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Embalse El Yeso Day Trip from Santiago
"Your day trip begins with pickup from your hotel in Santiago. Board your vehicle and start your trip to the Andes. You will enjoy a scenic drive and first stop at San Jose de Maipo. Admire the surroundings and take some pictures to then continue your tou along with your guide and group.You will get breathtaking views of the Andes glaciers and lagoons of Cajon de Maipo giving you plenty of photo opportunities. Enjoy a relaxing walk around the lagoon and have a delicious picnic lunch in the mountain. You can also sip on a glass of wine while you take in the peaceful atmosphere.After a relaxing day with nature you will be dropped-off at your hotel""""Take the magic of the mountains with you on a wonderful day trip to Embalse El Yeso. You will be able to get the best views of the Andes as you stop at historical landmarks and San Jose de Maipo. Connect with nature in a very peaceful and fresh environme
From $90.00
Private Day Trip: Valparaiso Experience with Boat Ride
"Meet your guide in the lobby of your hotel before heading out to start the day. After boarding the vehicle drive along the coast line of Viña del Mar. Upon your arrival ride up one of the traditional funiculars to Cerro Alegre. There you will enjoy a warm cup of coffee and biscuits on a terrace with a beautiful view of the port and old town. Once you are satiated your guide will lead you on a short adventure through a colorful labyrinth of backstreets small shops and art galleries. The different observing promenades on the hills of this avant-garde town all have great colorful views and are unique locations for panorama pictures. After a gourmet lunch with an exclusive view of the port
From $190.00
Casablanca Valley Wine Tour: Emiliana and Bodegas RE Winery Tour
"You will be picked up from your hotel at approximately 9am to begin your wine tasting tour. Start at Emiliana Organic Vineyards the first Chilean winery to obtain a certification of organic and biodynamic agriculture. They are also the biggest producer of organic wines worldwide. Walk among the grapevines learn how to differentiate between them and learn why chickens sheep and alpacas roam freely between the vines. For the tasting you will have the opportunity to try four different wines finishing with their premium red Coyam.After your tasting at Emiliana
From $165.00

By Bus Tips (24)

From the Airport to Alameda Bus Terminal

In front of Santiago Airport you can get a bus to Terminal Alameda, the main bus terminal in Santiago, where there are busses to everywhere in Chile. This transportation is done by Turbus, buses leave every 30 minutes and cost CH$1600. It takes less than half an hour to the terminal.

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Jan 24, 2006

The buses stop running

The micros (buses) in Santiago"run" until 2:30 am. However, this does not mean that the micro you took during the day will be rounding the corner any minute. You will notice a steady decline of the number of buses running as the night goes on. By around 12, the buses are fewer and generally only running on main roads (like Providencia), so make sure you always have enough money for a taxi ride home, just in case!

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Sep 13, 2005

Santiago Buses

The price as of August 2005 is 340 pesos (50 cents.
Be sure to ride the city bus in Santiago. There are entertainers on board at times and vendors sell all kinds of candies and snacks.
It is well worth the time and a good way to see the city.

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Aug 11, 2005

The Famous Yellow Buses

Santiago is a madness place, full of yellow buses, you can go everywhere on those , but take care, even for us could be really complicated to take one.
Run really fast and if you don´t know the direction you can get lost.

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Feb 08, 2005
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São como eles chama os onibus en Santiago, são todos amarelinhos, e custam 330 pesos chilenos ou R$1,50, a frota esta para ser substituida por completo então não sei como serão os novos.

Se llaman micro nos buses de la ciudad de Santiago, son todos amarillos e custan 330 pesos chilenos o U$0,50, estan se cambiando los buses por isso no se como seran los nuevos micros.

The buses in Santiago are called Micros, they are all yellow and can get you pretty much anywhere in the city, they cost U$ 0,50. They are changing all buses so idon´t know how they gonna look in the future.

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Sep 29, 2004

City bus system

The city buses -called micros- are (in Santiago) vehicles for up to 51 seated, and 25 standing people, which run along fixed routes reaching virtually all of metropolitan Santiago, plus several semi rural destinations, mainly near to the Andean slopes and to some quite wild "resorts" around the Coastal Range, on the W outskirts of the city. Some of the routes are as long as 30 kilometres, while others ply shorter central services.
They're all painted in yellow and white, and are required by law to not be older than 6 years.
The ticket for all of them cost $ 290 (US$0,50), every line has a number on the upper left front part and on the sides identifying the service, so if you know the number that's useful for you, use of the network comes very easy. If not, a list of the main streets and landmarks the bus goes along or passes by, is displayed in the front windshield, along with the line number (again) and the terminus to where it goes.
In central Santiago, there are designated bus stops for given lines and destinations, so find out which is your number/destination on the signs at the stops and wait for your bus there; otherwise, the bus may not stop.
Outside the centre, buses will stop anywhere asked.

Apr 02, 2004


I don't think I have seen another city in the world with so many buses as Santiago. I mean, it has a HUGE amount of yellow buses that go around the city, making the traffic worse and polluting. If you ever come to Santiago and don't see a yellow bus, then you're not on the right city, so worry.
You can actually take a bus anywhere on the street (they often stop wherever they want), but there are some bus stops where SOME (not all) of the buses stop. There might be another bus stop a few metres away where the bus you need will stop. It depends on the bus number...
The number... I've been living almost 3 years now and I don't know the number of the bus I need to get home. So I walk, ride a bike, take the subway or drive.
Micros are a mess, but it's something you've got to do at least once if you're in Santiago. You won't forget it.

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Mar 24, 2004

From Mendoza to Santiago

The highway between Mendoza (Argentina) and Santiago (Chile) goes through the Andes. The landscape there is just awesome; you even can see the magnificent Mount Aconcagua.

La carretera entre Mendoza (Argentina) y Santiago (Chile) atraviesa los Andes. el paisaje es impresionante; incluso se puede ver el magnífico Aconcagua:

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Jul 27, 2003

Top 5 Santiago Writers

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"Santiago, Chile"
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"a great place"
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"Working in Santiago"
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"Santiago, Capital of Chile"
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"Between the mountains and the sea"
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Busses are cheap

to: By airplane to the international airport, just a half hour from town.

around: Our hotel was in the centre of town , so we walked a lot. But there are lots of busses, all wearing signs of their destination and the price( about 300 pesos a ride). There are lots of taxi's cruising the city and they are not expensive.
Trains are mainly used for transport to other cities.

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Nov 07, 2002

Terminales de buses...

Terminales de buses Interurbanos/Interurban Bus Services.
Nombre/Name :Terminal de buses.'Estaciòn Central.
Dirección/Address :Lib. Bernardo Ohiggins#3850
Teléfono/Phone :(56-2)3761750

Atencion al público :Dia y noche/day & night.

(Business hours)

Transporte recomendado/Best way to get.
Bus/Autobus :si/yes

Metro/Subway :Universidad de Santiago.(linea 1).

¿A que proximidad quedo del lugar?
How close I am from?

Cerca/Near :si/yes.

Sep 07, 2002

Tourist bus

Good alternative to get to know the town if you do not speak spanish and have short time to spend in Santiago.

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Jan 05, 2016

Empresas de Buses Interurbanos...

Empresas de Buses Interurbanos todo Chile/Interurban Bus Enterprises all Chile

Sep 07, 2002

Things to Do Near Santiago

Things to Do

Palacio Cousino

Not far from Toesca subway station is Palacio Cousino. It was a palace that featured big in Santiago's high Society in the late 18th Century when it was built for dona Isidora Goyenechea. Goyenechea...
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Things to Do

Cerro Santa Lucia

There is a metro station to that place. It is worth to spend there at least one hour, it is a lovely place and the views over Santiago from the cerro are wonderful. Apart from Pedro de Valdivia statue...
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Things to Do

Museo Pre Columbian

Excellent but small (as all museums in Santiago were) museum of Native American Art, specializing in the advanced cultures of South and Central America. Part of the attraction here is the colonial...
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Things to Do

Metropolitan Cathedral

This is huge Cathedral on the Plaza de Armas is well worth a look. construction started in 1748 but it took until 1800 to complete the structure. The cathedral is the seat of the Archdiocese of...
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Things to Do

Casa Colorada

The Casa Colorada, built in 1769, is one of the most nicely preserved colonial buildings in Santiago. Again, not only has it survived the city's extreme modernization, it also made it through several...
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Things to Do

Mercado Central

Santiago's Mercado Central was opened on September 15th, 1872, by President Federico Errázuriz Zañartu, to house the Palace of Arts. Its construction took ten years, as the metalwork was made in...
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