Ecuador Things to Do

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    Do not mess with us!
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Ecuador Things to Do

  • Colonial Quito

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Quito Things to Do

    This Dominican church was founded in 1586 and is in the southern part of the old town. it sits in a large square which is a major bus hub. The square is used for festivals throughout the year along with a locals just hanging out.

  • Malecon 2000

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Guayaquil Things to Do

    By the time we reach the food court is almost dark, we have spend about 4 hours in the area I can't' believe we spent too long, we didn't noticed the time because there are so much to see around, and we have a relaxing walk. We also spend much time inside the shopping center looking for souvenirs. When we arrived at the foodcourt we decided to end...

  • Colonial City

    Cuenca Things to Do

    When the guide said that this is a school building I can't hardly believe due to its unique structure and is part of the heritage of the city of Cuenca. This is the biggest building of Cuenca she said, well, I could see the structures stand out from the rest of the architectural richness, is massive This French neoclassical style building dating...

  • Puenting - Bridge jumping

    Baños Things to Do

    When I had been in Baños two years earlier I had done a bridge jump (puenting) from a lower bridge over Río Blanco. Already then I thought I wanted to do the jump from San Francisco Bridge in Baños. It is a 120 metres high bridge going over Río Pastaza. San Francisco Bridge is situated just north of the bus terminal in Baños so in the morning I...

  • Indigenous market

    Otavalo Things to Do

    Otavalo is the commercial center of the economically successful Otavalenos, an Indian nation that did everything possible to preserve its own culture. However, the majority of the inhabitants of the town of Otavalo are whites and mestizos. The Indians live in small villages or communities in the area. Besides, Otavalo is a cozy friendly city with...

  • Way to Crater Lake

    Laguna Quilotoa Things to Do

    The walking path is rocky and dusty, you need a good walking shoe if you decide to go down I wear a sneaker and slide out quickly with it, we're lucky it was dry during our visit. Steep and sandy path that winds down to the edge of the lake. You do some stops along the way. We saw people coming back while we're still busy going down, see their...

  • Charles Darwin Research Station

    Puerto Ayora Things to Do

    Is big enough inside that you need some time. Our guide explained that they still expanded the place, people works here are all voluntary. So, every house we saw they're doing different research. Charles Darwin Research Station is a biological research center which was founded in 1964 by the Charles Darwin Foundation. In the research are bred...

  • The waterfalls – Santuario de Cascadas

    Mindo Things to Do

    To hike between the waterfalls outside Mindo is a lovely thing to do when you visit Mindo. The waterfalls are situated inside Bosque Protector Mindo–Nambillo and the area with the waterfalls is called Santuario de Cascadas. To come here I walked from Mindo and it took almost an hour. Then you have to take the tarabita (cable car) over the river...

  • Museo de Arte Religioso

    Riobamba Things to Do

    The Museo de Arte Religioso is housed in a beautiful restored colonial building, which used to house the Convento de la Concepción. The museum is considered to be one of the best in the country of religious art. Admission was $3 (July 2014) and that included a guided tour in Spanish. I decided to see the museum on my own, without a guide. There...

  • Balneario - Thermas de Papallacta

    Papallacta Things to Do

    At Termas de Papallacta you can choose to go to the more expensive Spa or to the pools at Balneario. I went to Balneario and the admission there was $7.50 (August 2013). To get a locker cost $0.50 extra, and you need to leave a $5 deposit for the key. I put a few things in a locker but other things I put in a basket which was provided, a basket...

  • Ingapirca Ruins

    Ingapirca Things to Do

    The ruins of Ingapirca are the best preserved remains of the Inca culture in Ecuador, set in the green mountains of the southern part of the country about 90 km north of the city of Cuenca, worth a day trip. To see these view take some shots at the entrance before walking around, because you will be exiting on the other side of the ruins. The...

  • Lava Tunnels

    Isla Santa Cruz Things to Do

    When I was on my way back to Puerto Ayora after one of the daytrips on bicycle I noticed a signboard along the road, not far from the town. It was a signboard for El Mirador de los Tuúneles and the trail was not very long, so I decided to have a look. There are many lava tunnels on Isla Santa Cruz. This is not one of the larger ones which you can...

  • Parque Nacional Machalilla

    Puerto López Things to Do

    Machalilla National Park is situated in Provincia de Manabí, just north of Puerto Lopez. It is Ecuador’s only coastal national park (mainland) and it was created in 1979 to protect the unique tropical dry forest. A long time ago most of the coast used to be covered with dry tropical forest, but now very little remain, and almost all can be found...

  • Museo de Ciencias Naturales

    Ambato Things to Do

    The Natural History Museum in Ambato is housed in Colegio Bolívar, an old stone building. The museum has been there since 1920 when it displayed a zoological exhibition. There is a large collection of stuffed birds, mammals and reptiles. There are also insects like butterflies and beetles, and some stuffed deformed animals, like a calf with two...

  • Paseo Turístico

    Puyo Things to Do

    Paseo Turístico is a nice trail to walk. It starts at the malecon in Barrio Obrero and runs along Río Puyo. It pasas El Jardín and Parque Omaere, then crosses the river and continues for 1.7 kilometres. It ends at the road to Tena, so there I turned around and walked back. The first day in Puyo I walked the Paseo Turístico in the late...

  • Paragliding

    Ibarra Things to Do

    Fly Ecuador is a company based in Ibarra that organize paragliding courses and tandem flights. Before going to Ibarra I was in contact with the manager Jorge both via email and by phone. He was in Canoa at the moment, but arranged a tandem flight for me with another Jorge. Jorge and his son (I think he was also called Jorge) picked me up outside my...

  • Walking into town of Puerto Baquerino...

    Isla San Cristóbal Things to Do

    It sounds weird they called this area Malecon. It reminds me a Malecon 2000 in Guayaquil, maybe there is a very little similarity to it except here in San Cristobal is very small. Puerto Baquerizo Moreno on San Cristobal has two main streets: Malecon Charles Darwin and a mainstreet, both runs along the waterfront, but most establishments are on...

  • Paseo del Chagra - festival

    Machachi Things to Do

    Every year in July there is a big festival in Machachi, the Paseo del Chagra. The chagras are known for their good horseman skills and the Quechua word chagra has now begun to mean “Andean Cowboy”. At the annual festival in Machachi there is a parade where hundreds of chagras participate riding on their best horse. They are usually dressed in chaps...

  • Cuyabeno River

    Cuyabeno Things to Do

    We spotted the caiman on our first day while on our way to the lodge. Very strange species we only see the eyes and the rest of the body is under water. It seemed they don't harm people. In the lagoon where we swim is surrounded by cayman but nobody worries about it even our guide didn't warn us about the cayman. Cayman is easy to find even...

  • Surf lessons

    Canoa Things to Do

    Canoa is a good place to take surf lessons in and as surfing is something I have never done before I thought it was time to learn how to do. I booked my first surf lesson through Amalur where I stayed. They also have surf boards for rent. The surf instructor was Cedric, a Frenchman who lives in Canoa, and he is also a good friend of Lorena and...

  • Hiking Chugchilan - Quilotoa

    Chugchilán Things to Do

    My plan for that day had not been to walk to Chugchilán but to walk around the Quilotoa crater. However it was too windy for that as the path at some points goes close to the edge and it was very dangerous. And in Quilotoa there was no electricity and no water, so I decided to walk back to Chugchilán instead. As I had walked the opposite way,...

  • Volcan Sierra Negra

    Isla Isabela Things to Do

    Volcán Sierra Negra on Isla Isabela is situated 27km northwest of Puerto Villamil. The volcano is 1490 metres high and has got the second largest volcano crater in the world, the caldera is 10km in diameter. Volcán Sierra Negra is an active volcano and it had its latest eruption in 2005, an eruption with lava flows that lasted for a week (wish I...

  • Museo Bahía de Caraquez

    Bahía de Caráquez Things to Do

    Museo de Bahía is a good museum with exhibitions on three floors. On the first and second floor there are archaeological exhibitions with items from different costal pre-Colombian cultures, like the Caras, Jamas and Coaques. There is a lot of pottery, but also stone figurines, gold pectorals and jewelry. There are tools from 8800 BC, which belong...

  • Parque Amazonico

    Tena Things to Do

    Parque Amazónico is situated on an island between Río Tena and Río Pano. The island is 27 hectares big and here there are a few trails you can walk through the lush tropical forest. I enjoyed this walk and very much liked the flowers and butterflies I saw along the trail. There is a watchtower on top of the hill, but it was closed when I visited as...

  • Wildlife

    Isla de La Plata Things to Do

    The Blue-footed Boobies are funny looking birds, but also amazing with their bright blue feet and their special mating ritual. They are not shy and when walking the Machete trail on Isla de La Plata we saw several along the path. As the name indicate the Blue-footed Boobies have bright blue webbed feet. The bill is greyish blue and the head brown...

  • La Lobería

    Puerto Baquerizo Moreno Things to Do

    La Lobería is a beach a few kilometers south of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. There is both black lava rocks and white sand at La Lobería. In the water you can snorkel and swim, and often La Lobería is a good place for surfing as well. On the beach there is a sea lion colony and around the shore you might see brown pelicans and other sea birds. The...

  • Catedral La Matriz

    Cotacachi Things to Do

    This was a first church we saw during our walk, the restaurant where we have lunch is not very far. I noticed the stairway on one side has beautiful artwork, we haven't seen inside this was closed. The location is right on main square, it is one of the main churches, here is where most of events such as baptisms, marriages are made. Part of this...

  • Centro de Crianza Arnaldo Tupiza -...

    Puerto Villamil Things to Do

    Long ago whalers and pirates hunted tortoises to keep on board their ships as the tortoises could survive a long time without food and water. In this way the sailors had access to fresh meat while they were at sea. Hunting continued after the islands got populated. Not only hunting reduced the population significantly but also predation by...

  • Hiking

    Isinliví Things to Do

    In 2011 I had followed a description from Llullu Llama and I know I would have found the same way in 2012 without problems, but I had heard there was another way and was interested in taking that. I thought it would be possible to walk over the hills and cross Rio Toach by the suspension bridge. However I was told before I set out that I should not...

  • Snorkeling

    Isla Pinzón Things to Do

    The first snorkeling stop at Isla Pinzon was at a small rocky islet on the north/north-western side of the island. As we arrived a few dolphins swam past, but we were not ready to go into the water. One of the men led us snorkeling around the islet. After a while the currents became very strong. The man and some others grabbed the rocks under the...

  • Eco-airport at Baltra

    Isla Baltra Things to Do

    New eco-airport at Baltra In 2013 the new environmental-friendly airport was inaugurated on Isla Baltra. It is the world’s first eco-airport. They have solar panels and they recycle rainwater. They have a natural cooling-system were they take advantage of the breeze on the island and as operation hours are during daytime, natural light is used to...

  • The Tower Hike - Santa Lucia Cloud...

    Nanegal Things to Do

    My first day of hiking I wanted to do a long hike and my guide Jorge suggested that we do the Tower Hike. It is a hike to an old bird watching tower. In the beginning the trail follows a ridge and it is surrounded by green and lush vegetation, but also some pastureland. Then the path continues uphill through primary forest full of epiphytes and...

  • Visiting Isla Santa Fe

    Isla Santa Fe Things to Do

    On the second day of the cruise with M/S Cachalote (2011) we visited South Plaza in the morning, then we navigated to Isla Santa Fe and anchored in a calm bay on the north eastern side of the island. This is the only visitor site on Isla Santa Fe. The bay looked beautiful with turquoise water when we arrived, as the sun was shining then. After...


    Crucita Things to Do

    Crucita is one of the best places to paraglide, because the winds normally are permament/constant and you can fly for hours.. you can make all kinds of maneuvers, and you can fly from sunrise until sunset with incredible views! There are people in Crucita who live to fly! They can help you with the weather conditions and any questions you have...

  • Downtown

    Montecristi Things to Do

    We did not get a chance to see anything of Montecristi - we just viewed from the bus. Other folks on the cruise who went there gave it a good recommendation and said there was some kind of festival going on.

  • Hiking

    Urbina Things to Do

    The hike to 5100 metres on Chimborazo sounded too be a great acclimatization hike for me so I booked it. Two other tourists staying at Posada La Estación thought it was too expensive and decided to do a little hiking on their own around Urbina instead. They don’t know what they missed. It was clear weather the whole day and the scenery was...

  • Post Office Bay

    Isla Santa María Things to Do

    Not very far from the Post Office we had a nice walk to this tunnel, see the surrounding and view of the bay behind you where you see the cruise ships docked. We're lucky is not rainy season during our visit otherwise it will be very filthy to walk Before you came to the tunnel you see around an abandoned place where you walk, the house where it...

  • Wildlife

    Isla Española Things to Do

    The only place the Waved Albatrosses (Diomedea irrorata) breed is at Punta Suarez on Isla Española. They are the largest seabirds present in the Galapagos Islands and they look both funny and beautiful. I was very happy to see their courtship display while visiting Punta Suárez. It was an amazing thing to see. During the breeding season in April...

  • Market in Zumbahua

    Zumbagua Things to Do

    Every Saturday there is a market in Zumbahua and it is a very colourful and interesting market, especially the animal market. The animal market begins already at 5am when people from the surrounding villages are coming in to Zumbahua with their llamas, sheep, pigs and cows to sell. I arrived at 6.30 and then the muddy market ground was filled with...

  • Hiking Rumiñahui

    Hacienda Los Mortinos Things to Do

    Volcán Rumiñahui is a 4721 metre high mountain, not far from Cotopaxi. It is named after a brave general who led the resistance against the Spaniards in the northern Inca territory. Rumiñahui means stone face in Quechua. Volcán Rumiñahui has got three peaks; the north, the central and the south peak. Of these the central peak (4631 metres) is...

  • La Mitad del Mundo

    San Antonio Things to Do

    The monument that bears the name Mitad del Mundo is a 30 metre tall stone pyramid topped with a globe 4.5 metres in diameter, so it’s hard to miss! It can hardly be considered beautiful but it is certainly impressive. It would be all the more so perhaps if the painted line on which it stands, and which crosses the plaza beneath to feature in so...

  • Pujili Market

    Pujilí Things to Do

    We were here on Sunday morning and it looks like a food festival, they're looked so yummy, but doesn't give me a courage to try unless is freshly baked or cooked. Some of these foods are already cooked or grilled and they're ready to eat, but is cold already. I see roasted pig around especially the head, they cut the rest of the meat in pieces...

  • Visiting Sombrero Chino

    Isla Sombrero Chino Things to Do

    We visited Sombrero Chino on the second day of the cruise with Cachalote (Fernandina Itinerary), and it was a lovely sunny day. After breakfast we took a short panga ride along the lava rocks of Santiago (where we were going to snorkel later) before heading to a small white sandy beach on the north side of Sombrero Chino. Here there is a wet...

  • Visiting North Seymour

    Isla Seymour Things to Do

    We did not navigate to North Seymour during the night but started to do so right after our visit to Isla Bartolomé. That meant we arrived and anchored next North Seymour in the evening. We did so because the chance to see Galapagos Sharks swimming around the boat after dark is large off North Seymour. And yes, we did see several sharks around the...

  • Mondayacu Canyon Hike

    Cotundo Things to Do

    This was one of the included activities- a full day option with a local Quichua guide named Luis. Not for the faint of heart and you need to be in decent shape for this. Cecilia at Huasquila made sure we had water, beverages, a packed lunch and boots to take with us (she packed double for my very tall brother) and drove us to the foot of the...


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