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Private Layover Santos Port Tour of São Paulo City
"Your guide will pick you up by private vehicle from the port of Santos and drive you to downtown São Paulo (approx 80kms) for a brief historical walking tour. See the sight where the city was founded in 1554 at the Pátio do Colégio a historical Jesuit mission church and school. Stop at the famous Catedral da Sé (Cathedral of Sé) a neo-gothic building from the 20th century which holds up to 8000 people. Afterwards continue your scenic tour of São Paulo by private vehicle passing by the Monastery of Sao Bento a historical sight belonging to the Benedictines
From $700.00
Private Tour: São Paulo City Tour
"A three-hour tour is an ideal way to get a taste of this vast city in just a little bit of time. But if you’ve got an extra two hours you can upgrade your tour to include a few additional stops – including markets and neighborhoods – on your sightseeing tour of São Paulo! (See the Itinerary below for more details.)Your guide will pick you up by private vehicle from your hotel a a historical Jesuit mission church and school. Stop at the famous Catedral da Sé (Cathedral of Sé) a neo-gothic building from the 20th century which holds up to 8000 people.Afterwards continue your scenic tour of São Paulo by private vehicle passing by the Monastery of Sao Bento
From $195.00
Private Gastronomy Tour of São Paulo
"Meet your guide upon pickup from your hotel and begin your gastronomic tour of São Paulo by private vehicle. First visit the Municipal Market of São Paulo – known simply as Mercadão – one of the city’s most traditional gourmet markets since it opened in 1933.The Mercadão built in an eclectic industrial architectural style features gorgeous stained-glass windows by Sorgenicht Conrad Filho famous for his works in more than 300 Brazilian cathedrals. Follow your guide past stalls filled with a wide variety of foods – from fresh produce to meat poultry seafood
From $215.00

Street food, per kilo, general, recipes.... Tips (15)

Wednesday = feijoada

If it's Wednesday and you're in Sao Paulo you can bet that feijoada will be on the menu. They say that life in Sao Paulo is so unpredictable that they need to something to depend on and therefor...
cwest03's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Street food, "per kilo", general, recipes....

Kilo restaurnts are everywhere in São Paulo - from the simplest and cheapest to very sofisticated!They are common in the business areas (Av. Paulista, Brigadeiro Faria Lima) and are usually open only...
Lady_Disdain's Profile Photo
Feb 02, 2006


If you come to Brazil can´t miss the "PF", in any bussiness area. That´s the ready to eat dish that working people eat at lunch time...Very cheap and healthy. Most of them have rice, beans, meat,...
boasnovas's Profile Photo
Dec 16, 2005

All restaurants

Sao Paulo grew with immigrants from all over the world who came here during the late 19th century until the 1950´s, after the end of World War II. Because of this, the city is very cosmopolitan, and,...
Jun 01, 2003

So many choices

Most interesting fare can be found in the three types of restaurant that define eating out in Brazil: the beer garden, the steak and barbecue house, and the pizzeria. Excellent Brazilian draft beers...
Pierre_Rouss's Profile Photo
May 15, 2003

São Paulo is big and full of...

São Paulo is big and full of restaurantes of all cusines you could think off. So if you want something special buy a restaurant guide of São Paulo. São Paulo has one of the best Pizzas of the world,...
tille's Profile Photo
Sep 08, 2002

Liberdade (Japanese area)

Liberdade, the downtown Japanese area, has the cheapest fine sushi dining you'll ever run across. You can also buy affordable sushi lunches wrapped in plastic at the grocery stores. on Sundays there...
Sep 07, 2002

Experience the Churrascaria

Sao Paulo is known thorough Brazil for their food. If you ask any local what there is to do in Sao Paulo they will tell you to go get something to eat. If you're going to dig in and you think you are...
cwest03's Profile Photo
Sep 01, 2002

There's a great selection of...

There's a great selection of comida-por-kilo restaurants in the huge shopping mall at Avenida Paulista, called Mall Paulista. I gravitated towards those that specialises on Northeast Brazilian dishes....
Ramonq's Profile Photo
Aug 26, 2002

All You Can Eat Meat

This is a common form of dining in Brazil. A restaurant where you have a salad bar, they provide side dishes such a fries and then these gentlemen come around with various parts of a cow, pig, lamb or...
Aug 26, 2002

All kinds of food, you name...

All kinds of food, you name it, we have it!Try visiting a traditional italian restaurant, and a brazilian restaurant, you won't be dissapointed.Food from all around the world Look for someone selling...
Aug 25, 2002

There are two things Sao Paulo...

There are two things Sao Paulo is best known for in Brazil: business and food. Because the city's sprawling population represents every ethnicity in the country, cuisine in Sao Paulo becomes a matter...
Slydevil's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002
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Rua Barao de Landario 566/670, Bairro Bras, 03010
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Av. Celso Garcia, 1549/53, 03015
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Rua Prates 145, Bom Retiro, Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo, 01121-000, Brazil
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Avenida Casper Libero, 117, Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo, 01033-001, Brazil
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Av. Casper Libero, 115, Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo, 01033-001, Brazil
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44 Largo Santa Efigenia, Santa Efigenia, Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo, 01207-010, Brazil
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Top 5 São Paulo Writers

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"Short glimpses at São Paulo , my place....."
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"Cidade da Garoa"
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"Who am I to give advice?"
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"São Paulo"
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Things to Do Near São Paulo

Things to Do

Catedral da Sé

So this beautiful cathedral stands on a square, but seems to be completely disconnected from it. The square is inhabited by drugs addicts, who hold their own church services OUTSIDE the church, while...
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Things to Do

Avenida Paulista

Sao Paulo is a huge city and a bit chaotic. But the Avenida Paulista is something as well as the order in the chaos. Nerve center and financial, accumulates offices and shopping malls. Full of life...
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Things to Do

Museu de Arte de São Paulo

If you visit the museum MASP on a Sunday, you can also visit the outdoors antique market right under the museum. On the other side of the street you'll fins a handcraft market, food, beverages and ice...
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Things to Do

Memorial da America Latina

Memorial is a cultural space including artistic, scientific and educational events from Latin American. There´s exhibitions, concerts, movies festival, workshops, lectures, etc. Its architecture was...
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Things to Do

Parque Ibirapuera

Officially called Pavilhão Lucas Nogueira Garcez, this spherical structure hosts temporary art shows and exhibitions. After it was built in 1954, it became a museum for a while before being converted...
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