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  • Villa de Leyva main square
    Villa de Leyva main square
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  • Main Square
    Main Square
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  • Pozos Azules
    Pozos Azules
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Villa de Leiva

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  • Old Town

    Villa de Leiva Things to Do

    Most of Villa de Leiva looks much as it probably did in colonial times but some of the most interesting things to see are the places where it shows its age. This wall near the market is very cool, worn by the elements, covered in Cactus and Flowers

  • The Pool at Duruello

    Villa de Leiva Things to Do

    Another tip about the resort we stayed at, the other places in town might have colonial charm and be in the city, but the only pool I saw was the Beautiful group of pools at the resort. A series of 4 pools each with an infinity pool style drop off into the pool below lets you hang at the edge of the pool and look out over the town. There are also 3...

  • Amazing romantic getaway

    Villa de Leiva General

    Villa de Leyva is a charming place. Amazing colonial architecture that remained untouched for the years, even being one of the most important places during the independence wars. History, architecture, and envolving great environement. Only a couple of hours away from the capital. You may think there is no much to see, but if you get there, there s...



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  • even when sick, D is the perfect travel...

    Tunja What to Pack

    We used our backpacks for two treks while in Colombia but even traveling around the country, they make things easier and opened more options. Walking from the bus terminal to our hotel would have been a lot harder with a suitcase in hand! Tunja can be a cold place so warm clothing is a must but dressing in layers will come in handy. At this...

  • some wild ceilings

    Tunja Local Customs

    It seems Juan Vargas loved illustrations and had a fantastic collection of books with a wide variety of mythological figures. He commissioned various painters to make a mishmash of seeming unrelated motifs and these are what now adorn the ceilings of both the Casa del Fundador Suarez Rendon and his former residence, Casa Don Juan de Vargas.

  • Tunja is a major transit hub

    Tunja Transportation

    If you are traveling around Colombia by bus, it's hard to not be in Tunja at some point. It is about 3 hours and 20000 COP ($10) to Bogota to the south and 4.5 hours and 30000 COP ($15) to San Gil to the north. Mini buses go to Villa de Leyva very regularly for 5500 COP and take about 45 scenic (read winding) minutes.Haggling on the regular buses...


El Cocuy

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  • the long road to El Cocuy

    El Cocuy Transportation

    While getting to El Cocuy is not particularly difficult it is time-consuming and for those with little affection for long winding bus rides, perhaps not the most pleasant endeavor. Eleven hours is not an insanely long trip, not by Colombian standards. This is after all one very big country and if you take into account the mountainous nature of its...

  • El Cocuy National Park

    El Cocuy Off The Beaten Path

    While it is true that El Cocuy itself is very much off the beaten path, the nearby National Park is even more so. This remote and massive mountain range is nearly all over 4000 meters and was the domain of guerrillas until the early part of this decade. Getting there involves hiring a private car and driver, walking, or taking some unusual "mass...

  • keeping a low profile

    El Cocuy Nightlife

    We kept a pretty low profile at night. Not that El Cocuy is a dangerous place but there's just not all that much to do. Locals tend to hand in the square, mostly snacking around at the various food vendors but there are a few small pubs where you can get a beer too. These are mostly frequented by men and since I was with my wife I didn't even think...



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  • ready for a high altitude expedition

    Cocuy What to Pack

    A good quality backpack can't be underestimated. When you are carrying a third of your weight over 4000m+ passes for over a week, you're going to feel the difference. Invest in something decent if you want to enjoy your trek. Good quality boots and socks are something else not to scrimp on. 70 kilometers is a long way to walk. Dress in layers...

  • some things you want to bring from home

    Cocuy Shopping

    Though you can find most things in big cities in Colombia, some things will be hard to find like dried foods for trekking and fuel for your stove. Of course, you can't really bring the latter on the plane with you so you'll have to make due with what is there. Other things, like camera equipment and memory cards will be in big cities but likely at...

  • backpacking in El Cocuy

    Cocuy Sports & Outdoors

    Backpacking is a great sport and while El Cocuy is not for beginners, it offers a great wild and secluded area for those with some experience. You will need to carry everything you need for the trip with you and also everything back out. A good backpack makes that easier so don't scrimp on that part of your equipment. Make sure to get one that fits...



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  • Very cheap lunch - comida corriente

    Ráquira Restaurants

    Before walking around in Raquira we went to a restaurant to eat. It was a cheap eatery and we asked for the comida corriente, which is a set menu of the day. For 3500 pesos (July 2007) we first got a soup then a plate with a piece of meat or chicken (we were asked what we wanted to have) and some rice a potato and beans and a little bit of salad. I...

  • Daytrip from Villa de Leyva

    Ráquira Transportation

    I visited Ráquira on a daytrip from Villa de Leyva.One of the days in Villa de Leyva I wanted to see several of the sites in the area: El Fósil, Estación Astronómica Muisca (El Infiernito), Convent del Santo Ecce Homo, La Candelaria and Ráquira. To see them all in a day you will need a car. I was lucky because when I visited Colombian Highlands...

  • The whole town is a shopping mall

    Ráquira Shopping

    The whole town of Raquíra is one big shopping center.It does not matter, which shop you choose, they all charge you more or less the same. Any kind of potteries, crude or painted.Wall hangings, mobiles (not the cell phones...) to hang all over your place, ash trays, vases, baskets, little junk things (but still cute), any kind of kitchen stuff,...



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  • some suggestions

    Boyacá Off The Beaten Path

    Colombia and specifically the “Cundiboyacense” region is famous for its beauty and great diversity, both in landscapes and culture. Nevertheless, the average tourist might not experience everything this region has to otter, and grasping the overall experience might go amiss.There’re a great number of places that can fit your own interests. It you...

  • Main towns of Boyaca

    Boyacá General

    CHIQUINQUIRA: This is localized to 107 Kms from Tunja with an altitude of 2150 Mts and a temperture of 17 oC was founded in 1586. This place was choiced by the indigenous for the education theirs priestes. Your basilica is one of the most important of Colombia , keep the miraculous picture of "Nuestra se?ora de chiquinquira".DUITAMA:To 55 Kms from...

  • local customs

    Boyacá Local Customs

    In Boyaca the people like a lot of food specially typical food. If you are a tourist you need to know that local people prefer that you eat with them their food.Some areas of Cundinamarca and Boyaca, in December there are diferent celebrations for these reason you need buy the tickets with the anticipation time. In this date you can enjoy the local...


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