middle where you can see fares to Capital or surroundings ...they will type your name and where you go and the driver after some minutes will come to u and ask for ur ticket (you pay there, not to the driver) and he carry u wherever u need or u ask for ... its a great deal
Its reallly DANGEROUS to take a cab outside in the airport and more dangerous at night !!

The main reason u dont have to pay them inside the cab is dued so many harms at hand driving in Buenos Aires main city and surroundings

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May 04, 2006
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Aerolineas Argentinas

I flew from Barcelona through Madrid To Ezeiza also known as Ministro Pistarini after 13 or 14 hours flying... the flight was in a jumbo aircraft and the service into was excellent ...i can say that Aerolineas has a great catter to the passengers into the planes..maybe its not the best on the airports because there are a several strikes every year and you never know beforehand if your plane will take off on time or will be delay
Barajas was a long corridors and at all well designed and sometimes lost in those long halls and corridors walking astrayed by there...a real mess

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Apr 16, 2006


Most international flights to Buenos Aires arrive to EZEIZA Airport, south of the city. It takes at least an hour to get to the center and you can either take a taxi or bus service. Just leaving the baggage claim area you will see the tourist agencies offering you transport, hotels and usual trips too. The transportation company I used was Manuel Tienda Leon. They are totally professional and I'm sure you won't have any problems with them.

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Mar 28, 2005

ezeiza airport

You have to pay a departure tax when leaving from this airport on a different day from whence you arrive.

There are no hotels inside or close by.

There is a shuttle bus in front of Terminal B that will take you downtown for 15 pesos.

There is a storage facility in Terminal A for 6 pesos.

Terminal B is where you normally arrive if you are comming from outside of the country and Terminal A is where you go if you are going to another area in Argentina.

There is a hotel stand, tourist stand, telephone network, and only a few shops.

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Mar 31, 2004

By Air

Buenos Aires is quite well deserved from the rest of the Americas, South Africa, Australasia, Europe and South Eastern Asia.

The Argentine flag carrier is Aerolíneas Argentinas, more commonly reffered as Aerolíneas. Aerolíneas has a respectable number of destinations in the Americas and Europe and their national network is excellent. They are about to start a new route to China in a few months time. They sometimes have really good offers in their website:

Also we have Southern Winds - Federales (, American Falcon ( and Aerovip.

The two main airports of Buenos Aires are Ezeiza (EZE) and Aeroparque (AEP). International flights from everywhere except Uruguay land at Ezeiza, which is located 30km from downtown.
Aeroparque receives mostly national flights and it is only 2.5km from dowtown.

In both cases I recommend taking a taxi from the airport to the city. A journey from Ezeiza to the downtown should cost between 10 and 15 USD. Never but never take taxi services offered by persons next to the main arrivals hall. Go to the counter of any of the big taxi companies (remiserías), such as Manuel Tienda León. They might be more expensive, but you are traveling safer.

The concessionaire of both EZE and AEP is Aeropuertos Argentina 2000. Their website is very complete and updated.

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Feb 01, 2004

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The Ezeiza International Airport is located 34 kilometers (21 miles) outside of the city, but is easily accessible by a great highway system. Once inside, there are numerous shops, cafes and excellent public facilities. You can take a shuttle or a cab into town. I arrived very late at night and there was no traffic into town so my cabbie drove about 120 kilometer per hour and got me to my hotel really fast. You can arrange for a Radio Taxi (safest, but not the cheapest) from the airport at booths inside the terminal. It's easy, because you pre-pay and can use a credit card, but you'll probably end up paying too much. The Radio cabs were charging around 45-48 pesos, while I paid 28 with a local cab.

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Nov 22, 2003

Aerolineas Argentinas 1257

I was among the first able-bodied and unencumbered people to board Aerolineas Argentinas 1257. There weren't enough people on this flight to start a fight. Even counting the crew, if there were 25 people total aboard this flight, I'll eat airline food (economy class) for a year. I settled into seat 22-C and we pulled out spot on at 7.45 p.m. with the usual safety lecture. Wheels left Brazilian soil at 7.57 p.m. The absolute dearth of humanity made it look like I could get a modicum of sleep after the supper trolley rolled through on this comparatively short flight. I tried to lift the armrests but they wouldn't go up. I checked to see if that were true in all rows. I went two rows behind me and the armrests did go up. Life was good. We made our climb, but the meal trolley hadn't rolled through. I saw them load the food aboard the aircraft in one of those high lift trucks. A stewardess told me that turbulence delayed meal service. This is the first airline I had ever flown where mild turbulence delayed meal service. Ridiculous! I have seen crews on all other airlines, even Varig, serve COFFEE in worse turbulence than this. They finally turned off the "fasten seatbelt" sign and started rolling the trolley through. I don't know why they even worried with the trolley. With the sparse cabin, they would have done it just as fast handing out the meals two by two. The plane started to shake a little as the trolley was rolling. I was afraid they would park it again and never get to 24-C. When it finally got there, the meal was pretty barren- spinach canalones with marinara sauce, a ham and cheese platter with potato salad garnished with a lime, a hard roll, and some chocolate cake. I wanted Guaraná, but they didn't have any, so I settled for water instead. Oh well, this was only a 3-hour flight. Wheels hit Argentine soil at 21.45. We parked in the middle of the tarmac and boarded a shuttle bus that took us to terminal B.

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Mar 08, 2003

Things To Do Near Buenos Aires

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Chacarita Cemetery

We have another big cementery in the city. It is called Cementerio de la Chacarita and it's located in Chacarita. Free guided visits: every 2° y 4°saturday at 11 am. En la ciudad tenemos otro...
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Tierra Santa - Religious Theme Park

Venta de Entradas: Martes a Viernes de 9 a 21.30 hs. (Parque abierto hasta las 23 hs.) Sábados, Domingos y Feriados 11 a 22 hs. (Parque abierto hasta las 23.30 hs.) Entradas: Mayores $15 Menores...
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Bosques De Palermo - Palermo Park

The Palermo parks are not to be missed when visiting Buenos Aires! There’s a lot of green spaces in this beautiful city, and this is most evident in the parks of Palermo. The parks are huge and I...
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Lagos de Palermo

lago de palermo: Es el lugar ideal para paseos, deportes acuaticos, ejercicios físicos, contemplación de su vegetación. Es muy visitado en el verano donde se organizan una gran variedad de actividades...
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Evita Museum - Museo Evita

Whilst most visitors to Buenos Aires seek out Eva Peron's final place of rest at the Recoleta Cemetery, the Museo Evita (entry 50 Pesos), fleshes out the story of this most well known...
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Avenida Santa Fe

I recommend you to take a walk along this avenue. A good starting point is the corner of Avenida Santa Fe and Avenida Pueyrredon (theres a subway station of the D line on that corner). Walk on...
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