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Private Tour: Rio de Janeiro City Essentials Including Corcovado and Sugar Loaf
"Begin your day with convenient pickup service at either your hotel the airport or cruise terminal. Board a private vehicle with your English-speaking driver/guide. Head to the Corcovado train station. Leave your driver/guide and take the train up the mountain. Visit Christ the Redeemer Statue. Return to the designated m along a scenic drive through Tijuca Park. See the world's largest urban forest. Visit the Chinese View and the Emperor's Table observation points. Head north of the city to Maracana one of the world's most famous football stadiums. Take a 40-minute tour of the stadium (own expense). Enjoy some Brazilian cuisine at a local restaurant (own expense) before heading to the Selaron Stairs. Admire this staircase decorated with colo an old aqueduct and interesting architectural landmark. Stop at the Metropolitan Cathedral. Drive through Flamengo Park to Sugar Loaf Mountain. Take the cable car up the mountain on your own. See the majestic landscape and view the sunset from at a wealthy neighborhood dating back to the 1920s. Relax during a short drive through this area.Return to hotel at the end of the tour."""
From $169.00
One Day In Rio de Janeiro: City Sightseeing Tour
"This tour begins with a visit to the Corcovado Mountain. The statue is 710 meters tall and from that point you'll get a privileged view of the city. The ride to the base of the statue of Christ the Redeemer is a short drive of about 20 minutes through th you are greeted by the main monument of Brazil and a World Heritage site which introduces you to the city of Rio. After this visit the tour heads towards the Metropolitan Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro then the Sambódromo and the city tour ends with a visit to Journalist Mario Filho Stadium popularly known as Maracanã for an outside visit. You'll then head to a steakhouse for lunch and then visit the Sugar Loaf. Located at the Urca neighborhood
From $134.00
Full Day Complete Tour of Rio de Janeiro
"After early morning hotel pickup you'll enjoy a tour of Christ the Redeemer without many of the crowds. On the way you will enjoy views of Copacabana beach Botafogo beach and Palácio Guanabara. Before heading up you'll reach Tijuca Forest stopping at Paineiras to board the vehicles up to Corcovado. The visit to the monument lasts approximately 45 minutes. In case of poor visibility on the summit of the Corcovado you will make an alternative stop at Mirante Dona Marta (362m)
From $150.00

Plataforma Tips (12)

Plataforma: History of Brasil in Dance

Everything that you ever wanted to know about the history of Brasil that can be expressed in dance is in the show.
If you like colorful costumes, an excellent show, and your picture taken with nearly naked women. This is not to be missed. This is a great way to end your evening in Rio de Janeiro.

kaloz's Profile Photo
Aug 31, 2016

Plataforma: A great spectacle of the Brazilian Samba

If you do not visit Rio in carnival season then you should attend this spectacular samba extravaganza show of Plataforma for the experince.
With more than thirty performers it is first of all for foreign visitors. The great spectacle has started at 22pm and lasted about 2 hours.
It was a loud night but the costumes (or lack of them) and the razzle-dazzle of colors combined with the samba beat is not to be missed; the pounding drums, the variety of fast–moving actions including carnaval scenes, acrobatic dances, voodoo ceremonies were thoroughly entertaining and it is not only a pleasant way to spend an after-dinner evening but it is family-friendly, as well, so there is no problem bringing the young ones along.

The most touristic performance for me was when the orchestra played a well known hungarian song: "Az a szép, az a szép, akinek szeme kék, akinek a szeme fekete......."!
In the end of the show some of the samba ladies stand by the apron of the stage and you may have taken a common picture.

Dress Code There was no special dress requirements, but most of the people were dressed very nice.

csordila's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Plataforma: A tourist trap more or less

Plataforma was established by a group of Italians, Portuguese and Brazilians in 1980, when Rio De Janeiro had limited options for tourism. Then, that initiative to create a barbecue/show’s house become a business success.

So, that is the story of the place, now the present:

You can go and visit both the Churrascaria and the show or only the show.

I chose the second option. The show is not bad but too expensive for what it is. Basically, you can grasp an idea about the Carviaval costumes. You can see capoiera, samba, etc.

The drinks are definitly overpriced.

The show starts at 22 h and lasts about 2 hours.

I paid USD 50.

I bought the ticket for the show from the reception desk of my hotel, so I had the transport to and from the hotel also included in the price.

Dress Code Whatever you like, you are tourist visiting a tourist show after all :)

hekate's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Plataforma: Platforma

What to say about the show??Humm??
I'd have to say we wouldn't go again.Having said that however we did enjoy parts of it. The dinner was good and the costumes were wonderful. But after the first 45 minutes the glitz began to wear off and the show seemed to drag.
We have seen so many spectacular shows , maybe we just expected too much. They drinks were very expensive...this I expected but the 17 Real glass of wine was so bad I couldn't drink it.

Cost 130 real no dinner , 170 real with dinner. If you book through the hotel transportation is included.

Dress Code Smart casual

easterntrekker's Profile Photo
Oct 25, 2010
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Plataforma: O.K.: it's a show for tourists

On the first day of my first trip to Brazil, I booked a Grey Lines 'nightlife' tour. It included dinner at a mediocre churrascuria and the Plataforma samba show.

Along with hundreds of other tourists, I was packed into the 'orchestra' section. Still, the show made for a good first–night experience.

Because I couldn't take a picture home anyway, I declined to stand alongside one of the buxum mulata beauties who posed with guests for house photographers. I did comment to a travel agent from LIsbon — sitting next to me — that the women were gorgeous. "I prefer white women," he replied. From a Portuguese that choice did not seem racist, but more akin to "I like blondes more than brunettes."

On my third visit I went back to Plataforma, had dinner in its fine rodizio, and sat in a much superior balcony seat for the show. I recommend avoiding the orchestra and getting into the balcony however you might do it.

UPDATE 2008: In mid-June the show had fewer acts, each with many fewer performers. Additionally, part of the music was canned. Because it was a weeknight during the slow season? Perhaps. But the show was vastly inferior to what I had seen ten years earlier.

Further, performers now stand by you, or your table, urging you to pose for a picture; in 1998 bare-breasted mulattas stood by the apron of the stage and let you decide if you wanted a picture.

And because I made the mistake of booking through our hotel, the Rio Internacionale -- instead of directly with Plataforma -- we were seated downstairs, with a poor view.

Dress Code Yes, of course, it's for tourists.

But the costumes (and performers) are gorgeous; the music, with its pounding drums, is infectious; and the fast–moving show has a variety of 'acts' that range from faux carnaval processesions and condomble ('voodoo') ceremonies to capoeira (shadow kick–boxing) and other acrobatics.

See also UPDATE 2008 (above)
One thing hasn't changed: the warm-up act is a girl bouncing a soccer ball off every part of her body but her hands.

NedHopkins's Profile Photo
Jul 22, 2008


Plataforma successfully exploits Brazilian folklore and tradition by producing spectacular shows with at least 100 people in Carnaval costumes , dancing Samba and Capoeira fighting ( = martial art Brazilian style) . The show is mainly geared to foreigners but also to visitors from other Brazilian states..... I went twice , first time with my sister Rita who visited me in 1994 and the second time , when my other sister Cathy visited in 1998 ....
With some four years between first and second show and seven years and three months since I last watched it, I remember pretty vividly that I , being "almost" a carioca (*smile*) enjoyed it pretty much with a "knowing" smile even though the "bla bla bla" for tourists was insupportable at times but both my sisters enjoyed the show very much , mainly because of the music , the dancing and the beautiful , glittery and colorful costumes.....
The show is for tourists , yes.... But once you understood and accepted this , you'll be able to enjoy a "Night in Rio" with all the nice ingredients for a Rio-Samba-Carnaval-Capoeira impact of the pleasant kind.

Dress Code Come dressed as you wish..... but , well , not in a bikini......
That is : Jeans , Shorts , Tennis , Mini skirt , Chinelos ( thongs) or Moon boots , all these are OK......

schurlif's Profile Photo
Mar 20, 2006

Plataforma: A taste of Carnaval!

It's not Las Vegas nor is it Senior Tango in Buenos Aires, but it's the next best thing to the Carnaval, I suppose. The restaurant in the lobby serves excellent T-bone steaks.
For gentlemen seeking other entertainment, go to Barbarella in Copacabana. You won't regret it!

Dress Code Casual.

ets's Profile Photo
Oct 19, 2004

Plataforma: Rhythm,magic and sensuality

This a very especiall show, with lot of rhythm, and color.
Whitn music and dance, the history of Brasil is taken place in a wonderfull performance, the Capoeira dancing it´s amazing, the costumes incredibles and you can have a great time.
this is like a theater you take seat and just enjoy the show, you also can drink sometinig or bye some souveniers.

Dress Code Semi formal clothes.

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Jun 12, 2004

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Plataforma: Vai Brasil 500 anos

This folklore show at the Plataforma was one of the most memorable, inspirational, cultural, and educational event I experienced in Rio. And yes, I have to admit, although it was catered for the visitor and tourist in mind, nevertheless the quality of music and costumes were wonderful! The entire program reflected the dedication that Brazilians have in sharing their love of the country to visitors all over the world.

The show was presented as a historical reflection of Brazil's past and present through music, dance, and luxurious colorful costumes!

Drinks are served (for a small fee) during the show.

Dress Code You can dress very nice or casual. Video recorders were not permitted, although I did see a few people taking video of the performances, nonetheless (no one was asked to stop ).

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Dec 27, 2003

The most famous folklore show in the world.: Plataforma 1

The show presents over 150 artists in fantastic costumes, involving you in the rythms of the world's greatest carnival, Brazilian folklore and other dances.

At Plataforma 1, success begins before the show in the restaurant on the ground floor, you can taste the delicious Brazilian "Churrasco", the barbecue.

Plataforma 1 is the meeting point of the "CARIOCAS" as Rio's citizens are warmly refered to.

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Feb 25, 2003

Plataforma: A verygood show

Its a verygoodshow with Brasilan costums dancing on a stage .

Dress Code All kind of dressing will do but no shorts

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Mar 30, 2005

Plataforma: Samba Shows

Even though it's a bit touristy and sort of cliche, the Samba show at Plataforma was thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining.

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Jan 25, 2004

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