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Private Layover Santos Port Tour of São Paulo City
"Your guide will pick you up by private vehicle from the port of Santos and drive you to downtown São Paulo (approx 80kms) for a brief historical walking tour. See the sight where the city was founded in 1554 at the Pátio do Colégio a historical Jesuit mission church and school. Stop at the famous Catedral da Sé (Cathedral of Sé) a neo-gothic building from the 20th century which holds up to 8000 people. Afterwards continue your scenic tour of São Paulo by private vehicle passing by the Monastery of Sao Bento a historical sight belonging to the Benedictines
From $700.00
São Paulo Gourmet Cooking Workshop
"The workshop will start with a pick-up then transportation to the Municipal Market to taste some of the famous delicacies of the place. The group along with the chef will purchase the ingredients to prepare the special menu that our chef has created specially. The space will be exclusive with music and the workshop structure aims to make guests feel special on their visit to São Paulo!The proposed itinerary is as follows: 10:00am to 11:00am – Pick-up at hotels located in São Paulo to visit Municipal Marked to buy some of the ing"""This small-group workshop sets to discover Brazilian flavors. Participants will join the chef to buy prepare and taste the special menu. Visit the Municipal Market
From $158.00
Private Tour: São Paulo City Tour
"A three-hour tour is an ideal way to get a taste of this vast city in just a little bit of time. But if you’ve got an extra two hours you can upgrade your tour to include a few additional stops – including markets and neighborhoods – on your sightseeing tour of São Paulo! (See the Itinerary below for more details.)Your guide will pick you up by private vehicle from your hotel a a historical Jesuit mission church and school. Stop at the famous Catedral da Sé (Cathedral of Sé) a neo-gothic building from the 20th century which holds up to 8000 people.Afterwards continue your scenic tour of São Paulo by private vehicle passing by the Monastery of Sao Bento
From $195.00

Watch your back! Tips (15)

They point a gun at you.

There is a big difference between big cities in poor countries and big cities in developed countries.
In Sao Paulo for example, thieves point a gun at you, and sometimes they fire.
This is not usual in other countries. Motorcyclists can put a gun in your head when you are in a taxi ride to take your smartphone, hand baggage, wallet etc...

This is the true.

Apr 15, 2016


My husband was on a business trip in Brazil last year. He was travelling with a business partner. They stopped to take a picture on the Anchieta Highway (from my understanding, a well-travelled toll road) in the middle of the day. They were robbed at gunpoint. My husband was shot and killed. I have read that thieves only want your money and possessions. This has shattered our lives. As a tourist, you think it can never happen to you... think again. Please take these warnings seriously.

May 21, 2014

It can be dangerous like any other big city

São Paulo has its problems but is not different from any other big city all over the world... New York has 9/11, London 7/7 bombings, Madrid 3/11... I was born and raised in São Paulo, don't have a bullet proof car and I'm still alive to come here and write this review. If you know where to go, nothing will happen to you.

AngelaB73's Profile Photo
Jul 24, 2012



I'm from SP - in my family (5 people) there have been 3 kidnappings, 4 armed robberies (while in car), 2 cars stolen and 3 cars broken into. IT IS COMMON TO HAVE THIS MANY OR MORE CASES LIKE THIS IN A FAMILY - and it happens to rich or poor, doesn't matter!!!!!


Jun 26, 2010
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eyes behind your head...

when you are walking thorugh some São Paulo´s streets, you have to be aware...
folow simple instructions:
-Never walk with jewelry,watches,notebooks through São Paulo streets, day or can be an easy target for " trombadinhas"
-when you go to Ibirapuera´s Park hide your money very well
-inside cars: when car stops, never be aware of anything surround you and close the´s´s a huge city with a lot of social distortion..
-i prefer to use taxi instead bus...if you want to use São Paulo´s metrô ( subway), if you don´t know it, go there with someone who knows target..São Paulo subway is very good, one of the good things made here...

DrLeoLocke's Profile Photo
Sep 12, 2006

Always be on alert!

Do be careful. In Sao Paulo, as in many cities, there are many people who will take advantage if given the opportunity.

I had the misfortune of being stalked during my short visit there, but was lucky to be able to shake my pursuer.

Standard precautions are a must:
-Do not travel alone, if at all possible
-Do not walk about after dark
-Keep to public places where there are others around

If you follow these precautions, you will probably have a very enjoyable visit!

Feb 13, 2006

Critically high level in crime activity

Sao Paolo is a big city and lots of tourist come here each year, some people have good experiences and the rest are not lucky. This place has high level of crime activity especially in tourist areas. The area around Se Cathedral is dangerous, be extra careful when stepping out of your car to get a photo of something. Lots of people are already watching you, so take care of your belongings all the time. Police are no where in sight so when you need help, no one will respond.

Homeless people hang around places like Luz station, Se Cathedral, Municipal theatre, Liberdade Avenue, Sao Bento monastery. Parks are not that safe either, don't stroll parks by yourself. When visiting flea markets be wary of pickpockets.

When buying bags, they might look like leather but ask first before buying, they would tell you if it's not real leather.

Taxi drivers don't have change, so carry enough small bills with you. Hire only taxi or tour guides from your hotel don't hail a taxi anywhere.

esmerkingsland's Profile Photo
Feb 01, 2006

Be aware

Well, SP has 16 million people, of which about 40% are poor. It means it's a violent city.

People talk a lot about violence in Brazil.. I have to admit, it's not the safest place to be in the world. Still not the worse one!

So, what I suggest, specially for typical turists: don't show off your camera(s). Don't talk to strangers, unless it's in a store, etc. People love robbing foreigners because they're nayve, so be aware on the streets and in bars.

Important thing: DON'T buy drugs in the streets (nor bars). Really. A friend of mine got ripped off by the police in Rio because he bought marijuana from a hippie in a boteco.

About traffic... well, traffic is BUSY in SP. Be carefull when crossing the streets!

Oh, and when you arrive in the airport, you can get a special bus to the city or get a taxi. Although, be sure to get a taxi related to the airport, which means you pay for your ride BEFORE (inside the airport). --> this works just in the airport. In the city, you pay the taxidriver like anywhere else in the world.

Aug 09, 2005

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Be careful

Sao Paulo is a dangerous city. Always be in the look out. As traveler we stand out and people may take an advantage. It is very comon for cars to have bullet proof windows wsuch as these Toyota Corolla.

MrAviator2u's Profile Photo
Apr 25, 2005

Keep ur things with u!

It's not a new tip for big cities, you have to be careful with your belongings. If you are a tourist and look like one...the best thing to do is wear a moneybelt. backbags are practic to walk around, but are easy to be opened! When u r in malls or restaurants u don't have to be as careful as in the street, bus, walking, in the car...don't wear too fancy clothes to take a bus...
I used many buses and the subways...I don't look brazilian and well...nothing happened to me...but u have always to be careful, look around...try not to go to dark places alone and so on ...u probably know all this, but being careful is never too much!

Shibiru's Profile Photo
Jun 27, 2004

Watch out.... this is not a safe city!

Sao Paulo is unfortunately a dangerous city. High unemployment rates and social problems have led to very high crime rates, mostly in the poorer areas of the city. However, crime´s all over! But don´t worry, it´s not like you go out on the streets and you´re robbed. Shopping malls, supermarkets, banks and public buildings are safe. If you´re driving, don´t have your windows all open if you´re driving through an area which you might consider kind of suspicious. Public buses are a danger!!!! Subways are very safe. Police number... 190.

Jun 01, 2003

if you use common sense...

if you use common sense you'll be OK, but be alert. the city is always full of bustling crowds so just go with the flow. i did wander into some seedy neighborhoods alone... and i'm not a large woman, so it was not a good idea. A beggar attacked me, but it wasn't a big deal, just shaken nerves on my part. I normally otherwise have decent street sense, and felt pretty safe during my trip. There are lots of muggings.

Sep 07, 2002

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Museu de Arte de São Paulo

If you visit the museum MASP on a Sunday, you can also visit the outdoors antique market right under the museum. On the other side of the street you'll fins a handcraft market, food, beverages and ice...
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Memorial da America Latina

Memorial is a cultural space including artistic, scientific and educational events from Latin American. There´s exhibitions, concerts, movies festival, workshops, lectures, etc. Its architecture was...
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Parque Ibirapuera

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