Bogotá Warnings and Dangers

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  • lots of colorful buildings in Bogota
    lots of colorful buildings in Bogota
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  • Bogota by night
    Bogota by night
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Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Bogotá

  • 1. Pickpockets

    I was born in Medellin Colombia but was raised in Bogota until the age of 10. I am currently 20 and reside in the US. We have visited Colombia twice since we have moved here and have felt like...

  • 2. Police

    I found myself in several situations with the local police. If your caught running a light, everyone does this in Colombia but if your light skinned those guys stop you immediately and the only way...

  • 3. Altitude

    BOGOTA . Bogota like so many of the major cities here ie: La Paz, Cuzco, Quito, etc. are at high elevations. Most around 18,000 feet..nearly 3.000 meters.. The visitor when travelling through or...

  • 4. Drugs

    BOGOTA.. Beware the foolish traveller or drug user/abuser.!!! When out and about here you will be confronted quite often by dealers ..Do not stop and talk with these morons. Police are watching...

  • 5. Women travellers

    On my first day in Bogota l went into the city with a friend and could not believe the attention l was attracting. Men tend to stare at you and hiss. I always found travelling with a man is so much...

  • 6. Food and eating

    Avoid buying food or drink from street vendors, because it is relatively easy for such food to become contaminated. It is not easy to find a doctor. Also if your travelling around Colombia, it is...


    When travelling in these Equatorial areas make sure that you always are carrying and using a strong and reliable Mosquito and Insect repellant. Malaria is...

  • 8. walk with purpose

    There's nothing wrong with exploring Bogota on foot and the last thing you want to do is to be afraid to enjoy a city that generally is quite safe. Of course,...

  • 9. Various

    So, some pages on VT will say that the crime and dangers of Bogota are overblown, sensationalized and just not real. I would caution against this line of...

  • 10. No manhole cover

    It´s my pleasure to always include a photo of a hole in the street with no manhole, ever since I fell into one in Kashgar China. Bogota can be dangerous at...

  • 11. Watch your step!

    There are lots sidewalks in Bogotá, and plenty of them have plenty of holes one to two feet deep in sidewalks. There was even one in the sidewalk right in front...

  • 12. Take care where you go

    Don't go just anywhere in the city on your own or even with whom you're traveling. Be wise about where you choose to venture / have a connection(s) there if...

  • 13. Well... As with all major...

    Well... As with all major cities in the world you should be careful on the street. DO NOT wear expensive jewlery at sight. Never, ever count money, specially...

  • 14. O.K. we've all heard about the...

    O.K. we've all heard about the problems in Colombia, but I must say that I experienced nothing untoward. However, don't wear flashy jewelry, don't carry a lot...

  • 15. Santafé de Bogotá is not a...

    Santafé de Bogotá is not a good city to explore if you have noone you know there and who stays with you! But for any experienced traveler it shouldn't be a...

  • 16. Don't remain late at night in...

    Don't remain late at night in solitary sites around all city, but places like the downtown, chapinero, and many others are populated sites even late at...

  • 17. Read my intro paragraph for...

    Read my intro paragraph for more of the latest, as of 8/10/01.It was told to me by nationals:a. leave diamond rings at home.b. do not attract attention to...

  • 18. Cats get hooked on television in Bogota

    Limit the amount of TV which you allow your cat to watch...there is so much to do in Bogota, your cat will get hooked on television while you are out exploring.

  • 19. Cazuca, a poor neighborhood in...

    Cazuca, a poor neighborhood in Bogota, receives a steady flow of families displaced from their homes in Colombia's countryside.

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Comments (3)

  • Nov 28, 2014 at 10:09 PM

    When visiting Bogota, DO NOT stay in La Candelaria where most hostals are
    located. I being Colombian find it VERY IRONIC that most foreigners stay in La
    Candelaria.There are many nice neighborhoods to stay in that feel a lot safer at night. DO NOT stay in
    the center or South of the city, The center/La Candelaria is an interesting area to visit during
    the day, cultural events, bohemian, etc. I spend a lot of time there for events but it gets dodgy/sketchy
    late at night. At night, many junkies from the crime pockets start wandering into the center of the city. I often see clean-looking Colombians rushing to get out of La Candelaria late at night to avoid getting robbed while foreigners who stick-out like sore thumbs are staying there. What the hell!? As I
    mentioned, there are many nice neighborhoods to stay in. Try Airbnb, etc.
    Colombians are extremely friendly and will give you tips about places to
    visit, there are also beautiful suburban/country-side areas outside of Bogota that many Bogota-residents frequent. Go to language exchange groups and get info from locals, but don´t stay in La Candelaria. I am a local and I´m telling you this with all honesty, I´m just trying to save some face and doing what I can so that people visitng my country enjoy it, so stop staying in the dodgiest areas of the city you crazy tourists! Also, I´ve been showing foreigners around the city and taking them to gorgeous natural areas and smaller towns outside of the city as a part-time gig that is more of a hobby to me. I do this at an extremely economic rate where you get a personalized tour with me and my sister which is way, way more affordable than what a tour company would charge. I lived in the United States but returned to Colombia recently, it is definitely a country worth visiting, there are awesome places to see, it is a very diverse country and it is a shame that many people who come visit miss-out on many incredible locations and events just due to lack of information. If you would like any tips on your visit to Colombia, I´ll be glad to offer my feedback even if you´re not interested in having me show you around. I can be contacted at: My name is Andres Duran,

  • Mar 15, 2013 at 2:03 PM


  • Mar 15, 2013 at 2:02 PM

    DUDE I AM FROM HERE, LIVE HERE! ITS SAFE! Its like United States but smaller (by a bit) and with fewer problems.