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Private Rosario Islands and Baru Boat Tour
"You will be picked up at your accommodation (suggested time 9am) and taken to the harbour where your 35-8 speed boat awaits. Your private concierge will gladly welcome you and allow you to soak up the romantic atmosphere. Along the way you will have an overview of the 27 scattered islands on the Rosario Archipelago checking out mangroves endemic birds and the sparkling water that create a magical scenery. Then a stop in ""la piscina"" is necessary to snorkel with colorful fish or simply make a toast on the boat for you both and this shiny day. After you'll be led to a nice white sand beach in Baru. Let loose your desires and enjoy an exotic seafood cooked with local techniques Then feel the warm sun on your body while laying down on the beach. You’ll sail into the sunset as you sit back and watch the sun slowly dip beneath the horizon. When arriving at the harbour
From $1,725.00
Full-Day Private Island Hopping: Yachting the Rosario Archipelago from Cartagena
"You will be picked up from your accommodation by your concierge (suggested time 9:00am) who will guide you to a private dock where your 35 feet yacht awaits to embark you in a relaxing day on the islands. Having an overview of the 27 small island noticing how private villas covered by mangroves and endemic birds create a magical environment over shining turquoise waters. There you will enjoy “La Piscina” a natural pool located over a coral reef surface where you can snorkel and get in touch with sea life. At lunch time you will be taken to a gettaway in Baru in which your palate will be led to the most exotic seafood cooked with local techniques. Letting your body relax on the beach until your return (suggested time 4pm)."""
From $4,312.00
Baru and Playa Blanca Transportation and Lunch from Cartagena
"The day's journey in paradise will start around 9am from your hotel.  Please be ready and at the front desk when the air conditioned minivan arrives. Once in Playa Blanca there will be a short 5 minute walk to the days enjoyable activities. Spend some time relaxing in a sun chair resting in a hammock or exploring the beautiful waters with the provided snorkeling equipment. (lockers available) Lunch will be at 1pm where a variety of dishes will be offered including: fish chicken vegetarian or vegan along with juice to drink. Departure will be at 5pm. Please note: alcoholic drinks and towels are not included.""""Let`s go to Playa Blanca. Enjoy the ride in a comfortable air conditioned minivan. On the 1-hour trip from Cartagena
From $29.00

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