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  • Florianopolis by night
    Florianopolis by night
    by riquito
  • Praia Mole again!
    Praia Mole again!
    by schnaider
  • Florianópolis
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Florianópolis Things to Do

  • Exploring the Island of Santa Catarina

    Amazing experience I had on my first time visiting Florianopolis in the Island of Santa Catarina. I had lots of fun. l really love the place, the view. Make sure you don't miss Florianopolis in your next visit to Brazil.

  • Floripa canal

    Florianopolis in an island that is about 25 miles long with many different beaches strewn every 3 miles or so. each beach has its own distinction...some are deserted with untouched land and lush vegetation, some are a total surf and kite surfing culture, some are local farm and fishing communities, some are hoity toity snobby clubs, some are...

  • Lagoa da Conceição

    This is an very good place to visit. Around the lagoon there are one of better night life at the city, with restaurants, bars and pubs. To get there you should take these scenic road, from where I took this picture.

  • Sand Boarding

    Just south of Lagoa da Conceição is a sand dune called Dunas da Joaquina where you can rent a board for a couple of Real. Nice place to chill out.

  • Renting a Car

    We rented a car and drove around the island of Santa Catarina, which I highly recommend. It was so easy to get around and it was very cheap to rent the car... We called around and the agent dropped the car off at our hotel and then picked it up after three days.

  • Praia Brava (Brave Beach) is super in...

    This little beach, nested between two beautiful green hills at the northeast most of the Island of Santa Catarina, deserves at least a good seven resting days in April. The tourists, mostly Argentineans and Paulistas (people from the state of São Paulo, in Brazil), are all gone. The condos are pretty empty and the 1,550 meters of beach are all...


Florianópolis Hotels

Florianópolis Restaurants

  • Fresh Sushi

    Nigiri Sushi is an all you can eat sushi restaurant which provides fresh seafood within a modest price range. The menu has a large variety of sushi ranging from Miso to banana salad rolls. If you go to Nigri on your birthday you will receive a free meal, and a delightful dessert. There are too many amazing dishes to pick just one!

  • Market Place

    It was a coincidence that when I was there, this area was having a cultural festival which different nationals setting up stalls selling their very own cuisine. For me, I went for the oyster either steam or bake. Yummy Yummy..... Oyster

  • Moqueca do camarao!!

    Before going to Brasil, a friend of mine told me to try the moqueca do camarao, we asked in our hotel for a good place, and they told us this restaurant, the place is expensive, but very nice. If you like fish you´ll love this pot, you need to be starving if you want to finish the whole pot, delicious!!! Moqueca!!!!


Florianópolis Nightlife

  • New Years at the Beach

    As the beautiful people go this is where to find them. We bougth our tickets here in the states before boarding the plane so it was $100 for the entire night at New Years. I think they were up to $500 by the time we got there. Its fun, great music. Definitly more western. So if you are looking for somthing off the beaten path this is not it. But if...

  • Dancing

    Warung Beach Club is located in the Northern tip of the island of Santa Catarina. Warung typically attracks world renown DJ's, which brings many local Brazillians to the club. The club is on the beach off of a dirt road, so make sure to get good directions prior to driving. We were with our Brazillian friends who lived in the area, and we still got...

  • Lago da Conceição

    Besides the wonderful views you can get when going to Lagoa, this neighborhood offers a great nightlife. The main street is full of bars and restaurants for any taste, beautiful people and live music.


Florianópolis Transportation

  • Executive buses from and to the airport

    Had to fly to SAO from Floripa and staying at Brava Beach (north of the island) I had enough time so I tried to go to the airport using the urban executive bus system. It was a week day and I started from my beach condo at 6:50 am when the second busccame through (they run at every 45 minutes). It costs R$6,00 (US$3.00) is confortable and...

  • Getting AROUND Floripa by BUS

    The bus transportation system in Floripa has 9 "Terminais de Integração", which operate the bus lines within the city.Types of lines:- Direta: leaves from Terminal de Integração directly to the Terminal do Centro, without stopping at bus stops on the itinerary. Comfortable and air-conditioned buses.- Semi-Direta: leaves from Terminal de Integração...

  • Renting a Car in Florianopolis

    We rented a car and drove around the island of Santa Catarina, which I highly recommend. It was so easy to get around and it was very cheap to rent the car... We called around and the agent dropped the car off at our hotel and then picked it up after three days.


Florianópolis Shopping

  • THe mall in Floripa

    I am a bikini addict, somtimes its best to buy them at the beaches. But for the most part you can find the better quality ones at the local mall. Plus they have cute designer shops that are inexpensive. Oh and the shoes, lots of great shoes for running sround. I liked "Mr. Cat" and "City Shoes" they have simple styles for a good price. Large brand...

  • Surf Shops

    When I first arrived in Centro Floripe, I was exhausted, and was carrying a large backpack with all of my belongings. I stumbled into Sul Nativo, where I was greeted with open arms, and many local recommendations which opened doors for future adventures. The surf shop has an abundance of surfing gear, and the sales staff are all local surfers. The...

  • Jurerê Open Shopping

    The Jurerê Open Shopping is a open area located couple blocks from the Jurere Internacional beach. It has a great structure to offer the best for its visitants, such as clean bathrooms and restaurants. There you are able to find cute bathing suit!! You can get to sit down and relax in a shadow during the hottest hours when the sun is unbearable!


Florianópolis Local Customs

  • Barbecue!!!

    We loooveeee to barbecue! I really mean it! It is a great opportunity to gather friends and family around a grill for a entire afternoon. The authentic Brazilian barbecue consists in a big piece of meat seasoned with sea salt grilled in a rotating skewer for at least 45 min.

  • best monument in town ihihih

    Surfing is a serious activity here. So much so that they built a monument to commemorate all the great surfers that have come from this area.

  • Florianópolis Hotels

    75 Hotels in Florianópolis

Florianópolis Warnings and Dangers

  • Weekend Summer to&from the beach traffic

    If you are to drive (or take a bus) to both ends of the island (North and South) be ready for a long, but I mean long, wait in the most intense bottle-necks I hade ever seen in my life. Summer weekends, specially after 5 pm, are absolutely impossible in Florianopolis. If you have any appointment downtown (or any place for the matter) before 9pm,...

  • Downtown late at night.

    Florianopolis is still a safe place, not as much as it used to be but with a little precaution you can have a great experience without surprises. One of them is not to walk downtown late at night, especially after the stores close 6-7 PM.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Florianópolis What to Pack

  • Deise05's Profile Photo

    Shadow and sunblock

    by Deise05 Updated Jul 17, 2006

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Beach umbrella and sun block are very important because if you don't take care you're gonna look like a lobster in no time! Take extra care during the 12 pm sun; you shouldn't sun bath during this time!!! Oh there is plenty beach umbrella available for rent at the beaches!

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Florianópolis Off The Beaten Path

  • Sambaqui

    In the north side of the city its possible to find small communities just like Sambaqui. These are the places where the fisherman leave to the sea to get fish, fish wich you can eat in one of the restaurants of the area. The people are very warm and willing to help. It is very interesting to see how people are relaxed and don't need to worry with...

  • Lagoinha do Leste

    If you like hiking you're gonna love this beach! Lagoinha do Leste is located on the east of the island it is a beach with no car access, to get in there you have two options: through the Pantano do Sul path, or through the Armação beach. This picture was taken from the Armação beach path (in my opinion the most beautiful) min before we get to the...

  • Sandboarding in the dunes

    Ask the locals where you find Joaquina BeachJust as you walk down the road toward the beach you will see a bar. Opposite the bar are some huge sand dunes. There is a guy that rents out sandboards by the hour. I think it was 10Reals per hour.It's good fun but very hard work.Take some water and sun glasses.


Florianópolis Sports & Outdoors

  • Surf Board Shaping

    Joao Schlickman has been shaping boards for over twenty years. Joao competed in the circuit in Brazil prior to shaping boards, so he has an professional eye for each individuals surfing needs. Bring Joao your specifications, and he will shape a board that will work for you.

  • Surf Shops

    Kauai Surf Shop in Joaqina has always been incredibly accomodating for my surfing needs. On my first trip, I bought a used board at Kauai which was very reasonable. I seached all of the surf shops around Joaqina and Central, and Kauai had the best deals. Additionally, the owner is willing to give you a deal, as long as you can speak basic...

  • Surfing in Floripa

    For most people to become a pro you have to be born to surf in every way from body shape to mind. Most people think surfing is too easy, but if you keep reading my article you will hear just how hard it is to surf. When you are out there, the waves look like monster.There are a lot of waves in the ocean big and small you must learn which waves are...


Florianópolis General

  • Guaraná

    If you didn't try guarana yet, you must to! Is the exotic flavor that makes guarana sodas so interesting. The best brands deliver a fruity taste, aren't overloaded with sugar, and have a pleasant aftertaste.


    I was in my way back to Mole Beach when suddenly I realized that i was not welcome, she was there and she said STOP!!!!Of course I had to obey!!!!NOVEMBER 2005


    For a better understanding of the island, you really have to prepared your legs and explore the big number of trails in the island, and you can come across with incredible landscapes, just like this one at Praia Mole. if you look well, you will see my franch canadian friend Pierre walking in the enormous dunes of Mole!Florianópolis is more than a...


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