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Quito City Tour Hop-On Hop-Off
"Take the city tour in Quito at your own pace while setting your own schedule with the system hop-on hop-off aboard the Quito Tour Bus. The double decker bus will allow you to see the tourist attractions of the north and center of the city and allow y restaurants and cafes. It is the principle area for entertainment in this zone. Continuing the journey at stop No.4 El Ejido - Craft Market where you will be able to find in a few blocks a colorful shopping experience which offers a great variety of crafts and s in close proximity you can visit the National Museum of Culture which exhibits Ecuadorian art from all its history. We continue to stop No.5 at the Contemporary Art Center where you can enjoy visual and digital art as well as other artistic expressio within a few short steps you can visit the government palace and the oldest cathedral in South America dating from the sixteenth century. The last stop No. 11 is at García Moreno Park located in front of the Basilica del Voto Nacional Church."""Enjoy a city tour of Quito at your own pace on board the Hop-on Hop-off. This is a great alternative to get to know the attractions of the north and center of the city though a system of hop-on hop-off which will allow you to jump off and on at any of the
From $15.00
Old Town Quito Sightseeing and Food Walking Tour
"Explore the historic district of Quito and enjoy authentic Ecuadorian foods on this full-day tour! Begin your adventure on the cobblestone streets of Old Town Quito with your expert guide. Browse the central market where you'll see a variety of goods including roses exotic fruits and local vegetables.Then follow your guide to the heart of Old Town -- Independence Plaza. Walk around the plaza while admiring the impressive Independence Monument the Archbishop's Palace and the Government Palace. Learn about the significance of these buildings from your guide as you walk through the plaza.Next stop for lunch at a traditional Ecuadorian restaurant. From there head to the Monastery of San Francisco. This large
From $79.00
Quito Culinary Tour and Cooking Class
"Experience the flavors and culture of Quito on this food tour! Meet your knowledgeable culinary guide and visit a food market to browse for fresh fruits and vegetables. Then head to one of the oldest bakeries in Quito. See how traditional Ecuadorian quesadillas are made and sample the finished product while learning about Quito's food culture from your guide.Next travel through backstreets to the southern part of Quito and admire the city’s historical architecture as you make your way to a local Quito home to test out your cooking skills during an Ecuadorian cooking class! Learn how to make authentic tamales and ""Discover the flavors of Quito on this culinary tour packed with sweet treats and tasty tamales. Meet artisan bakers and talented cooks and learn the secrets to making popular Ecuadorian dishes. Admire the historical architecture of Quito as you walk from title=Highlights&1=Culinary+tour+in+Quito+including+a+Ecuadorian+cooking+class&2=Visit+one+of+Quito%27s+oldest+bakeries+and+witness+how+they+make+some+of+Ecuador%27s+traditional+pastries&3=Take+a+cooking+class+with+an+expert+chef+and+learn+to+cook+some+of""
From $104.00

Most Viewed Nightlife in Quito


La Mariscal

Other reviewers have commented that Mariscal is the nightlife hub in Quito. That doesn't seem to have changed. I was there at the weekend and it was very lively. The centre of it all is the small...
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La Ronda

La Ronda (also known as Calle Morales) is a narrow street on the south side of the old town, and has become known for its relatively lively nightlife when compared with the rest of that area at least....
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Colonial Quito at night

The first thing to say about nightlife in Quito is that if you’re looking for lively bars and lots of late-night action, the colonial part is not where you should be staying! Although these days...
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Bungalow 6

I must confess I thought my days in places like this were long gone but, well what can I say. I ended up rolling in here on Weds night. It was $9 to get in that covered 2 complimentary drinks. The...
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Bars outside La Mariscal

The most famous area to go have a drink a to party is La Foch/La Mariscal. This is also the place where most tourists go, but it is not the only place! There are a lot of cool small bars to have a...
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Finn McCool's

I know its pretty corny going to an Irish in somewhere like Ecuador. However this was my 1st of the trip in S America and I've found this sort of things a useful starting point to get the feel of a...
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Dirty Sanchez

Dirty Sanchez is unique in the Mariscal area of Quito - or of whole Ecuador. They have Good Music (not just the same *** they play everywhere else), Excelent Cocktails (get a recommendation from the...
Jun 19, 2011


This is for the young adults...Its an area the locals refer to as Amazonas... Its located on and on the streets around Amazonas Ave. There are lots of bars and dance clubs... It is very packed on...
fcblondie08's Profile Photo
Mar 16, 2009

Monique Karaoke

An awesome place to go to in Quito to have fun. This karaoke is very local… you probably won’t meet any other foreigners there. They have mostly English and Spanish songs of course, but also some in...
ameliach's Profile Photo
Nov 16, 2008

Kilkenny's Irish Pub

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, it's an Irish pub and I was in South America! Well, I actually didn't visit Kilkenny's because of the Irish pub atmosphere. I came because there was a sign outside when I...
acemj's Profile Photo
May 10, 2008

Lock yourself inside, everyone else does.

As far as I could tell no-one goes outside at night, it seems they're afraid to. I rode through Quito (from the airport) at midnight and it was pretty much a ghost-town. I read that you can go to...
mrotsmit's Profile Photo
Jun 24, 2007


This place is laid back and serves up some of the least expensive drinks in the Mariscal.Tuesday and Wednesday it's pretty dead, but Thursday through Saturday the "dance floor" (an empty space in...
parana's Profile Photo
Apr 23, 2007

Papijon i think thats how you spell it :)

okkk kids if you go to Quito go to the Amazonas it has the best night clubs all around..i went to a club it call papijon it was the closest thing to bein at home, the club has podium and best music...
Sep 12, 2006


This place is great. You might have to pay $4 to get in, but that will give you a free drink (mojito or cuba libre) and you get to dance the night away to live Cuban music! The music is great, and the...
tejanasueca's Profile Photo
Nov 22, 2005

Top Hotels in Quito

Avenida Naciones Unidas y Republica de el Salvador, Quito, Ecuador
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Av. Orellana 1172 y Amazonas, Quito, Ecuador
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Avenida Amazonas 110 y Patria, Quito, Ecuador
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Calle Garci­a Moreno N6-52, Entre Meji­a y Olmedo, Quito, Ecuador
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12 de Octubre Ave. and Cordero 444 St, Quito, Ecuador
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Av 12 de Octubre 1820 y Luis Cordero, Casilla 17-21-565, Quito, 1721565, Ecuador
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Top Things to Do in Quito

Things to Do

El Panecillo - La Virgen de Quito

El Panecillo is quite close to the city center so easy to get to. Don't go walking though! That's not so safe. The most special thing about going up here for me is that I finally had a good overview...
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Things to Do

Mitad del Mundo

Although a only short distance from Quito, it is very arid here. Be sure to bring sunglasses and sunscreen. The admission price is higher than others have reported: $3. There is an ethnologic...
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Things to Do

Local Markets

Mercado Central is a good place to come to if you want to eat a cheap meal. There are several eateries serving traditional Ecuadorian food and fresh fruit juices in the market building. And of course...
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Things to Do

Basílica del Voto Nacional

First thing I saw when we drove in the old town is this beautiful church lies on top of hills. While we stop on a traffic light I said to taxi driver we'll get off here, he said to us we're not in...
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Things to Do

El TeleferiQo

This was one of the things I was most keen to do while in Quito. I love the experience of travelling in cable cars, chair lifts etc. and I love to get up high and see the view! Quito’s position,...
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Things to Do

Plaza Grande - Plaza de la Independencia

I'm not surprised that each city has more different public parks than usual, Quito has a few and this is just a smaller park in the middle of the center in the old town, this is typical of Latin...
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"Quito - Capital of Ecuador"
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"b1bob does Quito big time"
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"A city among volcanoes"
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"Thinking of South American Cities? Think Quito"
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