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Manaus City Sightseeing Tour
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Rio Negro Cruise from Manaus to the Amazon River
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Amazon Rainforest Survival Tour from Manaus
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River Trips Tips (25)

Travel Along the Amazon River - Janauari

You Can travel by boat along the Amazon river. It's about R$300,00 reais and you can be all day longer to see the river, the Aldeias, the animals. \you can take photos with the animals, bicho preguiça and Jacaré. Don't be afraid of them!
You can eat in a restaurant on the water. The lunh is really good. Typical food.
Come to Manaus and relax!

Jun 26, 2014

visit the meeting of the waters

the most interesting sightseeing of Manaus is surely seeing
the meeting of the waters from the black Rio Negro and the Brown Amazonas
best to see is by a tour
e.g. by our excellent tour guide clara

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Sep 29, 2012

Alligators, Indians, Dolphins

We had a nice tour with Amazon Backpackers. We left Manaus with a comfortable boat to the Meeting of the Waters, where 2 river flow together to build the Amazon River. Then we visit a kind of floating dock with a walk to see giant waterlilies and alligators. After an exquisite lunch on board with fresh fish and fruits we visited an Indian community and they presented a ritual dance. Later we went to swim with pink river dolphins. Amazing how high they can pull to catch a fish. The tour was well organized, we were a small group and the guide spoke fluent English. Website:

Aug 23, 2011

... to The Meeting of the Waters

It is near to the city of Manaus that two large rivers in their own right, the Negro and the Solimoes, meet to form the mighty Amazon. The point where the two currents of water come together is known as the “Meeting of the Waters” and is a sight in its own right. If you are taking a boat to a jungle lodge it will probably do as ours did and make the small diversion needed to take you past this spot, but if not you can do a boat trip on the river to see it, or hire a boat to take you there. It’s also well worth looking out from your plane as you arrive in or leave Manaus as you should get a good aerial view of this fascinating phenomenon.

The reason that the simple coming together of two rivers is such an attraction is that their two waters fail to mix immediately and instead run beside each other for about six kilometres. As the water of the Negro is almost black, and that of the Solimoes sandy-brown, the separation of the two is very evident. There is a scientific explanation for the phenomenon – it is caused by the very different temperature, density and speed of the two currents, which together make it difficult for them to mix.

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Jan 25, 2008
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Hotels in Manaus

Lago de Acajatuba, Iranduba, Manaus, State of Amazonas, 69450-000, Brazil
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Travessa dos Cristais, Quadra G, N0 1, Conj. Manauense - Bairro Nossa Senhora Das Graças, Manaus, St
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Rua Salvador, 195 - Adrianopolis, Manaus, State of Amazonas, 69057-040, Brazil
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Rua Recife, 1000, Adrianopolis, Manaus, State of Amazonas, 69057000, Brazil
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Rua Ramos Ferreira,1115, Centro, Manaus, State of Amazonas, 69020-080, Brazil
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Rua Monsenhor Coutinho 560, Manaus, State of Amazonas, Brazil
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Cruise the Amazon

The Amazon really is amazing - not just the river, but also the way of life that has developed on it. Descriptions of the Amazon really don't prepare you for it. On what other river do ocean-going freighters look like bathtub toys, dwarfed by the waters they traverse? Here cattle are ferried out to seasonal islands for grazing. Children are taken to school on school boats instead of school buses. People and goods are moved on the river instead of highways. The river provides life to an incredible array of wildlife - the dawn nothing but a flock of birds. Giant water lillies, with pads several times larger than a usual lilly, flourish in the river's backwaters. This is probably the most unique, and fragile, place in all of Brazil, if not South America.

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Jul 19, 2006

Meeting of the waters

Manaus is where the Rio Negro from Colombia meets the Amazon from Peru. Whereas the Rio Negro is much darker, the Amazon has a creamier color and because of the difference in temperatures, pH and consistency, these two river don't mix for around 8 kilometers, until finally the bigger Amazon takes over the whole river basin.

A very interesting natural phenomenon.

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Apr 17, 2006

Piranha Fishing!

If you book a longer boat trip (a day or more) up the Rio Negro, you can paddle around in a canoe as part of your package and go piranha fishing. Raw beef chunks are all you need as bait for these feisty creatures. Sure makes you hesitate to put your fingers in the river. Once they clamp on to your bait, they don't let go, even as you are pulling them out of the water. There is almost no need for the hook. A local guide will take you to the best spots and manage the scary job of pulling the piranhas off the hooks.

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Mar 27, 2006

Meeting of the Waters

If you're in Manaus, you have to take a trip out to the Meeting of the Waters, where the Rio Negro meets the Rio Amazonas. It is such an amazing and bizarre natural occurrence that these 2 rivers have such different densities that they flow side by side without combining. If you decide to take a longer trip up one of the rivers, note that the Rio Negro is more acidic, so you will have less larger wildlife to see, but also significantly fewer insects than if you go up the Rio Amazonas. Trips up the Negro are also a bit less expensive.

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Mar 27, 2006
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"Worth the Trek."
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"The city I live"
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"The Great Mother"
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"River City"
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For tough and adventurous minds the trip by boat from Manaus to Belem ( by land : 5.300km , by river: 1.300km , some difference , huh..?) may be the right thing but I , with my old bones and in need for rest after the Camp Green Planet experience didn't know what I was getting into..... the boat / ship was filled to the last square meter , luckily I had made reservations before and booked a "private cabin" for two , which turned out quite ok but I with my measly 1,66m couldn't stretch out in bed because it was so short and Ewald , sleeping in the upper bed had the air condition exhaust 20 cm above his head blowing right on him. We finally managed to find some cardboard which we glued (!!) over the exhaust and diverted the freezing air. The so called "Embarcações" , seen on pic # 1 are like water busses , going back and forth between Manaus and Belem , ours was the "Santarem" , the very last one on the floating dock. On pic # 2 I'm still in a good mood and with high expectations , little do I know that I have four days of austerity ahead of me , especially with food and comfort.....Pic # 3 is : "Bye, bye , Manaus..!" . We just cast off the docks and are now on our way to Belem. Pics # 4 and 5 show our first sunset on the Amazonas looking back where we were coming from..... I think that maybe I liked the trip but I remember that I was REALLY uncomfortable and the food was abominable..... Maybe I'm too old for this kind of thing or maybe just a plain masochist who needs to prove something to himself when on vacation but so what...?? I did it and survived it...... That's already something....

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Dec 04, 2005


Well , on the lower deck and half of the middle deck there were like three hundred people , all of them "armed" with their private hammocks , which they hooked up systematically until there was not one hook left. Most of these people left their hammock during all these 4 days only to go to the bathroom and to eat. There was no other place where to go and sit... that is , with the exception of the upper deck , where the "privileged cabin people", like Ewald and I were supposed to have a chair to sit down and , well , look at the scenery go by..... But that upper deck was flooded by people from the lower decks and Ewald and I and a couple we had met had daily "fights" to get a plastic chair.... That was funny , we had a good laugh..... So , pic # 1 shows part of the main dormitory of the lower deck , pic # 2 our luxury cabin and pic # 3 our even more luxurious private bathroom. There was also a shower with hot water , so I won't complain , except that the toilet seat was always wet from the shower...... Pic # 4 shows me in an extremely bad mood.... the food in front of me is not edible and I mean it..... So when we landed at Santarem , a bustling , important city , already in the state of Para , we stormed the local supermarket and bought stock in form of a delicious whole Italian salami , chocolate, bread, mushrooms and asparagus in jars , bananas , grapes and oranges and even a cake and powdered soft drinks to be deluded in cold water.... We were saved !!!!!! But had our stock finished too soon , there was always a sure fountain of rich protein to find on the ship... see pic # 5.....


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Nov 27, 2005

The Two Rivers

One of the main attractions in Manaus is the boat tour to see the two different rivers emerging into one. One river is black and the other one is more or less cream colored. There are several boat tours that go there, ranging from a half day trip to a whole day trip. I took the whole day trip and it was very entertaining. You go on a large boat with about 50 people or so, and they take you to see the emerging rivers, then to a local village to do some souvenir shopping, then a trip into the deeper jungle with smaller boats, then a stop by a small hut to buy more souvenirs then a really nice meal before you head back. I was most entertained by the wild dolphins jumping around in the river throughout the entire day.

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Nov 26, 2004

Meeting of the Rivers

Go and see the meeting of the rivers! The Negro hits the Amazon and it is a remarkable natural phenomonon. They do not mix! Awsome to see, you go by small ferry right there! Reall cool, you can book a full tour with juncle trek and some city sites included for only 50R$.

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Feb 06, 2003

Things To Do in Manaus

Things to do


Visit the Manaus Zoo to see all of the Amazon animals, most of which you will nenver see in the Amazon. The zoo is run by the military and the enterence fee is 2R$. There are many amazing amazon...
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Things to do

Bosque da Ciencia

The National Institute of Amazon Research (INPA - INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE PESQUISAS DA AMAZÔNIA) was created in 1995 to develop scientific and technologic studies and to preserve amazonian species. You...
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Things to do

Ponta Negra Beach

The Amazon Theatre (Portuguese: Teatro Amazonas) was a great find, as I didn't even notice this when I was looking at the city on the internet before I left the UK. It was huge too, and probably the...
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Things to do

Palacio Rio Negro

The lovely mustard-gold and white mansion was closed for renovation when we showed up, but even if that's the case for you as well, stop by this complex...the exhibits are free! You can see a nice,...
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Things to do

Customs House

ALFANDEGA means the customs and by chance the area was the first thing we looked at when taking our first walk in Manaus. At the time I didn't even know what these buildings represented and to be...
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Things to do

Mindu Park

Perhaps once upon a time Parque do Mindu was nice, closer to it's creation in 1989, but today it should not appear on your itinerary. We went there today, 29 September 2009. It's current state is...
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