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Tierra del Fuego National Park Private tour
"Tierra del Fuego National Park is the most southern natural reserve and it is the only park that is home to sea coasts and mountains covering a width of 6 Km along the shores of Beagle Channel and a surface area of 63000 hectares. It is accessible by the national road 3 southwest from Ushuaia.On this tour we will sightseeing interesting points like the river Pipo Mount Susana Ensenada Bay Island Redonda
From $280.00
The End of the World Train Admission Ticket
"The train departs from the End of the World station. After 10 minutes the train arrives to ""La Macarena"" station where it stops for 15 minutes. In that station passengers can get off the train take some pictures and walk two different footpaths. Once time is up the train guard will blow the whistle in order to let the passengers know it's time to continue the trip. After that the train departs from ""La Macarena"" station and 5 minutes from there
From $50.00
Beagle Channel and Seal Island Catamaran Tour from Ushuaia
"The Beagle Channel which runs through the Tierra del Fuego archipelago is a 149-mile (240-km) passageway home to beautiful scenery and many small islands that you'll come across on this catamaran tour from Ushuaia. After pickup from your hotel you’ll head out on the water and sail through Ushuaia Bay making your way into the channel. Your catamaran will weave through the islands of the Alicia Archipelago while you keep your eyes peeled for the wildlife that populates the area like seals
From $150.00

More Warnings and Dangers in Río Grande

beware of guanakos,strong winds & cyclers

Guanakos are a smaller species of lamas and we saw quite a lot of them, while driving around in the area north of Tolhuin. At one side they are quite shy, but they might panic and run into your car,...
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Jan 08, 2009

dont step on the old bridge over the Rio Grande

The bridge over the Rio Grande dates back to 1920 and you are not allowed to walk over it ! In case that you want to do it anyway, take a look first for the many rusty or broken parts of the...
globetrott's Profile Photo
Jan 04, 2009
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"the largest town in Fireland / Tierra del Fuego"
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"You may find yourself in Rio Grande"
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"Hogar Dulce Hogar !! / Home Sweet Home!!"
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