Salvador da Bahia Off The Beaten Path

  • The Tamar project.
    The Tamar project.
    by cachaseiro
  • Bahian boy at the Tamar project.
    Bahian boy at the Tamar project.
    by cachaseiro
  • Praia do Forte.
    Praia do Forte.
    by cachaseiro

Most Viewed Off The Beaten Path in Salvador da Bahia

  • 1. Tamar Reserve

    The Tamar reserve is a project that has been going on for many years at the little beach town called Praia do Forte 80 kilometers north of Salvador. The Tamar project protects the giant sea turtles...

  • 2. Morro de Sao Paulo

    It takes two hours to get to Morro on the Catamaran from Mercado Modelo... and it really is idyllic heaven. I stayed on the fourth beach which is quiet and ideal fro a relaxing getaway... There is...

  • 3. Linea verde

    The Green Line is one of the few bands left of Atlantic rainforest in Brazil: the development of agriculture, grazing and indiscriminate exploitation of coast have greatly reduced this natural...

  • 4. Mercado Modelo

    Just about everyone who goes to Salvador has been to Mercado Modelo, but whenever I go down to the basement, I rarely see a living soul. At the end of the building, where the Capoeira dancers perform,...

  • 5. Chapada Diamantina

    The Chapada Diamantina National Park is unique with its wonderful landascapes, waterfalls, canyons, natural swimming pools... Culture and Ecotourism in the Vale do Capao : Many tourists are going to...

  • 6. Ribeira

    Ribeira is a neighbourhood on the bay side of the city on the peninsula of Itapagipe in the lower city (cidade baixa). It's not very far from the well-known Igreja (Church) de Bonfim. Ribeira was...

  • 7. Mangue Seco

    You can get to Mangue Seco from getting a boat at Pontal. To get to Pontal you need to get on the Linha Verde (Green Line, the road that leads up to Pontal, the first ecological highway of the...

  • 8. Litoral Norte - North Coast

    Pesque-pague If you go to Litoral Norte and are already a bit tired of wonderful beaches, a good and relaxing and sure fun option is to stop by one of the pesque-pague (fish-and-pay) places. Here's...

  • 9. Ilha dos Frades

    A very small island across Ilha Itaparica. Without electricity it's not full open to tourist so if you schedule to stay you must arrange by your own (taking the trip boat to Itaparica, it stop for...

  • 10. Ilha de Boipeba

    A paradise...on earth! To get there first you have to go in Morro do Sao Paulo in Bahia and then travel by track about an hour and get across the canal by boat! Ilha Boipeba is a lovely island located...

  • 11. Guarajuba.

    Guarajuba is a beach around 70 kilometers north of Salvador and a really good place to go for a daytrip if you want to spend the day at a really good beach with...

  • 12. Walk to other neighborhoods

    Missing the elevator, I found myself in a less touristy area, where the people are less pushy. The streets are filled with vendors, and you can see how the...

  • 13. Wash Day

    If you miss the elevator, these huge things are remarkably easy to miss, you will have to walk up the hill to reach the upper city. Along the way you will see...

  • 14. Mahi Mahi - sunbathing and cocktails

    Not off the beaten track in terms of being an unusual destination, but more an unexpected little haven off one of Salvador's main residential streets. Mahi Mahi...

  • 15. Lets go fishing!!

    If you come to Barra, during the summer months from october until march, and think it could be interresting to try to go fishing the local way with handlines...

  • 16. Bahia: multiple faces

    Bahia are not only Carnaval, condombl?, skyscrepars, beaches and more...but it's also favelas, mininio de rua, families that live collecting cans...and it's...

  • 17. The statues of Orixás, deities...

    The statues of Orixás, deities of the Candomblé religion, in the Dique do Tororó are cool. The statues are in a circle with a fountain placed in the middle that...

  • 18. Josefina Tabacos

    In Cruiz Das Almas the Josefina Cigarfactory is located. It is interesting to see how these famous cigars are produced. From sorting the leaves, rolling,...

  • 19. A Day at the Beach

    A wonderful day trip while in Salavador is to the small island of Itaparica. The beaches there are beautiful and uncrowded, and the boat ride across to the...

  • 20. Cemitério Campo Santo

    This is a large cemetery in the Federação neighborhood. I thought this was a beautiful place and I came here a few times just for the tranquillity.It's on the...

  • 21. Cachoeira

    Around Salvador (just a couple of hours) is Cachoeira a colonial town with its twin town across the old bridge, Sao Felix. Here is the most of the spirit of...

  • 22. Barra

    I stayed in Barra, which is a short distance south of the historic center of Pelourinho. If you've ever seen tourist photos of Salvador, they will often use the...

  • 23. Water Park

    Salvador da Bahia has a Water Park, "Wet'n' Wild" where you can enjoy a wet and wild day!Salvador de Bahía tiene un parque acuático, el "Wet'n'Wild" ("mojado y...

  • 24. Churchs!

    There are a lot of churchs at Salvador; when you visit Pelourinho (ancient district) you will see some of them. But a nice and "off the beaten path" church is...

  • 25. lots of great churches

    This is another great church in Bahia.I had been in Bahia several times between 1978 and 1985 - Walking in the city, especially in these streets , where lots of...

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