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  • Valdivia
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  • Seals near Valdivia market
    Seals near Valdivia market
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  • Museo Historico y Antropologico de Valdivia
    Museo Historico y Antropologico de...
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Valdivia Things to Do

  • Mercado Fluvial

    There is a lively market, Mercado Fluvial, that is known for its big selection of fish. Sundays are the best day for looking and walking through the maket. Across from Mercado Fluvial is the indoor market which is also popular for the wide range of produce and the marisquerias are perfect for having a spot of lunch. Look out for the sea lions!

  • Down the river

    Valdivia's heart is by the riverside and waterfront. From the waterfront you can able to join a ferry tour down the river either to the coastal forts on the Pacific coast.; up to the wetlands; or around Isla Tegra (where I went around in November 2008). On the ferry tour I went on I passed the remaining towers that were built in the late 18th...

  • Museo Historic y Anthropological de...

    This museum is on the other side of the Rio Valdivia and on Isla Teja. It's housed in the Andwandter House, a Chilean National Monument since 1981. The house is a typical German neo-classical architecture built in the 1800s and from local woods. It's a former family residence and brewery of Carl Andwandter Figg. The visitors can learn about the...

  • Botanical Gardens

    Our second day in Valdivia was our seventh day altogether in the Lake District, and the first day of sunshine. So we spent most of our time outdoors. We walked across to Isla Teja and down to the University area. Most of the students were on holidays so it was very quiet. The most interesting place here was the Botanical Gardens, at the back of the...

  • Lobos Marinos - Sea Lions

    The river wharf of Valdivia is home to a group of very large sea lions. They have inhabited the area because of the abundance of food in the form of scraps tossed out to them by the fish merchants. These sea lions are a tourist attraction but please beware that they are wild animals and don't approach them too closely. You probaby won't want to as...

  • Mercado Fluvial de Valdivia

    This is the seafood market on the banks of the Cruces River near the centre of Valdivia. It is the main market for the city and is also a tourist attraction. There are boats nearby to take you on a river trip and the lobos marinos are also sloaching nearby ready to eat the fish scraps that are tossed into the river by the merchants.

  • Historical & Anthropological Museum

    The Historical & Anthropological Museum is a relatively interesting museum on Isla Teja, the island opposite the centre of town. There are displays on the native Mapuche people, as well as the early settlers in the area, and some explanations regarding the history and founding of the town. Some of the exhibits have been translated into English, but...

  • Sea Lions

    Sealions congregate on the river behind the Mercado Fluvial, where they are fed from the fishmongers' scraps. This is a great change to see these fascinating animals up close. They appear to be very agressive, mostly to each other.

  • Osorno

    A Osorno fuimos de paso para tomar el Autobús , pero tuvimos tiempo de dar un buen paseo. No vimos una ciudad muy bonita , pero si nos pareció agradable y bulliciosaNos fuimos preocupados porque prácticamente no habíamos visto el volcán Osorno , sin saber que luego lo íbamos a ver por todos sus ángulosWe went to Osorno to take the bus , but we had...

  • Valdivia -Costanera y Mercado Fluvial -

    Un paseo por la Costanera y por el mercado Fluvial , donde puedes comprar recuerdos , pescado , comida ... es agradable y muy interesanteA walk by the Costanera and the River Market , where you may buy souvenirs , fish , fod ... si nice and very interesting

  • "Flandes Indiano"

    Debido a la permanente amenaza de guerra tanto de parte de los piratas extranjeros como de los nativos sublevados, al Reino de Chile se le apodó el " Flandes Indiano "y se construyeron fortalezas , similares a las que se hacían en Europa , en sitios estratégicos como la ensenada de Valdivia Las baterías de cañones en en las fortalezas de Corral y...

  • Ver,oir,oler...

    Los leones marinos o lobos marinos se afincaron en el muelle fluvial de Valdivia y allí viven estupendamente alimentándose de los restos del mercado de pescado y la gente local les conoce a todos por su nombre Aquí puedes verlos , oirlos y olerlos en su estado naturalThe sea lions or sea wolfs decided to live in the Valdivia river docks and they...


Valdivia Hotels

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  • Villa Del Rio Hotel Marina

    Av Espana 1025, Valdivia, Valdivia, LL, 1000, cl

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Hotel Di Torlaschi

    Yerbas Buenas 283, Valdivia, Chile

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Hotel Naguilan

    General Lagos 1927, Valdivia, Chile

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

Valdivia Restaurants

  • Kunstmann Restaurant and Brewery

    This restaurant is a micro brewery which is home to the very popular national beer - Kunstmann. The restaurant is mostly german style food. Many of the immigrants to this region of Chile have German ancestry. We came here on one occasion during a world cup match between Germany and Argentina. It was interesting because anywhere else in Chile they...

  • Cafe la Ultima Frontera

    Our hospedaje didn't serve breakfast so we ended up eating at the nearest cafe, Cafe la Ultima Frontera. From the outside it doesn't look like a cafe at all, but the ordinary facade conceals a lovely, old-style interior. Like many cafes in Chile, breakfast wasn't on the menu, but we managed to get some toast and butter for a very good price, along...

  • Real Coffee

    Any coffee lover who has travelled in Chile will have noticed the scarcity of real coffee, even in the better restaurants and cafes. There are many cafes in Valdivia but we found only two serving proper coffee. Cafe Palace in the centre is one of them, and has a good food menu too, a nice interior and friendly waitresses.


Valdivia Transportation

  • Sky Airlines

    Sky Airlines is a new, budget airline that has recently entered the Chile domestic flight market. They now have two flights per day from Santiago de Chile to Valdivia.Check their website for the latest flight times and routes.The cost of a round ticket Santiago de Chile - Valdivia - Santiago de Chile is 61,800 pesos for the cheapest tickets up to...

  • LAN Chile

    LAN flies to Valdivia from Santiago de Chile twice a day. From time to time LAN changes their flight times and routes so for up to the minute information on flight times look at their website. The flight takes about 2 1/2 hours to get to Santiago from Valdivia because of the stopover in Osorno. The flight to Valdivia from Santiago is usually direct...

  • Osorno - Bariloche

    Para pasar a Bariloche tomamos un autobús de TURBUS desde Osorno hasta Bariloche que nos costó 19$Fuimos bordeando el lago Puyehue y pasamos la frontera , tardamos unas cinco horas incluyendo aduana y una hora de avería. El autobús estaba bien y la carretera es buena To go to Bariloche we took a bus of TURBUS from Osorno up to Bariloche that costs...


Valdivia Shopping


    En este lugar se puede encontrar una gran variedad de restaurantes y cocinerias...en donde se ofrece una gran variedad de platos..siendo el fuerte el marisco...Tambien cuenta con varios locales que ofrecen artesania tipica de la región

  • Buy seafood and watch the Seals

    This is an outdoor market with several fishermen and fisherwoman that sell fresh seafood.Near the fish market there is a pier where the Seals come to ask for leftover fish. It is nice to watch them greet you and smile while clapping after they are fed. all variety of seafood. It is fresh and cheap depends on what you buy but under $10 can buy you...

  • Valdivia Hotels

    11 Hotels in Valdivia

Valdivia Local Customs

  • elpariente's Profile Photo

    Osorno - Servicio de Café / Cofee...

    by elpariente Updated Mar 24, 2007

    El café que no falte . Espera y vendrán a traeértelo
    Cofee any time . Wait and they will come to bring it to you

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Valdivia Tourist Traps

  • Valdivia fish restaurants

    by gabchik Written Jan 23, 2008

    There were lots of touts promoting the restaurant opposite the busy fish market in Valdivia; we were lured into the El Rey del Marisco. The food was the worst we encountered in Chile. We particularly asked to have fish, as opposed to shellfish, and we were with Spanish speakers so there was no problem with the language for them. The dish was all shellfish, with about one-sixth being fish despite being assured that it was nothing but fish. One person ordered a steak which was cold and uneatable. Avoid at all costs.

    Unique Suggestions: Go into the town and avoid the fish market by the quai-side. One of our party had her purse pick-pocketed by the wharf whilst trying to take a photo of the sea lions and pelicans.

    Fun Alternatives: Go down to Los Molinos although unfortunately they do still tout for business there too.

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Valdivia Off The Beaten Path

  • Niebla and Corral

    Not far from Valdivia, and worth a visit, are the Spanish forts at Niebla and Corral. The river that divides these two forts still has a sunken ship further in that was swept up by the massive earthquake that hit Valdivia in 1960. The earthquake caused massive damage to the area.To view the forts you can get to Niebla by car or bus. To get to...

  • Castillo de Niebla

    The Castillo de Niebla is a 30 minute drive approx outside of Valdivia towards the coast. It is the ruins of an old fort which is now a preserved monument and tourist attraction. There are the remains of some of the barracks which now houses a museum with maps, paintings and ornaments and outside there are old gun establishments.There is a small...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Valdivia Sports & Outdoors

  • Prinsalsita's Profile Photo

    Horsebackriding in Valdivian Planes

    by Prinsalsita Written Sep 18, 2004

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are several estables in Valdivia. One of them belongs to the University of Valdivia

    Equipment: take your boots or your trekking shoes. confortable clothes, nothing hanging out. make sure your camera is well attached to you.

    montando a caballo en los planos de valdivia
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Valdivia General

  • Austral University

    La Universidad Austral de Chile (or Austral University) is the local university. It is located on Isla Teja just across the bridge from the main center. The university is strong in agriculture, horticulture, botany, forestry careers and has its own botanical gardens which are free to stroll around. I remember coming to Austral University a couple...

  • C O R R A L



    Si pasas por la Universidad Austral tienes que recorrer sus jardines y edificios. Además está el Centro Tecnológico de la Leche que tiene a la venta excelentes productos lácteos. El Fundo Teja Norte (de la misma casa de estudios) tiene senderos que invitan a pasear y admirar más de 500 especies de flora y mirar las riberas de los ríos Cruces y...


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