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Day Trip to Fumaça Waterfall
"The tour will start in Lençóis from your hotel. The group will set off after breakfast at about 8:30 or 9:00am for Capão Valley where you will begin the 6km (3.75 mile) hike to the top of Fumaça Waterfall. It is considered the highest waterfall in Brazil when there is not much water the water falls but does not reach the ground because the strong winds blow it back up.  Hence the name “Fumaça” which in Portuguese means smoke.  There are also beautiful rainbows to be seen.  On the way back you will have a wonderful view of “Morrão” mountain.  After this we will go to Riachinho Waterfall where it is possible to go for a swim and get your energy back after the nice walk. Afterwards it'll be time to head back to Lençóis for the end of the tour."""
From $110.00
Full Day Cave Tour from Lençóis
"You will leave Lençóis after breakfast around 8:30-9am and head by car to the Mucugezinho River first. After a short 10-minute walk you'll end up at the Devil's Pool. Feel free to dive in; you can also go rappelling or zip-lining in the surrounding area.After some time there you'll head out to the Pai Inácio Mountain which is 1200 meters above sea level (3
From $110.00
Full-Day Tour of the Paraguaçu River with Dolphin Watching
"You'll meet at 8am at the Ribeira harbor to board the boat with the captain and biologist on board. You'll have a short safety explanation about security and things to know about the dolphins before heading out. It takes about an hour to cross the bay; o you'll arrive in Barra do Paraguaçu where the dolphins stay. While watching the dolphins you'll have a guided audio tour of their behavior biology and explanation of the study of these fascinating animals. You'll watch the dolphins for about 2 hours before heading to Fort Salaminas; after reaching the fort around 11:30am your group will walk around and explore until reaching the beautiful waterfall nearby. After some swimming
From $1,500.00

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