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Foz do Iguaçu City Tour and Landmark of the Three Frontiers
"Your sightseeing tour starts with a guided visit to the downtown area of Foz do Iguaçu where you can stroll down Avenida Brasil (Brazil Avenue) and explore the different retail shops. You'll also visit the Igreja Matriz the Catholic Cathedral of Iguassu Falls.Then head to the Landmark of the Three Frontiers -- the meeting point of two rivers and three countries. Built right at the junction of the Parana and Iguassu rivers this landmark commemorates the borders of Brazil Argentina and Paraguay. The cement and stone obelisks are painted blue green and yellow
From $21.00
"Iguassu Falls Brazilian Side: Macuco Safari
Helicopter"Iguassu Falls - Brazil side with Macuco and Helicopter Flight and Bird Park"Located a few kilometers from the union of the Iguassu and Paraná River the waterfalls will take your breath away with their size and strength. You will enjoy a panoramic helicopter flight. Thrilling informative this helicopter flight gives a completely different and unique perspective of the spectacular waterfalls.Ecological trails canyons
From $315.00
Iguassu Falls Bird Park General Admission Ticket and Tour
"Between visits to Iguassu Falls check out another Foz do Iguacu attraction! The bird park on the Brazilian side of Iguassu Falls boats an impressive array of wildlife. It offers you the unique opportunity to step into several 8-foot- (2.5-meter) tall aviaries for an up-close look at th both indigenous to the Iguassu region and from other areas of the world. While the birds are the main attraction other exhibits include snakes lizards and butterflies!""""Calling all bird enthusiasts! Hop on a half-day tour to the Iguassu Falls bird park
From $45.00

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Don't pay with reais on the argentinian side of th

If you pop over to Argentina to see the argentinian side of the falls (and you should do that) then you should either change some money in to pesos or just use creditcard as the exchange rate they...
cachaseiro's Profile Photo
Feb 10, 2013

Ciudad del Este - waste of time

Supposedly known - and popular among the local (brazilians) - for its bargains, Ciudad del Este is one of the attractions you can book for an afternoon of shopping. Firstly, the traffic jam into...
borritvandis's Profile Photo
Aug 26, 2012

The Space Needle of South America Doesn't Exist!!!

Some years back, it was decided by people who really should know better that Foz do Iguaçu needed to have a new attraction, especially a new attraction that would really draw people to the Point of...
glabah's Profile Photo
May 20, 2011

Duty Free shop

It was not a real trap, only we found it did not have good deals for people from North America. The free shuttle picked us up from the hotel. It is something to do in the evening. There was a nice...
siver's Profile Photo
Feb 12, 2006

A Lot of Sound & Not Much Substance

In our case, the tour of the Itaipu Dam was thrown in as a 'filler' (along with downtown Foz do Iguacu) to make up a full-day when touring the Brazilian-side of Iguacu Falls. This is the case with...
Bwana_Brown's Profile Photo
Feb 28, 2005

Not the place for you my friends

As a former Law Enforcement Agent, I am sad to admit this: many travel agencies do not warn you about the night life in Iguassu Falls (Foz do Iguacu). I've seen and helped many tourists that falled...
daevemanbrazil's Profile Photo
Jan 03, 2003
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Rodovia Br 469 Km 28 - Parque Nacional de Iguacu, Foz de Iguacu, Parana, 85863-000, Brazil
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Av Costa E Silva 3500, Foz de Iguacu, Parana, 85866-000, Brazil
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Rua Marechal Deodoro 984, Foz de Iguacu, State of Parana, 85851-030, Brazil
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Av. Brasil, 84, Centro, Foz de Iguassu, State of Parana, 85851000, Brazil
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Av. Republica Argentina, 1700 - Centro, Foz de Iguassu, State of Parana, 85852-090, Brazil
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Avenida das Cataratas 6854, Km 2.5, Foz de Iguacu, State of Parana, 85863-000, Brazil
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"Foz do Iguacu"
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"Gateway City to the best Waterfalls I've ever seen"
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