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Island of Chiloe and The Penguins of Puñihuil from Puerto Montt
"We start our tour taking the Panamericana Route 5 south for about 80 miles to reach the town of Pargua where we get on board of a ferry that will allow us to cross the Chacao Canal and reach the Isla Grande de Chiloe (Island of Chiloe).There we g one of the oldest villages of the island founded in 1567. It has a typical square where you can admire curious and picturesque buildings of strong colors. Visit the main church which is one of the more than 150 churches in Chiloé Many of them are National Monuments.The city of Ancud Caulín Spa offers a bird sanctuary where we can enjoy watching a lot of seabirds such as cormorants black-necked swans flamingos and others. Taste oysters in a typical restaurant in front of the spa. Food service is not included in the tour. In Ancud visit the Plaza de Armas the Church
From $74.00
"Full-Day Tour to Chiloe Island Including Ancud
"Full-Day Tour to Chiloe Istand Including Ancud Castro and Dalcahue from Puerto Montt""This full-day tour will leave from Puerto Montt early in the morning and take the Panamericana Route 5 towards south for about 80 miles to reach the town of Pargua.In Pargua we take a ferry that will allow us to cross the Chacao Canal and reach the I one of the oldest villages of the island founded in 1567 which has a typical square where stands a curious and picturesque building of strong color. Visit the church which is in addition to the more than 150 churches in Chiloé as well as many National Monuments. Then we will go to the city of Ancud visit the Plaza de Armas the Church
From $84.00
Chiloé National Park Private Tour from Castro
"Our tour begins with the transfer of passengers from the port and then take appropriate heading south towards the sector of the city of Chonchi to visit the Church of San Carlos de Borromeo (Heritage) whose construction is style Neoclassical. Then we go to the museum of traditions Chonchi to get a taste of what is the Chiloe culture.After that we will continue our tour through the best farmland of the island between old houses testify to the dating of the settlement. After 20 minutes we arrive at Huillinco village who came to the port of 1935 as support of the settlers installed on the coast. Today it is a place with a beach inn and guest house. Its port function was lost with the opening of the route to Cucao
From $116.00

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Ferry to Isla Chiloe

We have an early drive from puerto Montt to Pargua pier, is about 45 minutes drive. We're very lucky that the ferry was just loading cars and we did not have to wait There are different ferries...
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By ferry from the mainland

There are no flights and no roads to Chiloe from the mainland, meaning the only means of reaching the island is by boat. The easiest crossing is south of Puerto Montt, where regular ferries make the...
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Jan 08, 2008

Puente no aprobado/Don´t approved bridge

Elgobierno no ha querido aprobar un puente para cruzar a la Isla de Chiloe , con gran disgusto de los Chilotas , así que es necesario ir hasta Pargua y coger un ferry hasta Chacao (30 min ) las 24...
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Mar 30, 2007
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Chiloe island.

I had a very good moment in Chile ... This is Chiloé Island or Isla de Chiloé, also known as Greater Island of Chiloé .It is the largest island of the Chiloé Archipelago off the coast of Chile, in...
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"" Tejuelas de Alerce""
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"Isla Chiloe-a close look into the heart of Chile"
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"Churches, churches, churches........."
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