Concepción Travel Guide

  • Things to Do
    by pazuag
  • Things to Do
    by pazuag
  • Things to Do
    by pazuag

Concepción Things to Do

  • Expedition to Alto Biobio

    From Concepción, one of the most impressive trips to do is going to the mountains of Alto Biobio, hiring the services of Trekaleyin ( Trekaleyin is an indigenous (Pewenche) organization that, through communitarian tourism, aims to share and give value to activities we have traditionally carried out since immemorial times in our...

  • Bauhaus architecture

    Well, maybe is not a must see but...notice the urban architecture in downtown Concepcion: it's mostly Bauhaus. Why? Because every time Concepcion was obliterated by a violent earthquake, it must be rebuilt; this was done several time since colonial times, but after the last earthquake which destroyed the city in 1939 (with a death toll of over...

  • Concepción Hotels

    13 Hotels in Concepción

Concepción Hotels

Concepción Nightlife

  • Good pub

    The pub has had some recent renovations, including new, bigger bathrooms. Plenty of televisions, good music (not live though) and a good selection of local and international beers. Owner says they will soon have wifi, and will be renovating the outside. The food (lunch and pub snacks) is excellent and good value for money. English is spoken.


    Es un lugar muy tranquilo...visitado generálmente por gente un poco mas adulta...que le gusta los bailes calientes..en especial merenge y salsa..Ubicardo cerca del Barrio Estación...Si gustas puedes visitar su página

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Concepción Transportation

  • Getting to Concepcion - Bus

    From Santiago, there are many bus companies that serve the route, now in much less time than the traditional 8-9 hours of yore.Now the standard traveling time is 6 1/2 hours if the bus stops en route (usually in Talca and Chillan), and 5 1/2 hours for the faster services.The fastest nonstop service makes 5 hours from Santiago, and is provided by...

  • Urban and intercity buses

    City buses in Concepcion are smaller than those in Santiago (carry up to 25 sitting passengers), and painted in blue with a sign saying the places where they go and the route combination. Some of them ply routes within urban Concepcion only, but other cover longer routes between cities, such as -from S to N- Hualqui, Chiguayante, Concepcion,...

  • Getting to Concepcion

    From Santiago, there are many daily flights form both LAN CHILE and SKY AIRLINE; actually, Concepcion is the city with the highest amount of flights to and from Santiago, and to/from southernmost cities as well.The first flight to/from Santiago is at 7 AM, and the last one at 9 PM, with a total of about 25 daily flights.Both airlines use Boeing...


Concepción Warnings and Dangers

  • Be careful if swimming in Bio Bio river

    by Glospi Updated Feb 21, 2004

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you ever happen to have the idea of swimming in the Bio Bio river, be very careful when taking a dive or swimming: natural syphons and underwater whirlpools form without being noticed from the surface, even at such short distance as 1 metre from the river's edge.
    These syphons can suck swimmers so strongly that they are unable to swim back to the surface, sometimes covering them underwater with sand, making any rescue attempt impossible.
    Every summer, several people drowns this way in the banks of the river and in the 7-kilometre wide river mouth at Hualpén.
    So, if you decide to spend the afternoon at some of the riverside beaches and seasonal islets, be careful if getting into the water (avoid fast moving water stretches and loose sand pools), and get out of it if you feel that the current is getting unusually strong.

    All these warnings apply in summer only: in winter, the river comes so swollen, troubled and cold that getting close to the water is nonsense.

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Concepción Tourist Traps


    Museo Contemporaneo..ubicado cerca del terminal de buses de Concepci?nTiene un valor de $ 600 los adultos y $ 300 los ni?os

  • Mercado Central eateries

    Although it's just anecdotic, don't fall for the first offer to have a lunch in Mercado Central; there are many places to eat around both Freire and Maipu gates, next to the flower stands, but their owners can be quite pushy to drag you to have a meal at their place.They're not aggressive and are always polite and funny, but tou do better if you...

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Concepción What to Pack

  • Never forget to bring warm clothes

    by Glospi Written Feb 21, 2004

    Luggage and bags: It's up to you.
    I prefer my internal-frame pack as usual.
    Remember that it can be rainy at any time of the year.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Summer: short sleeved items, short pants, sandals, hat.
    Winter: Waterproof clothing, such as parkas, hat, pants, waterproof (Gore-Tex) or spare shoes, rain boots, very warm clothing for all the rest of the time you're not outdoors.
    Any season: sun hat, windbreak jacket, 1long sleeved shirt and trouser, 1 fleece jacket.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: There's anything you may need in Concepcion (it's said that it is the city with the biggest per capita ratio of pharmacies in Chile).
    Anyway, don't forget a high -or better, a very high- factor sunblock in summer.
    Mosquito repellent is useful in some lakes and beaches to keep sandflies away.

    Photo Equipment: Again, anything you want.
    For landscapes, a moderate (28 or 35 mm.) wideangle is good, and a telephoto of your choice for sea and countryside scenes.
    All kinds of batteries and videotape, and almost any kind of film, can be found in Concepcion, at standard prices.
    Print film developing is good quality, although slide film (E-6) must be taken to Santiago for processing and takes 2-3 days to get back.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: If camping in summer in the sea or lakeside, take a standard, 2- or 3-season tent (because rain can happen at any moment of the year, aon short notice). Seaside temperatures are mild, so a summer sleeping bag is enough; inland, temperatures rise a lot and chances of summer rain decrease.
    Fuel for any butane/propane gas camping stove is readily available, and so is white gas for MSR's.
    Add to this: sleeping pad, torch, and the standard stuff for camping.

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Concepción Off The Beaten Path

  • Cerro Caracol: cold rainforest in the...

    by Glospi Updated Feb 21, 2004

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Concepción is surrounded by Bio Bio river and this northern remainder of the Nahuelbuta range known as Cerro Caracol.
    It covers more than 22 kilometres from north to south, its elevation in front of the city centre is 150 metres, reaching only 290 metres at its highest point, and is extremely easy to access right from the street level: just go to Parque Ecuador -3 blocks S from the main square- and find out any of the uphill paths, or simply follow the main cobblestone road leading to Mirador Aleman (German lookout).
    The advantage of taking an "unofficial" path, is that through them, one can find the countless streams and natural spots that dot this range. Even in winter, after the rain, it's a refreshing place to visit, despite the muddy ground and the expectable cold: the scents of trees and vegetation, the lights and the bird's calls make it a memorable experience for nature lovers.

    The picture in this tip, was taken on June 16, 1981, in the area of Cerro Caracol that has always been a part of my family home's backyard (it's good to have a whole rainforest as a playground for your own, believe me...), and it has not changed at all since then.
    I used a Praktica Super TL3, a Zeiss Tessar 50 mm. lens, f.4-5,6, 1/60 sec., POL filter, Kodak Ektachrome 64 slide film.

    An early morning in winter in Cerro Caracol
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    • Hiking and Walking
    • Jungle and Rain Forest
    • Birdwatching

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Concepción General

  • The Universidad de Concepción campanil

    The other main symbol, not only of the university but of Concepcion itself, is the 45-meter high Campanil (Chime tower), located above the open forum and next to the Biological Sciences faculty and the Duck's Pond.This is one of the better known icons of the city.

  • Universidad de Concepción forum

    In the middle of the university campus, is the main meeting point of it, where the students gather and most open-air ceremonies are held.It has an abstract-style sculpture representing the universitary spirit, and a water mirror beneath it.Architects would like the place.Taken with Nikon F4s, 20 mm. Nikkor, f.11, 1/45 sec., POL filter, Agfacolor...

  • Parque Ecuador waterfall

    There's a natural waterfall on a small creek of the park, which comes down from natural water sources up in the bushes.If one follows the creek upstream, in a few minutes a wild forested area is reached, and so are the paths leading to both Mirador Francés (French overlook) and Mirador Alemán (German overlook); the first is now a huge...


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