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Lake Huechulafquen and Lanín Volcano Day Trip
"Serene lakes rushing rivers and towering volcanoes are all in store on this full-day adventure to the Neuquén province. As you meet your guide and depart from San Martín de los Andes get ready to see some of Argentina’s stunning natural wonders. After traveling for 26 miles (42 km) you'll arrive in Junín de los Andes a small village known for its traditional church — representative of the region’s Mapuche culture. Leaving Junín catch your first glimpse of Lake Huechulafquen an emerald glacial lake in Lanín National Park. The majestic
From $135.00
8-Day Southern Ice Field Expedition Around Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy
"The Patagonia Ice Field is the third biggest mass of ice in the world after Antarctica and Greenland and the biggest if you think outside the polar surface. You will have a chance to hike this circle on a 55-mile 8-day trek entering through the Marconi Glacier and into the amazing mass of ice where only a few people have been. See itinerary for full details.""""Your 8-day trek will take you to the Southern Ice field as you will circle both Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre mountains and walk off Paso del Viento.Some previous mountain experience is required but no technical skills in crampons and snowshoes is needed. You also need an excellent physical condition and hiking skills to face long hiking days
From $1,950.00
Big Ice Tour at Perito Moreno Glacier
"This excursion leaves from Bajo de las Sombras Port (Under the Shadows) early in the morning to board a craft that crosses the Rico Arm of Lake Argentino. After sailing for 15 minutes you will reach the shore where you will disembark and meet the mou an entrance gate to heaven. This is where the true adventure begins. Having fastened your crampons and put on your harnesses adventurers will begin to explore the glacier from a different perspective. Here you will discover blue lagoons deep and alarming cracks huge drains and caves. Dimensions become almost unreal as you find yourself inside the core of the Perito Moreno one of the most fascinating glaciers in the world.Along with expert guides who explain the characteristics of the ice and its surroundings the inside of the glacier is toured for over 4 hours. A picnic is organized on the ice and visitors will have the chance to sit down and recover their energy. The surrealist scenery is astonishing.After this experience
From $294.00

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