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Private Tour: São Paulo City Tour
"A three-hour tour is an ideal way to get a taste of this vast city in just a little bit of time. But if you’ve got an extra two hours you can upgrade your tour to include a few additional stops – including markets and neighborhoods – on your sightseeing tour of São Paulo! (See the Itinerary below for more details.)Your guide will pick you up by private vehicle from your hotel a a historical Jesuit mission church and school. Stop at the famous Catedral da Sé (Cathedral of Sé) a neo-gothic building from the 20th century which holds up to 8000 people.Afterwards continue your scenic tour of São Paulo by private vehicle passing by the Monastery of Sao Bento
From $195.00
Private Gastronomy Tour of São Paulo
"Meet your guide upon pickup from your hotel and begin your gastronomic tour of São Paulo by private vehicle. First visit the Municipal Market of São Paulo – known simply as Mercadão – one of the city’s most traditional gourmet markets since it opened in 1933.The Mercadão built in an eclectic industrial architectural style features gorgeous stained-glass windows by Sorgenicht Conrad Filho famous for his works in more than 300 Brazilian cathedrals. Follow your guide past stalls filled with a wide variety of foods – from fresh produce to meat poultry seafood
From $215.00
São Paulo Private City Tour
"Embark on a private city tour of São Paulo City. Enjoy sightseeing by executive car or a van with a knowledgeable tour guide and take a brief walk through downtown São Paulo. Choose which sights to see in the city for a fully unique and customized experience. View city landmarks like: The Pacaembu Stadium Paulista Avenue Ibirapuera Park Sé Cathedral square Pateo do Collegio Luz Station
From $82.00

Bus station (Rodoviaria Tiete) Tips (17)

Better buy tickets online instead of at Rodoviaria

Rodoviaria Tiete can be a little bit daunting especially for foreigners. I suggest the best way is to buy ticket online. There are plenty of good online services like, or

Oct 23, 2014

Mammoth bus station

As soon as you arrive in Sao Paolo you realise just how huge the city is by the bus station: over 100 bays! As Rio is close there are numerous buses running there (every 15 mins at peak times) and to other cities in Brazil. You can buy tickets at the bus station from a number of agencies. The roads here in the south are very good although the price is a little high.

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May 22, 2013

Buying your intercity/insterstate bus ticket

Map of the bus station

Finding your bus company: click here. Once at that website, in "Consulta de Viagens", type "Sao Paulo" (cidade de origem) and choose the best match offered (it will be Sao Paulo - SP), type the name of the city you want to travel, example, Buzios (Buzios - RJ), then click "Consultar" (search). The RJ stands for Rio de Janeiro, in this case, the name of the state where Buzios is located. Sometimes you'll find cities with the same name but in different states, so it's important to know the abbreviation of the state in question.

Ticket office number: click here. Once on the website, click on the bus symbol. From the list, find the bus company name and click on the respective bus symbol. Guichê = ticket office.

Unfortunately the map above isn't detailled, so you'll have to find the exact location of the ticket office by yourself. It can be located either at the "Bilheterias Ala Norte" or "Bilheterias Ala Sul". It's also good to know the bus company logo (check their website), so it'll be easier to find spot it.

I'm not sure if other busses companies accept credit card payment but as far as I remember Passaro Marron only accepts payment in cash. There are ATMs nearby (I think my husband managed to withdraw some money from one). So if you can, have some cash with you, not only for the ticket but also for food and drinks.

Bus ticket prices will depend on what time, date and bus category (“convencional”, "leito" or “executive”), so it's good to know some Portuguese... When you buy your ticket, they might show you the computer screen with the seating plan and ask you to choose a seat. When you get your ticket, you have 2 pieces of paper, one is your ticket, the other one is more bureaucratic (insurance) and you have to fill it out with your passport number, name of a person in Brazil (who will receive the insurance money in case of your death) and maybe a phone number as well and sign it. I don’t recall if the bus driver kept that paper…

Check you bus ticket for the platform number (see photo). See the map (it's well signed at the station) above and see where is your platform.

Keep in mind that traffic is a huge nightmare in Sao Paulo, so buy something to drink and eat for the trip. There are lots of food places at the station, so it will probably be difficult to choose one thing among all those stands. If you like cheese rolls, you might try "pao de queijo". Buy one at "Casa do Pao de Queijo" and if you like, order more to go (they also have mini bite sized pao de queijo as well).

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Mar 14, 2012

Sao Paulo Guarulhos to Novotel Sao Paulo Jaragua

We are flying into Guarulhos in a few days time and are staying at the Novotel Sao Paulo Jaragua. Is it possible to reach the hotel by bus or metro if so do you have any details on how we do this?

Thank you

Feb 02, 2012
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Hotels Near São Paulo

Rua Barao de Landario 566/670, Bairro Bras, 03010
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Av. Celso Garcia, 1549/53, 03015
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Rua Prates 145, Bom Retiro, Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo, 01121-000, Brazil
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Avenida Casper Libero, 117, Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo, 01033-001, Brazil
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Av. Casper Libero, 115, Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo, 01033-001, Brazil
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44 Largo Santa Efigenia, Santa Efigenia, Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo, 01207-010, Brazil
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Terminal Rodoviario Tiete

It is the main bus terminal
serving major national cities and some South American countries.

Timetable and bus schedules:

Cidade de origem = Depart city (S?o Paulo)

Cidade - UF de destino = Arrival city

Click on Enviar

Click on the bus company name for bus schedule.

Guich? = ticket office number (it's wrong on this site, so check the right one on:

HOW TO GET THERE FROM THE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: Take the Airport Service Bus "Rodovi?ria Ti?te" at the airport. Follow the crowd, take an escalator (or stairs if you are in a hurry. There is an elevator somewhere as well) and turn left. Good luck finding your bus ticket office!


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Apr 04, 2011

From Sao Paulo to Iguassu

I suggest you visit both side from the falls! I was born in iguassu and lived there for many years, each time i visit one side of the falls i thinks its more beautifull than the other, but i couldnt make my mind yet of which one is my favourite! ;)
Buses from Sao Paulo to Iguassu:

Trip nbr Departure Arrival Price Kind of bus
6850 14:30 07:30 85,89 Regular
7150 16:00 08:05 85,89 Regular
3610 18:00 07:45 215,85 Bed kind of seats
6860 20:00 10:55 85,89 Regular

From Iguassu to Sao Paulo:

Trip nbr Departure Arrival Price Kind of bus
6810 14:30 04:25 138,39 Regular
7100 16:00 08:05 125,69 Regular
3660 18:00 10:50 216,04 Bed kin dof seat
4050 18:45 10:30 138,39 Regular
7000 19:30 11:00 138,39 Regular
Infos taken from Plumas website

Enjoy your trip!

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Nov 21, 2008

GRU to Tiete Station Center

The metro line covers only a little part of the city. In your case it`s impossible to go from GRU to the TIÊTE bus station by metro, it doesn`t connect both localizations. I recommend you to take a bus named “Airport bus service” that will take you to the bus station. It’s safe and must cost about $20.You should google it and look for more information like schedule and prices. Good trip

Sep 23, 2008

Going souht by bus?

If you're heading to Santa Catarina (Florianopolis, Camboriu and so on), the best buses are those by Catarinense (
Heading even further, Itapemirim (or Penha, tel: 0800-723-2122) goes all the way to Porto Alegre (costs about R$ 140), Pelotas and Rio Grande (

Anyway ... I'd suggest to check the airlines out before you end up for hours in a bus. These are the cheapest options, as long as you buy the tickets way in advance: GOL (, TAM (, BRA (

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Nov 05, 2007

Top 5 São Paulo Writers

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"Short glimpses at São Paulo , my place....."
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"Cidade da Garoa"
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"Who am I to give advice?"
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"São Paulo"
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Garcia Bus Line

Two airports, Congonhas being the domestic hub, almost always delayed but not impossible. Can fly on GOL or TAM to many places for cheap, from $50 upwards. The buses in SP and Brasil in general are very good, use an executivo bus as it will be more comfortable and have a/c, there are also leito buses which recline into a bed for overnight trips...buses are a very efficient and relatively inexpensive way to get around Brasil.

I have had good experiences with this company, note they only go to destinations in the southwest of the country.

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Mar 07, 2007

Getting to Tiete Station

Great - you are taking a bus to go somewhere else: Rio, the countryside, Porto Alegre - so many options!

But how do you get to the station? By subway! The subway station is actually inside the bus station - just a long hallway down.

You can get in on any subway station - check the wall maps because you want to get to the Blue Line. The Station is Tiete. Once you leave the train, follow the wall signs pointing to "Rodoviária"

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Jul 17, 2006

from sao paolo to curitia santiago de chile

Hi i am arriving in to sao paolo on 6/6/2006 and than i like to go by bus to curitia and than from curitia i like to go by to santiago de chile and than i like to return to sao paolo can you help me out

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May 18, 2006


You can get lost there, it is indeed enormous, but quite organized and with many facilities like a subway station. the Terminal tiet~e is one of the few places in Brazil where you can go to any destination in the country!

Travelling by bus in Brazil is much more common than travelling by train.

Some days after my arrival from Canada I stopped in São Paulo to welcome my canadian friend Mike, and I left my mother there to continue her trip to Rio.

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Jul 19, 2005

Things to Do Near São Paulo

Things to Do

Catedral da Sé

So this beautiful cathedral stands on a square, but seems to be completely disconnected from it. The square is inhabited by drugs addicts, who hold their own church services OUTSIDE the church, while...
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Things to Do

Avenida Paulista

Sao Paulo is a huge city and a bit chaotic. But the Avenida Paulista is something as well as the order in the chaos. Nerve center and financial, accumulates offices and shopping malls. Full of life...
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Things to Do

Museu de Arte de São Paulo

If you visit the museum MASP on a Sunday, you can also visit the outdoors antique market right under the museum. On the other side of the street you'll fins a handcraft market, food, beverages and ice...
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Things to Do

Memorial da America Latina

Memorial is a cultural space including artistic, scientific and educational events from Latin American. There´s exhibitions, concerts, movies festival, workshops, lectures, etc. Its architecture was...
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Things to Do

Parque Ibirapuera

Designed in 1954, but built only in 2005, Auditório Ibirapuera is the work of the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer. The ultra-modern music hall is considered one of the best venues for concerts in São...
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Getting to São Paulo


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