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Peninsula Valdes National Park Day Trip
"Getting at the peninsula south passing thru Salinas Grande and Chica we will get to Punta Delgada by noon were we will enjoy a lunch (not included) at Complejo El Faro.At El Faro you will have the opportunity to go among the cliffs and walk between seals and sea lions. Please note that El Faro closes after Easter until 31 August.When El Faro is c the lunch is at Pyramid Cove (without access to El Faro private beach).As the trip goes on we will go to Punta Canor to see the peninsula outside coast and arrive at Punta Cantor also known as the Valdes entrance. Here we will see amazing geologic formations before coming back to Istmo Ameghino.At eventide we will arrive to Puerto Madryn."
From $97.00
Peninsula Valdes Full Day Tour from Puerto Madryn With optional Whale Watching
"Explore the amazing Peninsula Valdes a world-heritage site on this full-day tour from Puerto Madryn. The area is famous for unique animal species since it's a suitable place for them to live and breed. On this day out you'll be accompanied by both bilingual guides and naturalists. The first stop is the interpretive center Carlos Ameghino Isthmus where you'll learn about the flora fauna and geology of the peninsula. Also you'll enjoy the panoramic lookout point of Golfo Nuevo
From $142.00
Punta Tombo Penguin Colony and Union Beach from Puerto Madryn with optional Toninas Watching
"The first stop is in the Rawson's Port at Playa Unión where you'll embark to observe the Overas Toninas (optional). The Overa Toninas are recognized for their similarity to the dolphins. They are no longer than a meter and a half. Puerto Rawson is one of playing and showing their skills to the visitors who have the possibility to watch the spectacle. The navigation lasts approximately an hour and a half.Once you've returned to land you'll have free time to buy your lunch (optional at your own expense) or you are able to take your own box lunch. As there are 150km between Playa Union and Punta Tombo lunch will be on board.Later you'll go to Punta Tombo a geographical accident that Magellan's penguin uses as habitat (entrance fee not included). At this stop
From $140.00

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