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Mercados Tips (9)

Mercado de las Brujas

The witches market, He you can buy potions to improve your sex life, candles to ward off evil spirits even Armadillos (dried) to prevent burglary, The generations of witches, medicine-bringers the Kallawayas, sorceres live and work in this downtown area . The cobbled street ,The calle linares is full of women in colourfull dresses bowler hats with stall's full of herbs and charms and dried animals here,s a few of the best buys;
Dried frog with a ciggarette in its mouth-to bring wealth
Dreid Llama feothus - under the foundations in a new house
Naked ceramic couple-to aid fertility, and improve sex life

Pete.Gibson's Profile Photo
Oct 15, 2005

Buenos Aires

En la avenida Buenos Aires se monta un gran mercado . Alrededor de las pequeñas tiendas se montan los puestos donde se puede comprar comida , verduras , ropa normal y de fiesta , herramientas ...
Por cierto , es una buena zona para comprar un sombrero de los que usan las señoras Bolivianas , pero eso si sólo se pueden comprar en color negro , marrón o gris
In Buenos Aires Avenue they install a big market . Around the small shops they put the stalls where you may get food , vegetables , normal and costume clothes , tools...
By the way , this is the place to buy a hat of those that use the Bolivian ladies , but you only may get it in black , brown or grey colour

elpariente's Profile Photo
Mar 09, 2007

The witch market

The witches market is a small street next to the main backpacker street (which name i forgot).
It's one of those things you'll have to see when in La Paz. They sell all sort of stuff, from pachamama images to lama fetuses(locals bury this under their new house as a sacrifice to Pachamama.)

gonzo747's Profile Photo
Dec 23, 2005

Witches Market

Head to the mercado de las Brujas in central La Paz. It is a very interesting place and makes a great place to buy unique and cheap sovineers. There are a lot of good luck charms and favorite was the llama fetus. Try explaining that at customs!

chris_i79's Profile Photo
Jul 15, 2003
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Witch Market

Buy anything from a Pachamama (mother earth Andean god) statue to a llama fetus (good luck will come to those who have one of these on their house). It's a very interesting street a few blocks from the San Francisco church.

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Sep 26, 2002

Mercado de la Coca

Thanks to a friend I took a bus in downtown and arrived to this original market. Many people were buying coca leaves, what is legal.
I noticed that some driver carried many bags and immediately left to remote villages of Bolivia for its distribution.
I went inside the market and sat down in a cafeteria (well, just a table and some wooden chairs) and ordered a tea with coca leaves plus a sweet.
I furtively took some pictures inside, but I think that it was forbidden, although nobody reprimanded me.

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Jul 19, 2016

mercado de brujas

whre you can buy all kind of stuff to solve medical problems and spirituals thing and disease.
Hereby you see the Llama fetus

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Jun 10, 2005

The market of LA PAZ


YOU ll ve a lot of unforgetable impressions concerning , smelling , tasting foods pp .

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Apr 09, 2004
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"La Paz - City with a View"
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"A little glimpse of La Paz"
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"La cuenca de La Paz"
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"Getting a little trim in La Paz"
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Street Markets

scattered around La paz are pockets of market areas. Enjoy the smells and sights while dealing with the altitude effects.

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Feb 15, 2007

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