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Half Day Tour to Lago Azul Grotto from Bonito
"Start this 6-hour tour with a pick up service from your centrally located hotel in Bonito. The Gruta do Lago Azul (Blue Lake Cave) is one of the most visited activities of Bonito. The trip starts with a walk through a trail of 300m (984 ft) that lead but not into the lake as it is not allowed. Fossils of saber-toothed tiger and giant sloths have been found in this lake. The trail is formed by footsteps which don't have a handrail as it is a natural formation. The path is the same to get there and to go back.You will be returned to your hotel around midday.""""Bonito is a municipality located in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul famous for being a worldwide ecotourism pole. Its main attractions are the natural landscapes
From $76.00
Boca da Onça Waterfall Rappelling Tour from Bonito
"Start this tour with a pick up service from your centrally located hotel in Bonito. The 8-hour tour consists of a 4km (2.4mi) walk by the preserved forest trail passing through 11 waterfalls one if them being Boca da Onça the highest in the state at 156m (511ft) high.The most radical attraction of Boca da Onça is the canyoning: a descent of 90m (295ft) full of adrenaline. The canyoning platform is a metallic structure of 34m (111ft) long which gives an astonishing view over the Salobra River and the impressive limestone walls.After the descent a small trail leads you to a natural pool formed by the waterfalls. You will visit scenic spots and swim in these natural pools. Once the activity is over
From $285.00
Private Asunción City Sightseeing Tour
"Walk through the main streets visiting the National Pantheon of Heroes designed by Italian architect Alejandro Ravizza in collaboration with the builder Giacomo Colombino where you'll learn about Paraguay's last 200 years of independence. After 30 minutes continue the tour walking along the main street Palma until reaching the old building of the ""Cabildo"". Here you get some general information of Paraguayan society. Make your way on foot through the streets towards the new Congress building and learn about Paraguayan politics
From $21.00

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This a monument for the soldiers who lost their lives during the Chaco war between Bolivia and Paraguay. There are grave sites for soldiers from both sides. You can still see the trenches from the...
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Sep 08, 2004


Filadelfia is the administrative center of the Chaco. Home to menonite communities from Canada and Russia.
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Sep 08, 2004
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